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So what's it all add up to? It's hard to say. But me, I'd say this was a test... for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against, Good, Evil, angels, devils, Destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well... isn't that kinda the whole point? No doubt- endings are hard. But then again...nothing ever really ends, does it?

~ Swan Song, Supernatural

~ (***) ~

He looked tired. But at the same time he looked like he had just woken up from the best sleep in his life. William rubbed his eyes and reached out for his coffee. Isabella watched him quietly as he ate his breakfast. She liked the way that he was pretending that everything was just as it had always been. Like nothing had changed in the slightest when he knew deep down that they were all in for something which neither of them could have expected for themselves. Even in this lifetime. How they were going to go about doing this was the big question.

"How was she? When she woke up?"

William grunted. "She was fine."

Isabella gave him a look. "William..."

William glanced up at her with a somewhat innocent look and shrugged his shoulders. She rolled her eyes and sighed. He wanted to pretend.

"William don't pretend like she was relieved by all this, let alone okay with everything that had happened."

He shook his head. "Of course she wasn't."

Isabella blinked at him. "Why are you getting mad at me William?"

William looked like he was about to throw his plate in the air and for the first in his life actually have a moment mixed with irrationality and anger. Although he just sat there and clenched his fists. Even though Yuri was gone now he was still holding all those things back. All those things which he wanted to be able to say. All those things he wanted to do.

"I'm not mad at you...I'm just...I just wish that everything could just be..."

Before he could say anything else he felt someone wrap their arms around him. He felt like a little child again for a moment and most of the time he hated feeling like he was helpless. He hated the idea of being unable to find a solution and he couldn't even bring himself to admitting the way he felt about what was going on at the moment.

"I know you're very, very tired, William. I know what that feels like but there's nothing wrong with admitting to that. There's nothing wrong with taking breaks or wanting to take a break from your responsibilities and before you wouldn't be able to afford to have such luxuries. But now...Now I think everything's going to be okay..."

He wanted to believe her. He really did want to bloody believe in what she was saying but there was his logical side telling him that there was something else which they had to be mindful of.

William scoffed. "How can you be so sure?"

She should have expected him to behave like the sceptic. He always was after all. It was so strange that for them in the end for them to be drawn to one another considering that they were both so different...

Isabella drew his face away and stared down at him with a maternal expression on her face. "William this is me you're talking to...Of course I know it's going to be okay."

~ (***) ~

Erik was tired. When he came in he felt like he just wanted to throw himself on the bed and sleep but before he even got his bag off his back a shadow passed over him and threw him onto the bed weighing him down so he couldn't sit up.


He groaned and sat up. "Kimi..."

The bright eyed girl tilted her head. "How did you know it was Kimi?"

He smirked. "Wild guess. What are you doing here my sweet?"

She clapped her hands. "Kimi came to surprise you!"

Erik tilted her head and smiled a softly. Before he would have tried to hurry her out the house but now that Yuri was gone he had no need to hide away the people he loved and wanted to be with any more. Still it was kind of sad really. Everyone knew the reasons for why Yuri died. Everyone had learned the truth about something other things about Yuri as well but it was too late to allow those things to change their opinions about their old head of the family.

"Is Erik sad?"

Erik shook his head. "No...No I just miss someone..."

Kimi tilted her head again. "Who?"

Erik glanced up at her and contemplated actually telling her about Yuri for a moment and then decided against it. One of the things he liked about Kimi was that she was like a child. She was innocent but at the same time she was more aware about some things than people gave her credit for. In a way, you had to work at it to actually really understand her even when people thought that they had her sussed out before she even spoke. The fact that he knew that little secret made him feel good about himself. That was why he could sympathise with Yuri, that little act of goodness may have made up for all the other crappy things he had done in the past.

"Just someone who...Someone in our family."

Kimi looked a little sad for a moment and reached out and patted Erik on the head. "Poor Erik..."

He chuckled and took her wrist and kissed her hand like a gentleman. "No...Things a little better now. You see Kimi, you know when you have relatives who...Well old relatives and when they get ill or get too old its hard to watch them in those last few years when they're still alive and when they're gone its almost a relief as much as its also sad...Do you understand?"

Kimi had a contemplative look on her face. "Kimi thinks she understands..."

"Well...I suppose its kind of like that..."

It was a little bit of a lie since Erik would have like to have seen what would have happened if Yuri had survived. Maybe they would have tried being like a normal family like the Sohmas. They had all been able to survive without dying at the end of their little calamity. Although not everything turns out alright in the end.

"Can't get everything can we?" He murmured.


Erik had almost forgotten that Kimi was there and smiled. "Nothing, sweetie."

~ (***) ~

"So she's..."

"Dead. Yes. She died."

Hilda's voice was emotionless and very matter-of-fact. A bit too much for Satomi's liking but then again she was never really sure about the kind of family life Hilda had been subjected to when she was growing up. Like her cousin, she seemed to avoid that topic of conversation. When people asked whether they had any brothers and or sisters, when you asked a Laurent this they charmingly tried to change the subject. Satomi wished she knew how she could help her but she wasn't even sure whether Hilda was traumatized by this experience or not.

"I wish you could just tell me what you needed..."

Hilda smiled affectionately and took Satomi's wrist stroking it a little. "I'm fine, Darling. We're all going to be fine now..."

Satomi smiled with relief although she knew she felt anything but. "Good. For a moment I thought you were just hiding it."

Hilda chuckled. "You know me so well, my dear."

Satomi smiled a little sceptically on this note knowing that deep down she wasn't entirely sure about Hilda. There were some things which she said which could be taken one way or another. She was so allusive and clever with the way that she spoke to people. She never talked about her past relationships but she was pretty damn sure that she had more than a little experience with other women. There were other things which made her wonder whether there was something which she was trying to hide from her. For a moment she thought that she was sleeping with someone else or that there was someone back home which she was supposed to be with and that Satomi was just a holiday fling. When she considered this she tried rationalising to herself that she could only hope to be with someone like Hilda for a short while. She was like a goddess with the way her skin glowed and how her eyes danced when she looked at you. Although a few mornings later when she woke up with Hilda sleeping peacefully by her side it made her re-consider this conclusion. Anyone who treated you like you were nothing to them would never sleep beside you until dawn. She then at that point that she must have been hiding something else. Something worse, she was even more scared than before and it wasn't for herself. She was scared for Hilda. She knew that there was something else which was out to get her. She just didn't know what.

"Sometimes I think I don't..." Satomi murmured.

Hilda who was looking out into space for a moment caught her words and a serious expression spread across her face. Some would have thought that she looked a little bewildered at first but then she saw how sad Satomi looked. She took her hand.

"I suppose I am to blame for that mostly..." She paused. "I...I'll make sure that you never feel that way again..."

Satomi gave her a look. "How?"

Hilda smiled with a little amusement. "Well...I suppose I have a story to tell you..."

~ (***) ~

Thora was padding about the house when she found him. The first thing which occurred to her when she found him was that he looked sad. He was the only one who was sad about Yuri's passing but then again he was the only one who was ever really loyal to her. No one ever understood why and Thora was just as scared by Faron as she was by Yuri so she never dared to ask him. She was a little startled at first she had to admit. He was sitting on the ground so he should have been easy to see but he was always like a shadow. You could always see him but he was always concealing something from sight at the same time. Or it might be that you could see him coming but you were so petrified that you could never see who it was. She didn't ask him anything since she hadn't brought herself to speak again for a while. The only person she communicated with was Rosalie and that was because she was the only one who was able to understand. She was the only one who knew what it was like to suffer at the hands of Yuri. Although now that she was dead she should have been relieved but she couldn't help but feel like she was still there. She could still feel her hovering about in the air. She wasn't completely gone yet and to be honest, she thought she was a bit too restless, too unearthly for her to be able to actually leave this place when she died.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

Thora nodded timidly and he finally glanced in her direction. "You still can't talk? You're too scared to talk but I suppose you don't have anything to be scared of any more do you?"

His voice was scornful and Thora should have been frightened off by this but she could sense the reason why he was sounding like this. The corner of her mouth jerked into a little smile for a moment and patted him on the shoulder. He looked a little surprised at first and looked over his shoulder and took her little hand in his paw.

"I suppose it might be okay...One day..."

Thora smiled and tilted her head to the side. He sighed knowing that she was probably waiting for him to pour out more of his guts when he really wasn't in the mood.

"I suppose...The hardest part it letting go of someone you loved and hated at the same time. She treated me...Well she treated me the way she treated me. There's no going back on that now. But I wish things could have turned out differently...I mean." He smirked cynically. "The girl I loved, really loved is with someone else and would probably never consider being with anyone else but him so...And the only thing I had to live for was serving, Yuri."

Thora was watching him quietly, taking everything in like a vacuum. It wasn't like she was going to be relaying this to anyone else in the near future. She had a smile on her face now, it was more than just a hint of one or a ghost of a smile. It was blatantly obvious that she was smiling. He wasn't sure whether she was doing this make him feel better or whether she was just doing this for the sake of smiling. He supposed people had more things to smile about these days...

"So what do I have left?"

She looked like she was going to answer him for a moment but she had forgotten how to speak or form the word. Nevertheless he appreciated the thought.

~ (***) ~

It had been a few weeks now and it was still difficult to process the fact that she was now gone for good. It was so strange that she no longer had to live by her rules any more. She still had her powers but maybe this was her only way to be free and she saw now that such grand wishes didn't come without having to give something back. She knew there would be no peace, perhaps, but at least she had something. She had spent the entire time wondering why she did it. She questioned herself as to why Yuri would do such a thing for her but then she decided that to be honest she shouldn't really go any further with it. She just appreciate the fact that she actually did something for her in the end. For a while Rosalie actually began to see that Yuri wasn't so bad after all, maybe that there was something which made her seem more human and more capable of being able to empathise with. Yet, she always knew that would never be enough to make up for all that psychological trauma which she caused her. She tortured her for goodness sake. One act of selflessness was never going to be enough to make up for all of that. If anything, it at least proved that Yuri was a little bit human. She looked out on the lake feeling like she was a little bit peaceful for a moment but she knew Yuri would eventually return to her thoughts. It was almost like she was a part of her now, which she technically was.

She felt Momiji's arm wrap around her shoulders. "Everything's alright now, I suppose."

She smiled cynically. "That's a strange conclusion to draw to."

Momiji shrugged his shoulders. "Well you're still here."

Rosalie turned away with a sad expression on her face. Momiji glanced down at her knowing that in a sense he had spoken out of term. Yuri never treated her well but nevertheless she was family and a huge part of her life. Sometimes, even to those who treated you so horribly, it was hard to say goodbye.

"Don't you think it's easier this way? Being without her now you can live as you wish..."

She scoffed. "I'm free. But I'm always going to think about her. I'm never going to forget about her. Especially knowing what she did for me. In a strange way she was the one who kept me from being free and in the end she was the only one who could give it to me...Epic irony in my opinion."

Momiji didn't like seeing her like this. She wasn't appreciating the fact that she was still alive. He couldn't understand why she couldn't see that she had been given a second chance. Most people would be trying to live life to the fullest, turning to the future rather than being stuck in the past.

Momiji sighed and took her hand. "You're behaving like you're the one who should have died."

"To be fair, it would have been the only way for me to be both free and at peace."

Momiji gave her a look. "Well we can't have everything..."