Summary : Even if Damon barely liked Caroline, there was things about her he couldn't help to love. Slightly AU, OS.

And of course, I own nothing. And the underlined things are approximative translation of a Baudelaire poem I love and who inspired me for this.

By leaning toward you, Queen of the adored ones, I believed I'm breathing the precious scent of your blood.

Of course he doesn't love her. He doesn't even care. He's just using her like he always does.

But still, there's something about her he can't help to love, in a twisted way.

No love for the wicked, only a twisted ersatz.

That's the path he chooses. Or maybe he just always was like that.

No matter what it is, he thinks he loves the way she's so proud of being with him. He loves her smug smile whenever someone sees them together, or whenever he comes to her.

He loves how they're the "Bad couple", the "Sex, Blood & Rock'n'roll" one in perfect opposition to the perfect couple that are Stefan and Elena.

He loves how paradoxal she manages to be. Blond dumb insecure Cheerleader and then she's this cold, confident manipulative woman, with a perfect control over herself. And she can be kind and supportive toward her friends. And him.

She even managed to surprise him sometimes, and Damon isn't easily surprised.

He loves how she's filled by the same anger, the same hatred and the same envy than the ones who dwells inside him.

Who would have thought that some random blond teenage cheerleader could have the same cravings than a 150 years old psycho vampire ?

And he loves how easily he can see all of her impulse, right through her soul. It's in the taste of her blood.

Of course he's use to compell people but it's different with her. It's more. More than the usual tricks and mind control.

He's not even sure he needs his awesome-vampire-powers to see in her. He can feel her soul in ways that have nothing to do with compelling.

Like she's willingly showing it to him.

And he loves how he's the only one seeing it. The only one who really see her at all. Because Damon always was the jealous type.

And I drank your breathe, O sweetness ! O poison !

"And my soul ? What about my soul ? Do you like it ? Can you scent the perfume of my blood ? traitor blood running through my body every time you get a little too close.

I know, when you lean to whisper all the bad things you wanna do to me, your breathe on my neck, I know you can smell the perfume of my blood."

When Elena confronts him about compelling me, he just laughs. Yeah he had hurt me, and I look like shit because of the large amount of blood he drained from my body. But the truth is, and Saint Elena, little miss perfect Elena will never understand it, he never compelled me into doing anything against my own will.

Maybe after all these years he's just bored of how easy compelling is. Or maybe, just maybe this is special.

He, however, complelled me into keeping this our little secret. And even I agree it wasn't a stupid move, you know I've trouble controlling what I say and i would hate to "out" him.

Whatever, I know he only care about Elena, I'm not that stupid. But at the end of the day, he's with me. ( And sometimes, he's still with me at the end of the night).

So what do I care ?

It's my lips that he kisses, and my blood that he drinks. And he always come back to me.

So in some twisted way, only felt by the creeps and the wicked, it's love.

I'm his. I don't care about the rest.