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Gwen couldn't believe she had forgotten of the Dominus Librium. The girl had vaguely known what went down between Darkstar and Kevin all those months ago, but she never had gotten the full story. With the research she had collected on Osmosian, the girl was fully armed with anything she would've needed. The Dominus Librium was one piece of the puzzle; the challenge of it was that Darkstar was the last to have seen and/or used it.

The idea was that she had to find someone who could take energy and not lose control with it. Darkstar fed off of energy. The stuff had no effects on his mind and on him in general. It was like giving a fish a worm or two. And Darkstar wasn't exactly hard to beat. The girl took her papers and her research and headed off on her own to beat the disease of insanity that possessed her boyfriend's mind and body.

This was the only thing that helped Kevin survive. The only reason the Osmosian made it through his third mutation was because of his beloved redhead. The only one who was willing to watch after him instead of kill him was Gwen. Ben wasn't patient enough to deal with it and he could only see Kevin as a threat, not as a victim.

Gwen was the only thing that truly saved Kevin's life. She was the one with enough courage to go to the enemy and dive in headfirst, ready to do anything for love. The girl had been right all along. The girl had known that there was a way. With her research and her prior knowledge, the girl had plans to save her beloved Osmosian. She wasn't about to let him slip between her fingers just because part of his mind had been altered due to a little bit of energy. At first, Gwen had fought to get Kevin. Then she fought to keep him. Backing down wasn't an option when there were still other choices to be explored.

Behind Ben's back, Gwen managed to plot a way to save Kevin from himself and from his Osmosian side that craved the power that would eventually kill him. Without looking back, Gwen pushed onward with her plan, knowing it went agaisnt everything she and Ben believed in. It was also against what they had trained Kevin to believe in.

The second he was back in her arms, the crimson-haired Anodite knew she had done the right thing. Sure, she had pretty much given part of her soul to the one guy she considered to be Satan, but she had Kevin back. She had her beloved Osmosian back in her arms.

As Gwen reflected later on the events that had happened before Kevin had absorbed the Ultimatrix, she realized something that she knew had been vital the whole time. They had originally been running tests on Kevin's background to stop Aggregor. For some reason, the universe had twisted reality and made it so that those tests had begun the search for a cure. Originally, they had been stopping Aggregor using Kevin. Osmosian to stop Osmosian. That had been how it had ended. Only the true end was when the Anodite had saved her Osmosian using the enemy as a tool to stop himself.

All Gwen knew was that she was glad to have Kevin back in her arms again. This time, she wouldn't lose him. Never again would he slip through her fingers so easily.

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