May's Farting Problem

May farted loudly as several pieces of paper blew out of her flatulent rear, smiling as she picked up the stinky pieces of paper that had 'Haruka's Farting Problem' written on it. "I got the script!"

"Cool. Why don't you keep it to yourself, for obvious reasons..." Arceus stated as he shook his head, with Cherrim and Diancie ready to puke as the author's note played out as intended.

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Didn't expect to see this at all, did ya? Heh. Since I'm yammering on, I'll be my own disclaimer. May and everything else at all relating to or regarding of Pokemon belong to Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and GAME FREAK. Now grab a pic and double click, cause here's the story you've all been waiting for!

May (also known sometimes as Haruka) sighed as she stretched her arms, giggling as she looked out from the tall cliff at the beach towards the southern direction. The sun was right in the middle of the clear blue sky, brightly shining down on the green grassy meadows as May ran back to the camp that her friends set up, with good old Brock cooking as usual.

"Boy, I can't wait until the eighth gym!" Ash stated as he pumped his fists with enjoyment, grinning like the magnificent bastard he was. "We're going to completely wipe the floor there! Literally!"

"Pika!" Pikachu chirped happily as he gave Ash a thumbs up sign, bursting a nearby rock with his Iron Tail attack.

Max took off his glasses, cleaning them up a bit as he placed them back on, turning around to face Ash. "Hey Ash, is it possible that we may be going to another region soon?"

Ash, Pikachu, Brock, May, and all of the team's other Pokemon froze as they stared at Max, laughing their heads off as Max shrugged, somewhat confused by all of the laughter pointed at him. Meanwhile, Team Rocket were watching from the bushes, snooping as usual, you see.

"Now's our chance to show those twerps a thing or two," Jessie stated as she sinisterly chuckled, rubbing her hands together.

James placed his left hand on his chin, rubbing it as he asked, "But Jess, we already tried several hundred attempts, with not one of them working. How will this be any different?"

Meowth snapped his fingers as he grinned. "Well, first, we gotta knock out that Pikachu. Then, with him out of the way, we can snatch all the others with ease!"

James sighed as he folded his arms, still not understanding the gist. "I don't know. This may not work, guys." He retorted as he shook his head in disagreement. "What if we get blasted off in a way possibly worse than all the previous times?"

Jessie growled as she smacked James in the back of his head, pointing at him as she angrily stated, "Look, Jimmy, it's either we get all of the Pokemon knocked out, or I start looking for better jobs for us!"

Meowth sighed as he placed his right palm on his forehead, shaking his head. "Oi, at this rate, we'll never be respectable again." The three of them silenced themselves as May approached the bushes, rather curious.

"...I could have sworn I heard something in here..." May muttered as she scratched her head in confusion, shrugging as she smiled. "Oh well! Since I'm here, I might as well..." She turned around, bending over the bushes as she slightly blushed while closing her eyes, releasing a loud fart that shook the bushes.

Jessie, James, and Meowth all muffled their screams as they quickly climbed up the maple tree next to them, gasping for breath as May giggled at her gassiness, heading back to the camp site after breaking wind. The trio looked at each other with disgusted faces.

"Did that twerpette... really had to do that... in our FACES, of all places?" Jessie rhymed as she shuddered with disgust, having the horror of seeing May's cute butt.

James nodded in agreement as he cleaned his face with a perfume spray, coughing for a few seconds as he replied, "I know Brock's cooking is not that good, but honestly, that was totally uncalled for!"

Meowth growled as he shook his right fist angrily, glaring at May as he pointed at her, swearing revenge. "That twerp did da wrong thing, messing with Team Rocket like that! Why, I'll scratch her butt to no end to get some payback! In fact..." Meowth popped his sharp claws out as he victoriously screamed, pounding his chest as he jumped from the maple tree, heading towards May.

Jessie and James watched in awe as Meowth pounced on May, who was completely unaware of what was about to come to her. May looked up, turning around and screaming as Meowth started slashing her repeatedly. May cried for help, but to no avail, as Ash and the others apparently did not notice, as they were still eating their food. Looking at each other and grinning, Jessie and James pulled out some popcorn from the leaves as they watched Meowth beat up May with delight. Little did they know, sadly, that May's farting butt was brewing a storm of unhealthy proportions...