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Carlos didn't know what to think. He hadn't even yet experienced his first kiss, much less this. James' wet tongue was sliding up the tan skin of the Latinos neck, sucking softly on the tender spot under his earlobe. Small, high pitched whimpers were spilling from Carlos, sounding so foreign to him. This entire situation was strange to the young teen. He thought he had simply made a new friend, but it was clear that James wanted much, much more.

"Now let me teach you a little something..." The sandy haired teen breathed into Carlos' ear, making the smaller boy shudder. He could even swear his glasses we fogging. James shifted back, coming face to face with the Latino once more. A low giggle came from the taller's throat, his hand suddenly sliding over Carlos' clothed erection. The Hispanic boy gasped, his eyes closing as he felt the tingling sensation burn through his crotch. "You look so sexy Carlos...let's see whats underneath this," James whispered.

He began to run his hands upward, his slender fingers working slowly to unbutton his new friend's cardigan. Carlos breathed heavily, becoming excited as James came upon the last button. The long haired teen grinned, watching Carlos literally tremble in elation as he slowly slid the thin piece of clothing from his slumped shoulders. It was not even meant to be sensual, but Carlos had taken it to a whole nother level. James' mouth opened slightly in pleasure from seeing the erotic expression on the Latinos face.

It was like he was so incredibly inexperienced, that it just made him that much more provocative.

"Not even shirtless yet and you're about to explode...naughty boy," James purred against Carlos' lips as he began to undo the teens collared shirt. The boy's caramel skin began to become exposed, his smooth, hairless chest coming into view. James' fingers loosened the black tie and slipped the shirt from his body, leaving the accessory around his neck. James glanced down at the body before him, gawking at the sight. For a geeky looking guy, Carlos had some major tone-age going on. His chest was defined, his arms teeming with built muscle. The hazeleyes traveled down to his friend's stomach, which was slightly rippled. And James bit his lip, his gaze following down the dark trail of hair leading down from Carlos' navel.

"Like what you see?" James suddenly heard Carlos say, looking back up at him. The Latinos chest was raising up and down dramatically with every breath, his eyes dark behind his glasses. That same, shy blush was still painted on his cheeks.

"Definitely," The taller teen smirked, his white hands running up Carlos' beautiful body. Suddenly, James softly pinched the boy's small nipple, causing him to arch into the touch, a moan slipping out of Carlos' mouth. "Oh, you like that?" James smiled, dipping his head down, capturing the nipple between his plump lips. The sandy haired teen gave a muffled, vibrating noise onto the exotic boy, his hands working on the button of the Latinos jeans.

"OhGod, James!" Carlos groaned excitably as James suddenly shoved his entire hand down the unbuttoned jeans, penetrating the light green boxers, gripping around Carlos' erect member. The tallest teen moaned onto the Latinos chest, feeling the cock in his grasp, so thick his fingers couldn't even wrap all the way around it. He began to rub the huge length in his hand, the friction causing the virgin to jerk forward. He had never experienced anything like this. "Oh-James, I-I'm gonna," Carlos blushed furiously as he was cut off, finally receiving his first kiss.

James has gently smashed his lips against the Latino's, who had squeaked in reply to the kiss. Carlos' chocolate eyes rolled back, his eyelids dropping as he felt James begin to slide his lush tongue into his mouth. He furrowed his dark eyebrows, feeling his cock throb in James' grasp, a muffled cry spilling into James' open mouth as he came, his cock squirting its passion into his pants, covering James' hand. The sandy haired teen pulled back, his hand rising from the depths of the jeans, observing his hand, dripping with the cum. Carlos, never seeing anything like this, blushed wildly as James brought the hand to his mouth, his tongue sliding up his skin, cleaning the milky fluid up.

"Carlos, you taste so fucking delicious." James moaned as he began to pull his T shirt over his head. Carlos breathed heavily as his eyes fell upon James' sculpted physic, so alluring Carlos could honestly feel his heartbeat thump through his fingertips. The taller boys body was slender, his shoulders and chest wide and broad. He was much more masculine than Carlos, his muscles large and developed fully. His hip bones were defined, sinking into his sides like they were cut from marble. "Now..." James started, his fingers undoing his button on his pants. "I'm gonna teach you how to suck a cock..."

Carlos' eyes widened as he watched James push down his pants and boxers, his long, pulsating dick revealing itself to the virgin. James stood, slipping out of his jeans and strolling over to the nervous teen. He peered down at Carlos, who was staring up at him. "W-What do I do?" Carlos shakily asked. James felt his cock twitch. Carlos just looked so fucking innocent...

"First...get on your knees." James eyed the teen, studying him as he obeyed, coming forward onto his shins. His brown eyes were stuck on the sight of the throbbing member in his face.

"Now what?" Carlos asked, his glasses gleaming as he looked up at James, the ceiling fan's light catching the transparent lens. James grinned.

"Just, put your mouth on it...lick and suck it." Carlos nodded shyly, bringing his face towards James' exposed cock. "Wait," James interrupted, bringing his hand to Carlos' face, slowly pulling the thick rimmed glasses from his face, the Latino closing his eyes. James threw the lenses onto his bed, looking back down at Carlos, holding back a gasp. The teen looked entirely different. Before he looked like an innocent little kid, but now...

Now he looked like a little porn star. And oh God did James love it.

Carlos smiled, his mouth opening and coming to James' cock, his pink tongue sliding out, running along the underside of the length. James gasped, buckling into the sweet sensation. Then, Carlos showed that he was a good listener, and wrapped his pouty lips around James' cock, engulfing more than half of it. "Ohshit, Carlos. Yes, just like that," The sandy haired boy moaned, running his fingers through Carlos' soft black hair. The Latino didn't stop, only intensifying the feeling by sucking harder. Groaning happily, James looked down, watching Carlos arch his back in, causing the top of his ass to poke out of his unfastened jeans. Suddenly, James couldn't settle for just this.

"Carlos, stop." James moaned, pushing the boy away from him. Carlos wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, staring up at James.

"D-Did I do something wrong? I'm sorr-oh!" Carlos was cut short by James suddenly picking him up, placing him onto the bed behind him. And Carlos squealed as James yanked his pants straight off, exposing him for the first time. Feeling a little shy, Carlos' face went red, James just gawking at his nakedness. "J-James..."

Then, he saw James shove his own fingers into his mouth, coating them in a hearty amount of saliva. "This might sting a little, but I promise you it will get better." James came forward, spreading the Latino's legs. Carlos gasped, feeling James' fingertips massaging his hole. James hovered over Carlos, capturing his lips within his, kissing him hungrily, trying to swallow Carlos' pain as he slid his index finger into the virgin's opening. He gave a pushed back cry into James' mouth, his face scrunching into discomfort.

After a few minutes, James was able to stretch Carlos, his hole now occupied by two, scissoring and hooking fingers. Carlos had gotten very used to it, now desperately moaning and thrusting himself onto the wet digits inside of him. Finally, James felt like he had done enough, and pulled his fingers out. Feeling empty, the Latino opened his eyes, only to find James positioning himself in front of his entrance.

"It's gonna hurt, but I'll make it feel good as quick as possible," James reassured the anxious teen, who replyed with a reserved nod. Then, just as he agreed, he felt the long cock begin to slide inside of his once virgin hole, stretching him wide open.

"Oh, James...God it hurts..." Carlos chewed his lip, his eyes squeezing tight. James frowned softly, caressing Carlos' cheek.

"Just tell me when your ready for me to move," James smiled, feeling Carlos swallow his cock to the brim. For a moment, the smaller boy just breathed, but then opened his eyes slightly, telling James to go ahead.

The sandy haired teen began to pull out, giving Carlos a sharp sting, but when he was almost all the way out, he slid back in, his cock's tip pushing against the spot inside of Carlos. And he jerked up, suddenly resting on his elbows. James had thought he had hurt him, but when he began to grind a little, the expression on Carlos' face said it all.

"James!" Carlos moaned loudly, feeling James begin to pull out and push back in repetitively. Soon, the pace had gotten quick and rough, the taller teen shoving his cock hard and fast inside of Carlos' tight, hot hole. The Latino found his hands gripping James' broad shoulders, the aggressor's hands holding his slick back, supporting his weight as he let the smaller begin to bounce up and down on his length. He was letting loud, feminine whimpers in the form of James' name pour from his mouth.

"Oh fuck, you like that baby? You like this cock inside you?" James growled, not even having to move anymore as he felt Carlos slide his ass back and fourth, stripping his innocence with every hardcore thrust.

"Yes! Yes, oh sí, a la mierda a mi bebé el culo, ¡sí!" Carlos screamed, his accent thick with his Spanish decent. James let out the loudest moan of all, hearing these exotic words turning him on to his fullest extent, he never knew was possible. And with that, the tall boy exploded within Carlos, his cum spilling inside the Latino's tight hole. Carlos felt himself being filled up, and he cried out, shooting his own bodily fluid all over James' chest, reaching his second orgasm of the day.

Both boys heavily breathed, leaning onto one another, when suddenly, car doors could be heard slamming from outside. James' eyes widened, and he quickly pulled out of Carlos, running over to his bedroom's window. He almost screamed when he saw his parents walking up the side walk.

"FUCKMYLIFE, CARLOS GET DRESSED!" James shouted, desperately grabbing his discarded clothing and pulling them on. Carlos eeped, jumping from the bed.

"James, who's car is in the driveway?" The question rang out, the bedroom door suddenly opening. James' mother stood at the door, staring down at the two boys, sitting on the floor. They looked back, smiling as they held the text book in their hands.

"Oh, this is Carlos. He came over to help me study." James smiled sweetly, his mother grinning at Carlos.

"Well okay, get back to work then!" Mrs. Diamond smiled, waving at Carlos before closing door. Before the boys even had time to sigh in relief, James' mother opened the door again. They couldve jumped in surprised as she stared at James. "What did you do to that shirt James David! I love that shirt on you!"

James glanced down at his white T shirt, gasping as he saw the stain seeping into the fabric. "Uhm, I spilled some yogurt, I'll throw it in the wash tonight!" He grinned stupidly, Carlos' cheeks going completely red.

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