Blackfire sat in the corner of her cell, arms crossed in annoyance. Once again her little sister had caused her temporary downfall. But you could never stop Blackfire for long. She was already working on an escape plan.

"Dinner!" called the prison guard. He thrust a plate of disgusting-looking food into Blackfire's cell. She grimaced in disgust. Most of her acquaintances would have expected her to haughtily refuse to eat it, but Blackfire knew that if she was going to get out of this pit, she couldn't afford to turn away food. She ate all of it.

When she was done, Blackfire lay down on her small cot, arms crossed behind her head. She began to think. I think the food is drugged. That presents a challenge – I can't use my starbolts during escape. But I can still fly and use my physical strength. I should be able to take out the guards toward the north entrance easily enough. After that I can make my escape.

She sighed and pursed her lips, still thinking.

Ultimately, I want to regain control of Tamaran. But they'll be keeping an eye out for me…I'll have to take a more circuitous route than the method I used to become Grand Ruler last time. So where should I go after my escape?

She mulled over this for a few moments.

Earth, she decided, I'll go to Earth. But I have to make sure Starfire doesn't know that I'm there, or she and her little friends will try to capture me again. What to do…

A smooth male voice interrupted her planning.

"Whatever you're thinking of to try and get out of here, it's not going to work."

Blackfire glanced toward its source. A human wearing black clothing and a skull mask with a red 'X' on it was sitting in the corner of the cell next to hers.

She smiled. "I wouldn't be so sure."

"I'm Red X, by the way," the human told her.

She snorted. "That's creative."

The human shrugged. "This suit actually used to belong to someone else. I just named myself after it."

Blackfire rolled her eyes. "Really? How interesting."

"Hey, you look like that chick I met when I was trying to steal some Xenothium. She had red hair. But she was tall like you, and you look alike."

Blackfire immediately sat up. "What was her name?"

Red X laughed quietly. "I'm not was a weird name. Starry Night or something like that."

"Starfire?" Blackfire asked him.

"Yeah, that was it. Why?"

"I need to find her…she's the one who put me in here." Blackfire's eyes narrowed, and the corners of her mouth turned down.

"Well then, we have something in common," Red X replied. She could tell by his tone that he was smiling. "I wouldn't mind some vengeance from her myself. She and her friends caused some trouble for me a while ago."

Blackfire's small smile returned. "Starfire is mine. You can have the others."

Red X sat back. "Do you wanna get out of here?"

Blackfire placed an elbow on her knee and leaned her chin on her hand. "I'm listening," she drawled.