"Have a good day, sir."

"Thank you, you too."

He walked out of the appliance store and began making his way back home.

It was a cold December day in Boston. He placed his bag over his shoulder and put his hands into his coat pockets.

It was three in the afternoon and all the kids were on their way home from school. He stopped walking as he neared Boston High School. He watched as the young students exited the building.

Glancing at the young girls who stuck out their boobs and shook their butts as they walked by. Noticing the group of teens with their skateboards and bicycles. Looking past the boys and girls with the 'Boston High Chess Team' t-shirts on. He didn't care for any of them.

Then someone caught his eye. Two someones to be exact. Two thin, identical, blond boys.

'I've never taken two before,' He thought, 'But I like what I see, and I can't choose just one.'

He followed them all the way back to the Tipton Hotel. 'They're staying at the Tipton? Well, now that I know their route it will be easier come time. Let's see, today is Tuesday and the last day of school before Christmas break is Friday. Well then, Friday's the day! Better go home and get prepared. This is gonna be fun!'

I know it's short but it's supposed to be. I will not be updating as quickly as I did with my other stories. I updated those like every day or every other day. I started to make myself feel like I had to do it that quickly. So sometimes I may post the next day and other times it may be like a week. It won't be like months apart or anything like that. Probably a week at the most.