Now a freshman in highschool, Mokuba had still been unable to secure Noah a body. He still saw him everyday though. It frustrated both of them that Noah still lacked a physical body.

Today, however, was different. It was thanksgiving so he didn't have school. He and Seto never did anything so he was going to spend the day with Noah.

- VR -

Noah was laying on his back in the grass.

"Hiya," Mokuba grinned as he sat beside the blue haired boy.

"Hi," Noah replied, glancing over at him.

"It's thanksgiving out in the real world," Mokuba said softly.

"So why are you in here?" he asked.

"Because I'm thankful for you and I wanted to show you that," Mokuba replied, blushing faintly.

Noah chuckled and sat up, facing the other boy and kissing him softly. Mokuba returned the kiss fiercely.

They came apart and Mokuba tackled Noah to the ground, straddling his waist.

"I win," Mokuba grinned.

"What do you win then?"

"You of course," Mokuba smiled.

Noah blushed and said, "Fine, I'm all yours."

Still grinning, Mokuba nuzzled the other boy's neck before kissing him again.

"I swear I'll get you a body," he whispered in his ear before kissing him passionately.

Noah wrapped his arms around the other boy, pulling him close as they kissed. Their lips melding together.

They came apart and Mokuba nuzzled the smaller boy.

"Thank you Mokuba," he said softly.

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