OKAY SO the new Big Time Rush video is so amazing, i love it. And it inspired this story...because Nerd Carlos is so freaking adorable, i could have cried from the cuteness. And he looked so...innocent. Oh my gosh I'm terrible :) I think I made James a bit of a...slut. I just have...extreme writer's block and wanted to dish out a sexy little story for you guys, so enjoy. And I'm sorry if theres any spelling mistakes, spell check is not working, on here or Microsoft Word.

I don't own Big Time Rush or anything else you may recognize in this story.

James had his pencil's eraser between his teeth, staring. For some reason, he had never noticed this kid before. Being in this class for five months now, and he swore he had never seen this boy in his life. James eyed the dark skinned teen, leaning over to Kendall, his hockey playing best friend. "Who is that?" The most popular boy in school asked the blonde, nudging him in the arm with his elbow. Kendall looked up, across the room.

"Who? That dude with that glasses? I think his name is Carlos or something," the blonde's eyebrows furrowed, his green eyes falling back to his rather complicated algebra worksheet. James continued to stare at Carlos, his gaze studying the other student. He looked short, probably about 5'6, James didn't really care. He was too distracted by Carlos' appearence. His skin was a deep olive shade, his complextion as perfect as perfect could get. He had dark, chocolate eyes, which were frammed by rather large, black rimmed glasses, that matched his short, semi-spikey hair. His lips were pout and pink, his tounge sticking out a bit as he erased something on his paper and poked at his calculator. The teen wore a purple and black striped cardigan over a button up shirt and black tie, looking rather nerdy...in a cute way, James thought. The taller student smiled, realizing there was an empty seat next to Carlos.

James picked up his paper and pencil, and confidently, if not arrogantly, strolled over to the desk next to Carlos', causing the dark skinned teen to glance to his side as the popular boy sat. "Hi, I'm James." The sandy haired boy smiled toothily at Carlos, who akwardly smirked back. 'Wow,' James thought. 'He's even cuter up close..."

"I'm Carlos..." he replied, a little unsurely. Carlos seemed a little on the shy side, and James grinned at this.

"This worksheet is a little hard, mind helping me out?" James subconciously batted his thick eyelashes at the boy. Well, maybe he ment to...just a little. They always did seem to persuade people...

"Uh, yeah sure." Carlos leaned over in his own desk, becoming closer to James in the process. The taller of the two eagerly accpeted the contact of shoulder to shoulder as he scooted his desk, connecting it his with his new aquatence's. James couldn't help but to notice the small creep of blush flooding Carlos' apple cheeks, which he thought was absolutley adorable. "It's uh, pretty easy really," Carlos began to explain the worksheet, and the sandy haired boy was actually listening for a while, learning a thing or two, before becoming distracted by the teen next to him.

Carlos' arms were suprisingly not scrawny. They seemed toned, maybe even a little built. James felt himself bite down on his lower lip, imagining what the shorter boy's arms felt like under that thin, long sleeved sweater.

The end of class bell suddenly rang as they were just finishing the third question. James' head snapped up, feeling a little dissapointed that his time with his new, cute friend was cut so short. Carlos rose from his desk, slipping his black bookbag onto his right shoulder. James stood as well, realizing that he was almost a foot taller than the smaller teen. He smiled that beaming smile down at the other.

"So...you wanna hang out? I really need help studying for that test tomorow..." James offered as the two walked out of the classroom, causing a smile to plant onto Carlos' face.

"Okay, sure." The tan skinned boy accepted the invitation happily. Walking out to the school's parking lot, Carlos jumped in his car, following James down the road to his house. The Latino felt himself getting somewhat nervous as he thought about James Diamond. He was the most well-known boy in school, so why did he want to hang out with someone like Carlos? He shook his thoughts away, pulling into James' driveway.

His home was rather big, and Carlos assumed they were rich, seeing as how they also had three cars at the end of the black concrete. James parked, as did Carlos, and he lead him to the front door. The house was quiet as they walked in, not a sound to be heard. "My parents don't get off work till around six," The taller boy explained, setting his keys onto the entable next to the stairs. Carlos followed James up the carpeted steps and to his room, walking in. It was large, a king sized bed, posters all over the walls, and a flat screen television suspended from the ceiling. Yeah, they were loaded.

James set his bookbag next to his bed, sitting down on the tan carpet. He patted the floor next to him, smiling up at Carlos. The boy accepted, sitting indian style, his index finger pushing his glasses up onto the bridge of his nose. James smirked crookedly.

"So, I need some help with algebraic equations..." The light skinned boy pulled the math text book from his bag, sliding over so he was sitting side by side with the dark haired teen. He opened the book, laying it in front of them. Carlos began, pointing at one of the examples on the page, explaining something about negitive integers or something, James' mind wasn't really focusing on that. He was watching his new friend's mouth move as he talked. His lips were so cute and full, extremely kissable. After about ten minutes, James inturrupted.

"How come I've never seen you in class before?" James quizzically asked Carlos a question that really, was a question for himself. Carlos looked up suddenly, his deep, brown eyes staring into James'.

"I just moved here a week ago," Carlos rendered, his gaze turning downward a little.

"From where?" James pressed on.

"Venezula," Carlos said plainly, looking down at the text book. James' heart began to pound a little faster. He had no idea that Carlos was exotic. He reached up, his fingertips lightly grazing down the shorter boy's arm, leaning in close.

"That explains your beautiful skin," James breathed against Carlos' neck suddenly, making the smaller teen twitch. James noticed the small creep of blush had now consumed his friend's entire cheeks, a little on his nose, looking cutely like sunburn. The taller smirked, his lips softly pressing against the tan skin, relishing the quiet whimper Carlos let slip from his mouth. He was simply irresistable.

"J-James? What are you doing?" Carlos asked shakily, his breath catching in his throat as James' strong arm wrapped around his small waist, pulling him closer. Carlos came face to face with the other teen, his eyes wide and surpised as James' hands sifted through the back of his soft black hair, pushing him up against the foot of the bed. Carlos sat there, back against the end of the bed, James crawling up between his bent legs. "James..."

"What? You've never done anything like this?" James smiled softly, his eyes half lidded as he kneeled between Carlos' spread legs. The Latino shook his head no, his dark eyebrows turning up nervously. James' eyes opened up a little, his expression turning pleased. "Are you a virgin?" The smaller teen bit his lip, nodding his head yes.

"I've never even kissed anyone..." Carlos said, looking so innocent. God did James love that baby face. It was pure...untouched. And in some way, begging to be touched. James' hand came up, caressing Carlos' jaw line, pushing his head back a little. He dipped his own head down, sliding his tounge up the virgin's neck. Carlos shuddered underneath the taller boy's weight, and suddenly, felt James' hard cock grind against his jeans covered crotch.

"OhmyGod," Carlos finally moaned, James sucking on the flesh of his neck, rubbing their dicks together once more. The friction caused by the denim made Carlos throb beneath his pants, his cock begging to be let out. The sandy haired teen licked from Carlos' collar bone up to his ear, smiling.

"Now let me teach you a little something..."

should i continue? ;)