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The sky is grey and cloudy. A guard salutes

"All hail Maester Seymour!"

Seymour approaches a group of Crusaders

"Brave Crusaders of Spira, protectors of all Spira."
"Believe in the path you have chosen, let faith be your strength!"
"I, Seymour Guado, maester of Yevon, will bear witness to your deeds today."

The Crusaders salute in unison


The group catches up with the crusaders

"What's goin' 's Maester Seymour backing the Crusaders, eh? They're using Al Bhed's machina! They're violating the teachings!"

"Even going against the teachings they're willing to risk it for the greater good. Wakka, I think Maester Seymour sees that, too."


"Hmm... I can only speculate."

"Ask him yourself." Auron says

Seymour approaches them, first looking at Yuna, then Auron

"Ah, Sir Auron. It is an honor. I would be most interested in hearing what you've been doing these past seventeen years."

"I've got nothing to say about it."

Auron walks away


He looks at Yuna

"Sir Auron must be a great asset as a guardian."

Wakka then speaks up

"Your Grace!"

"Please, there's no need for formalities."

"Excuse me...Maester Seymour?

"Why is your Lordship... presently...present here...sir?"

"Please, speak as you normally would."

"Isn't this operation against the teachings of Yevon? Aren't you gonna stop them?"

"It's true... I should .However... Both the Crusaders and the Al Bhed truly wish peace for Spira."

"This Operation Mi'ihen was born from that wish they it may be sacrilege to Yevon, their intentions are pure. And I, Seymour Guado-the person, not the maester of Yevon...As a denizen of Spira, I wish them well in their endeavor."

"But, using machina... That's bad, isn't it?"

"Pretend you didn't see them."

Everyone gasps, especially Wakka

"Beg your pardon, but that's not something a maester should say!"

"Then pretend I didn't say it."

"What the hell is with this guy?"

"You're kidding!"

Seymour walks away

"I never did like Seymore even though I understood what he was saying but still there was something else to it, something that didn't feel right"

The group travels along Mushroom Rock Road, heading towards the Operation Mi'ihen command center.

Clasko runs up to them

"Excuse me, Lady Summoner Yuna?"


"The command center...Maester Seymour requests your presence there, ma'am."

"Thank you."

They make their way through Mushroom Rock Road, eventually arriving at the entrance to the command center. There, they see Luzzu and Gatta arguing over something

"Why only you, sir? I want to fight, too!"

"Orders are orders."

"I'm not a cadet anymore, sir! Let me go with you, and I'll prove it to them!"

"Guarding the command center is important too, you know." Luzzu says

"But I came all the way from Besaid to fight Sin, sir!" Gatta says

"I know, but an order's an order. To your post, Crusader."

"But, sir!"

Gatta runs away. Luzzu does the prayer gesture. Naruto and the others approach him

"They let you through, huh?"

Naruto turns to Auron

"I wonder why they won't let Gatta fight"

Auron stood there and nod his head to Naruto

"What is it"

"Naruto you fail to see the entire situation"

"Then what is it then"

"In effort to protect Gatta from danger Luzzu pulled some strings and saw that he would stay out of the on coming battle"


"Yes, normally the crusaders would use any and all the man power they could in a battle against Sin"

"I still don't see why they won't let Gatta fight. I mean don't they trust him"

"I don't think trust has anything to do with it"


"Luzzu must realize that this is a futile effort in fighting against Sin, it's also obvious that Luzzu cares a great deal for Gatta. I think he's trying to protect him as best as he can"

"If it's so hopeless then why are they doing this in the first place why don't they leave it to the Summoners"

Auron remained silent

"Great your still keeping secrets from me"

Auron then points


Naruto turned around to see Wakka punch Luzzu to the ground.

Naruto quickly rushed to stop the conflict

Naruto grabbed Wakka from behind

"Wakka!Stop it! That's enough!

Wakka then breaks Naruto hold turns around and punchs him in the face knocking Naruto to the ground and Yuna quickly runs to his side

Wakka immediatly calms down when he realized that he just hit Naruto

Yuna then pulls Naruto siting up and looks at his face

"Are you okay Naruto?"

Naruto looks back at Yuna and nods his head to her.

Wakka then turns around to face Luzzu's still lying down on the ground]

"When we used to play blitz together, Chappu used to say...He'd say that-when we won the Cup, ya?-he'd propose to Lulu."

Lulu then looks up at Wakka statement

"And then one day...he goes off and becomes a Crusader. Just like that."

Luzzu starts to stand up, touching the side of his face

"Chappu also said to me...That being with your girl is good...But keeping Sin far away from her is better."

Wakka turns and faces Lulu

"Lu, you knew?"

"Luzzu told me...before we left."

"She hit me, too."

Naruto then stood up

"Hey guys what exactly going on?"

Auron then walks up to Naruto and puts his hand on his shoulder

"Naruto you should stay out of this"


"This is not your problem do not concern yourself"

"I know but"

"Go to Yuna"


"Your her guardian remember, always stay by her side and besides she still seems concern of what's just happen"

Naruto turned round to look at Yuna. Who seemed to be worried so he walked over to her and she place her hand on the spot where Wakka punched him

Lucil rides up on a chocobo

"All Crusaders in the vanguard are to assemble on the beach!"

"That's my cue."

Luzzu walks away

"Luzzu! Don't die out there."

"So you can hit me more?"

Wakka lifts up his arm and hits it repeatedly

"Lots! Lots more!"

Luzzu stares at him for a moment, and continues walking. Yuna gasps and steps in front of him

"Sir Luzzu, please! Please, don't go!"

"I have to, Yuna."

"Let him man has already chosen his path...As you did when you became a summoner."

Yuna timidly steps out of the way. And walks bak over to Naruto and Kimari and Luzzu walks on.

"Losing a brother I understood how Wakka felt but I don't understand why Yuna let Luzzu past"

Wakka then walk up to Naruto

"Sorry about that punch from earlier, ya"

Naruto puts his hands behind his back and smiled

"Don't worry about it. I got a hard head anyways"

They go up to the command centre. Several Crusaders are standing among a dozen or so cannons.

Wakka walks up to one

"Curse these...!"

He kicks it, and hurts his foot

"What the big deal with using machina anyways?" And why does Wakka hate them so much?"

Lulu turns her head to Naruto
"Chappu...He left the sword Wakka gave him in he fought with an Al Bhed machina weapon instead."

"That's got nothing to do with it! I just hate these sacrilegious contraptions!"

Naruto then pulls out his sword to look at it

"So this is this sword Chappu was supposed to use?"

They go forward more. Yuna and Wakka look over the ledge; several Crusaders, some riding chocobos, are lined up. They salute. The carriage that Luzzu and Gatta's chocobo was carrying is opened, as two crusaders try to move the fiend out of it. It jumps out and enters a massive cage to join with the dozens of other fiends held in there.

"It won't work anyway." Wakka says

Yuna turns to Wakka

"Don't say that. It might be a hopeless campaign, and it might mean defying Yevon...But the Crusaders and the Al Bhed-they're doing their best to defeat want to rid Spira of Sin that's just what we want, too, isn't it?"

"Hmph! All right, all right! But I still think machina are bad news! They're forbidden for a reason!"

Naruto turns to Auron

"Why are they forbidden anyways?"

"Not now Naruto"

Auron then walks past him

Lucil then approach them

"Lady Summoner! There you are!"

Lucil points to the command center

"The command center is that way. Maester Kinoc is also there."

"Maester Kinoc, too?"

"Yes. Please hurry, my lady."

They head to the entrance of the command center. Gatta's there, guarding it

Very plainly, unenthusiastically Gatta says

"The operation will begin shortly. Please check all your equipment."

Wakka then looks at him

"Um, you all right?"

"Of course not! I came here to fight Sin!But they stick me here!"

"If you want to prove yourself..."


"First you must complete the tasks you are given."

Gatta hangs his head and contemplates. Naruto and the others enter the command center. A pudgy man in a light orange robe gets up and hugs Auron

"I'd heard from Seymour, but I didn't know if we'd actually meet. Good to see you, Auron! Seventeen year,huh?"

The man laughs. Lulu speaks to Naruto

"That's Wen Kinoc, one of the Four Maesters of Yevon. He leads the warrior monks and also commands the Crusaders."

Warrior Monks?" How come I've never heard of them before?"

"They are the monks that look over the temple in Bevelle"

"Right...Bevelle" Naruto says pretending to understand what Lulu is talking about

"And what's a Bevelle?"

Gatta runs in

"All troops ready to move at your command, sir!"

"Good. Dismissed."


Gatta leaves, and Wakka and Yuna follow him

"Tell me, Auron. Where have you been the last seven teen years?"

"I have nothing to say about it"

Seyomore then approached them

"Lord Kinoc..."

"Oh, yes. Proceed."

"That Kinoc, a maester?"

"I heard that, Auron. A lot has happened the last seven teen years. What were you doing, and where?"

"Fulfilling a promise I made to a friend. I still am."

Auron goes "Hmph", ignoring him and walking away.

Auron then walks toward Naruto. Noticing that something is wrong with him

"Are you alright"

"I...don't know I feel wierd. Like something is wrong"

"Is your seal acting up"

"I...don't know. It hasn't since I came here"


"You don't think that's bad, do you?"

"It's to early to tell, just don't let your guard down alright"

"What you think the Fox might take over?"

"It's unlikly but it is a possiblity...Naruto look when the battle starts we might get seperated. If anything is to happen-"

"Hey were not going to have a moment are we? What's gotten into you? Your starting to scare me"

"As I have said I promised Minato that I would look out for you I am still furfilling that promise"

"Yeah...right...that...hey Auron?


"When Minato was here in Spira what was he doing other then fighting Brask and you.?"

Auron paused for a minute before speaking

"Why do you want to know?"

"I'm think it's just wierd that he would some how end up in Spira and defeat Sin save Spira. What was he doing it for? Was he looking for a way home by traveling with you guys"

"Well it's not that simple"

"Why is that"

"He was looking for someone"

"He...was...looking for somebody in Spira? Who?"

"That Naruto is a discussion for another time"

Auron then walks past him

"What the hell! It's always secret with that guy!"

Naruto then turns and walks over to Yuna

"I kinda...think we don't belong here."

"It is time at last. We must tell the Al Bhed waiting outside to begin the operation at once. The fiends may break through. This place is not safe. Make sure you're prepared to defend yourselves."

"Maester Kinoc. Please."

Kinoc steps forward, on a platform hanging over the ledge of the cliff

"Will Sin come?"

"Sin always returns for its spawn. To make sure, we're going to encourage them to call out to it."

Auron then speaks up

"You won't have to. It'll come."

Moments later the ground shakes. The cage of the fiends is electrified. Everyone watches. The ground shakes. The fiends are released...or escape. A massive snake-like beast drops down.

Everybody got ready to fight the Sin Spawn all except for Naruto.

There was a stinging pain coming from his crest and Naruto callasped on the ground

Yuna turned around to see that Naruto fell and she rushed to him leaving the others to fight the Sin spawn

When she got up to him she noticed that there was some kind of red aura coming from him

"Naruto are you alright"

When Naruto looked at her she noticed that Naruto eyes turned red and his teeth grown into fangs


Auron turns around and notice this


Yuna watched in horror as Naruto body transformer into a fox like creature with Four tails and covered in the same red aura from earlier

The Four tails creaturemade a hugh roar causing the ground to shack. And everybody turn around to see what was going on and couldn't believe their eyes.

And in a blink of an eye the beast disappeared and reappeared in front of the Sin Spawn

The Sin Spawn then lifted it's hugh claw to strike at the Four tails. The moment it made contact with the beast cause the ground to shack and a huge puff of smoke surrounding the area and blinding everyone else.

Once the smoke finally cleared everyone was shocked to see that the Sin Spawn landed directly onto the Four Tails but had no effected on it what so ever.

The Sin Spawn quickly drew it's claw back and screech in pain. It seemed that the longer it had contact with the Four tails skin the more it seemed to hurt it.

Everyone looked on not knowing what to think.

"Lulu do you see what I see"

"Yes I see it but I don't believe it"

Yuna then turns to Auron

"S-Sir Auron! Whats happening to Naruto!"

Auron remained silent for a moment

"It's awakened"


Yuna looked back at the monster that was once the boy she was growing feelings for.

While Seymore looks on from afar

"I knew there was more to this boy then meets then eye"

The Sin Spawn then rushes forward and spit some acid like poison onto the Four tails beast with it's head

The Four Tails then jumps in air and slices the Sin Spawn head off.

The Sin Spawn Screeches out in pain but still able to survive without it's head; while the four tails beast lands back on the ground and rushes toward the Sin Spawn in blinding speed using it's own body a spear to go straght through the Sin Spawn.

The Sin Spawn quickly uses it's shell like arms to protect it's self, but as soon the Four tails beast made contact with the Sin Spawn. It's shell arm shattered and the Four tailed beast went right through the Sin Spawn.

Once the Four tails emerged from inside the of the Sin Spawn body it gave a huge war cry that shock the ground


The beast then turn to face the other that had a look on horror on their face all except Auron and turned around and rushed to the beach

"Naruto! No! Stop!"

Yuna says and begins to run after him but is stopped by Auron

"Yuna stop it's to dangerous"

"But what about Naruto? I have to get through to him"

"Yuna, it's best to let a wild fire die out and beside you'll only get your self hurt if you get close to him"

"B-But I can summon!"

"Then you'll give Naruto a reason to attack you. Trust me Yuna, I know your worried I am too, but there's nothing we can do for Naruto. Were just going to have to wait until he snap out of it"

Yuna then hung her head not able to do anything to help Naruto and turns to the beach with the others

Everyone sees an overview of the ocean near the beach. A dark shadow covers most of it. The shadows rises, revealing itself as Sin. Chocobo riders are massed up on the beach

Lucil gives the order lets go

"Let's go!"

Sin's sits there, as the massive beast he is. The Al Bhed cannons are fired. Each hit causes chunks of Sin's skin to fall to the ocean below. Once they hit the ocean, they turn into jellyfish-like fiends. Lucil leads the charge of chocobos forward; they all storm the beachline

Above the beach, the group watches the mayhem.

Auron calls out

"Look out!"

Sin appears fully, as it drops its outer skin of fiends. A large barrier of energy surrounds him. The barrier of energy extends outwards. The screen goes to sea, where the Crusaders are fighting the sinspawn. The barrier reaches them; everything gets instantly disintegrated, turned into particles. The huge barrier continues to expand; the screen goes white

The Four tails beast rushes through the beach slashing through the Sin spawn inbetween and makes it's way to the Al Bhed cannon

The Al Bhed weapon powers up, and we see that inside the watchtower of the weapon, several Al Bhed are controlling it. They aim at Sin, and one of them slams his hand on a button, which fires the energy blast on the barrier. Yuna prays. Sin's barrier holds, and extends.

The Four Tails beast arrived and charges up it's own energy while the Al Bhed cannon continued to fire at Sin barrier

Once the Four tails has charge up enough energy it fire a huge red aura like energy at Sin barrier this time piercing it's barrier and injurying Sin surface

Sin gives out a hugh roar in pain while the crusaders watch with amazement at what was happening before them

The Al Bhed cannon loses it's energy and Sin immediatly turn around and returned to the ocean injuryed

The Four Tailed Beast gave out one final long and loud roar before it callasped on the surface of the beach

The others took this as a sign that it was safe enough to go out there and they quickly made their way to Naruto along with the crusaders

When they finally reached him they noticed that his skin was burned almost all over his body

Yuna quickly runs to his side

"He's burned so badly!" Yuna cries out

Wakka then turn to the Crusaders

"Hey you guys can you help get a healer,ya"

The crusaders help pick Naruto body up and took him some place safer to treat his wounds

Naruto wakes up in the same familier sewer that he's been going to every time he meets the Fox

Naruto turns around to face the large gate that contained the Nine tails

"Hey Fox!" Naruto calls out

But there was no answer

"So you actually did find Auron, huh"

Naruto turned around to face who was said that but was shocked to see the 4th hokage standing in front of him


"It's good to see that your safe Naruto"

"Is it true are you really Sin?"

Minato remained silent

"So I guess it is then, huh"

Naruto then hung his head and looked back up to face him

"Tell me why! Why is this happening to me? Why did you take me from Konoha?"

"I'm sorry Naruto but I had no choice"

"This isn't my fight!"

"I know but I have faith in you that you can save Spira and restore balance"

Just then the entire room began to be engulfed in a bright light and Naruto wake up inside a tent to find Yuna look down at him worried

Naruto sits up and feels completely soar all over his body

"D-Don't move yet Naruto your not completely healed yet!"

"Oh I'm not, sorry Yuna"

Naruto then looks aound and back to Yuna

"Yuna where are we?"

"Were in a medical tent just outside Djose shore"

"Medical tent...why?"

"We had to take you here to treat your wounds"


"Naruto..you don't remember what happened?"

Naruto shock his head


Just then Auron walks into the tent

"Ah so your up it seems"

Auron then turns to Yuna

"Yuna go a tell everyone that Naruto is up and get ready to set out again"

"B-But Naruto he's not-"

"Don't worry about his injurys he will be fine"

Yuna then nods her head turns to say goodbye to Naruto and quikly exit the tent

Auron then walks up beside Naruto

"I see you're still here."


"Many stories could of ended here today...But...Because of you their stories will continue"

Naruto then rubs his head

"Look enough with that "stories" crap, just tell me what happened"

Auron the sat down and explained the event that took place

Naruto quietly sat there

"So everybody saw me like that?"

Auron nods his head

"How did they take it?"

"Well there still a little shook up but I've instructed them to not question you about it, until you feel comfortable enough to tell them"

"And they agreed to that?"

Auron nods his head again

"Naruto tell me, did you feel him?"


"When you were that close to Sin did you feel Minato?"


"It's alright, you don't have to tell me anything until you feel comfortable either"

"Right thank Auron"

Auron then stood up

"Get dressed were leaving as soon as your ready"


Naruto got dress and gather his stuff and when he exit the tent. He comes to an encounter between Auron and Kinoc

"A swift retreat".

"What do you mean?"

"Those who turned from Yevon could of died here today while the faithful still would of lived on."

"What are you talking about Auron we repel Sin attack and this time injuryed it"

"Yeah but at what cost? Sin wounds will heal in no time and the blood would of been on your hands"

Kinoc then turns to Naruto and walks up to him

"Ah so your the young man everyone is talking about"

Naruto nods his head

"I don't know what you did out there but never the less you save a lot of lives in the process"

"Um...thank you"

"Listen once you get done being Yuna guardian. You should seriously consider joining the crusaders we could definatly use a man like you and your 'talents'."

"Um...thanks agian, I guess"

Kinoc then turns to Auron again

"It's always good to see you Auron try to make sure that meet again much sooner then last time"

Kinoc then walks aways

Yuna gives Kinoc a prayer gesture.

Naruto then approaches Yuna

"Yuna are you okay?"

"Yes...I'm fine how are you?"

"I'm still a little soar but other then that I'm fine"

"Are you okay enough to travel?"

"Yeah no problem"



"You shouldn't push yourself you know"

"I know that but I'm fine trust me"

"It's...just...that...I don't want to see you hurt yourself or in pain because...I...um..."

As Yuna was trying to find the strenth to says those words to say to Naruto. Naruto noticed that she was blushing a deep shade of red.

All of a sudden Wakka and along with the other approach them

"Hey sleepyhead you feeling all better?"

Naruto turns around to face them

"Um...yeah no problem"

Naruto then got quiet for a second before speaking up again

"Look about earlier...I"

"Hey don't worry about it, ya. You don't have to tell us anything you don't want to alright"

Naruto looks back up at them

"Thanks guys"

The group then make there way up the highroad to the Djose temple

Naruto and Kimarhi fall a little behind

Yuna turns around notice this

"Hey, you two! Hurry up!"

"Wow she's awfully cheerful."

Kimahri walks forward, turns around, and faces Naruto

"In dark times she must be. She must shine bright."

Naruto gasps, opens his mouth and goes "Huh?"

"W-Wait you talk Kimarhi!"

"Now are dark times. Yuna tries hard."

"We should help her, then."

"You are dark times."


"Yuna worried for your safety, which brings dark times"

"So Yuna pretending to be happy because she's worried"

"Yuna worried because she cares"

Naruto then hung his his head feeling guilty

"Do not frown."

Kimahri turns, and walks away. Naruto follows

"So I just pretend to be happy instead?"

Kimahri faces Naruto again

"Kimahri try, too."

"Smile! Let me see then"

Kimahri crosses his arms and tries smiling. His mouth opens up: it looks more like a cat who's going to hiss at you than a smile.

"Wow great Kimarhi" Naruto says

"Wow that's a little sad"

And that Chap 7 I ready do hope that you guys enjoy that and see you guys soon. God is Love Peace Out!