Hey guys

Been a while hasn't it? And for that I am so, so sorry :C My life is just really hectic, what with this year's school marks going towards my application for college. It's really important that I get good marks. But I've wanted to write again for a while, and I have an announcement to make!

I am now campaigning on King of the web, and I need all your votes.

I'm not doing it for myself, mind you, it's still going to coop crowd in the end (I will forward my votes), but I still need you all to vote! 3

And please, don't see this as bribery, it's not, but if you all vote, you will get special prizes

Here is how it works.

500 votes: I will write a fanfic or oneshot

1000+ votes: I will write a chapter for any fanfic you all choose; there will be a voting poll! You can vote for which fanfic you want updated!

And it will work as such. Every 500 votes or 1000 votes will get a one shot or chapter

Don't think I'm doing this just for votes, I really do want to write again, it's just so hard to keep up with it all :C I'm in my second last year of high school, and these marks are going to my college entry forms at the end of next year. I need to work hard! But I do want to write, I need to! It will also improve my English, I can feel my English marks slipping

I also want to see how many of you still support me, after all this time. I feel like I've let you all down :C So this shall show me if I still have a place in this community, if I should still write and share my stories with you all. There is no point writing if no one will read D:

So there you have it, I'm running in King of the Web, and your votes count my friends! 3

Here is how to vote. Click the vote button, and then it will give you two options. Log in with Facebook, or create an account with King of the web and that will let you vote You can vote up to ten times a day, and spending all your votes for five days will give you ten extra votes! So let's do this!

To find the voting poll and the link to my King of the Web page, look up BosBaBe on google, and go to my DA profile :D It will have a link in my DA journal!

So let's do this guys! FOR THE WIN!

BosBaBe, over and OUT!