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Pairings: SoulxKid

"Wakey, wakey, Kid! Time to make me breakfast!" The sleepy half shinigami heard as he was gently shook and poked at, causing a groan to escape his throat.

"Five more minutes." Kid whined as he kept his eyes closed and tried to go back to sleep.

"No, I want breakfast now. You lost the bet, so you do as I say." The owner of the voice then decided it was the perfect time to stop poking and start pinching.

"Ow! Damnit, real mature, Soul." Kid growled as he quickly sat up to nurse his throbbing nipple and glared at Soul as he crawled out of bed.

"Hey, I had to do what I had to do. I didn't say I can be mature about it." Soul said with a smirk as he looked up at Kid from the bed.

"You're too spoiled." Kid growled before he sighed. "Anyway, what do you want for breakfast?" He quickly said to keep from hearing Soul's retort to being called spoiled.

"Well, I want ten waffles, three pancakes, eight eggs- Flat, mind you- twenty cups of orange juice, hundred pieces of bacon, two sausages, thirty biscuits, five jars of grape jelly, fifteen cinnamon rolls…Hmm…What else is breakfast food…Oh, I know, fifty pieces of toast, seventy bananas, a bag full of grapes, and to top it all off two thousand strawberries." Soul said with a grin on his face the whole time.

"You can't be fucking serious!" Kid groaned with wide eyes and his mouth agap.

"Oh, but I am. Now hop to it." Soul ordered as he leaned over and slapped Kid on the ass.

"Soul, I don't even have that much food." Kid whined as he moved out of Soul's reach and rubbed his ass with a pout.

"Then go out and get some. Oh, and you can't wear anything all morning but an apron." Soul commanded with a smirk at the annoyed teen.

"You're being unfair!" Kid whined as he watched Soul get out of his bed.

"Now, now, you are supposed to be doing as I said." Soul commented as he walked over to Kid and lightly kissed the other on the forehead lovingly.

"I know, but I really have no way to get all that you asked. I'm not made of money or food for that fact."

"Fine, just make me the hundred pieces of bacon, eight flat eggs, the orange juice can be cut down to ten cups, ten pieces of toast would be nice, and if anything I'd like to have at least a thousand strawberries."

"I have no clue how much bacon I have, I do have eight eggs in the fridge, I can make fresh squeezed orange juice from what oranges I have in the kitchen, and as for the strawberries, I only have five containers of them, not close to a thousand, would that be fine?"

"Fine, I'll go easy on you since it's all you have." Soul said with a smile before he handed Kid the apron he was to wear.

"Transparent?" Kid gritted out as his eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"Now are you glad that I didn't make you go out and get the food?"

"I'm going to make your food before I kill you." Kid hissed as he grabbed the apron and walked out the door while he was putting it on.

"I told you that you wouldn't say that you love me today." Soul yelled after Kid with a chuckle as he grabbed Kid's messy clothes on the floor and tossed them into the closet without a care. He threw just his pants on and fixed his hair a little. Oh, he was for sure going to enjoy the bet to its fullest. After all, Kid had to serve him for a full year. He laughed evilly as he thought of the next command he was going to make Kid do.

"Soul!" Kid yelled from down the hall and Soul snickered.

"Opps, did I forget to tell you about the party. My bad." Soul said trying to keep from laughing as he walked down the hall to stand beside the pissed Kid.

"Bastard." Kid growled as he glared at Soul.

"What was that, Kid? Did you just call me a bastard? Well, then that means you have to give me a blow job in front of all these people." Soul announced with a smirk and Kid felt his face tomato red.

"I said 'master' not bastard." Kid quickly countered before rushing to the safety of the kitchen.

"Oh, the fun has just defiantly begun." Soul said with a wide grin as he greeted everyone as he made his way into the kitchen.

"Go away, Soul." Kid growled as he hid himself with the refrigerator door.

"You can't tell me what to do. I am the one that won the bet after all, or did you forget, once again?" Soul inquired with a smirk as he walked over to Kid and leaned on the top of the fridge door to look at the other.

"I didn't forget. How can I? You bring it up everytime I defy you or call you a name. Now, please, just go into the other room and let me do as you asked in peace." Kid begged as he continued to dig in his fridge for all that he would have to fix. He was so embarrassed that he was crying but Soul couldn't tell since his head was hidden in the fridge.

"I'll be back in a little bit." Soul finally said after a few minutes of silence.

"No, I'll call you whe- You know what, never mind, do what you want to do. After all, I'm to follow your rules, not mine." Kid growled as he opened the freeze part of the refrigerator and dug in it for the bacon.

"Geez, what has you in a bad mood?" Soul asked stupidly and jumped back when the freezer door was slammed shut.

"You." Kid growled as he glared at Soul and got in his face. The tears dried up when the anger took over.

"What'd I do? I haven't made you do anything you didn't want to do." Soul countered with shock.

"It's not what you are making me do. It's what you did!" Kid yelled as he tossed all the items of food out of his hand and onto the counter beside him.

"You're upset over all our friends being here?" Soul asked with a frown.

"Oh, no that didn't bother me. What bothered me was you treating me like I'm your own personal bitch and nothing more in front of all our friends." Kid growled as he turned away from Soul to mess with the food to keep from hitting the other.

"I was just kidding." Soul replied with a deep frown.

"Oh, you were just kidding and I'm sure all our friends know you were too. You know most of your friends don't like me for some reason or another. What you did just made it worse for me." Kid said with feign happiness at the beginning that soon turned back into a growl.

"I'll go talk to them and tell them." Soul offered and only got a snort.

"Whatever." Kid said as he continued to fix the food for Soul.

Soul sighed as he walked out of the kitchen and into the living room where everyone watched him as he entered. "Sorry, guys, party is over." He said as he turned off the radio.

"Why, did your little dog tell you that we had to go?" One commented and soon regretted it when he was thrown against a wall with a pocket knife on his throat.

"Call him a dog again, I dare you." Soul growled as he stayed where he was watching the fear swim in the other's eyes before he retracts the blade and releases the scared man.

"What the fuck, man?" Another growled as he helped the one Soul had attacked.

"Just get out. Don't come back if you're just going to bad talk Kid. I don't need friends like that." Soul stated as he turned his back to the two and walked through the crowd to the front door. He opened it and everyone filed out until all were gone.

"What did you do?" Kid asked with concern as he had heard the commotion but stayed in the kitchen.

"Taught someone a lesson. You were right. I'm sorry." Soul said as he walked up to Kid with a sad dog face.

"It's okay. It's you. You can't help but try to make me miserable when it's a bet. I understand. I guess I just overreacted." Kid said with a frown of his own.

"No, not it's not okay. I shouldn't have done that. I went too far with my fun." Soul said with a growl as he stopped in front of Kid but wouldn't look up at the other.

"I understand, okay? That's all that matters." Kid said with a slight smile as he looked at Soul. The other truly reminded him of a dog right now. He pulled the other into a hug making Soul have to look at him.

"You know I love you, right?" Soul asked with a serious face as he looked into Kid's eyes.

"Yes, and I love you too. Now, put a smile on, your bacon is almost done." Kid said with a grin as he released Soul and walked back into the kitchen.

"Wow, I don't think I've ever had bacon cooked so fast in my life." Soul commented as he followed Kid but stopped between the kitchen door and dining room.

"Well, then everyone else doesn't have my talent." Kid stated as he placed more bacon in the pan while collecting the done ones up and onto a plate.

"I would have to say to." Soul said as he walked over to Kid and wrapped his arms around the half shinigami's shoulders.

"If you want, you can go ahead and eat what is already made while I finish your bacon and eggs." Kid offered as he turned the cooking bacon.

"I'd rather eat you." Soul whispered into Kid's ear before nibbling on it making the other gasp.

"Now, don't make all this food go to waste." Kid hissed as he collected the cooked bacon and replaced it with more.

"Oh, it won't." Soul said with a smirk as he moved to bite Kid's neck.

"Soul, what are you planning?" Kid asked nervously as he flipped the bacon.

"Oh, you'll see." Soul simply stated as he licked the red spot his bite had left.

"Well, whatever it is, there better not be a mess after you're done." Kid growled as he placed the finished bacon on the plate and turned the stove off before he turned to face Soul.

"If there's a mess, I can trick tiny tits into cleaning it." Soul said with a grin.

"After last night, and this morning I have to say when you don't tell me something I really cannot trust you around me." Kid said as he ducked out of Soul's hold and down to the cabinets to grab another pan for the eggs.

"That's understandable." Soul said cockily as he slapped Kid's ass as the teen was stand back up.

"And that was uncalled for." Kid retorted as he rubbed his ass. "Did you have to hit the same cheek?"

"Nah, but that's how it happened. I can't take it back now." Soul said with a snicker as he stole a few pieces of bacon.

"Go sit at the table and take the bacon, strawberries, and orange juice with you." Kid ordered with a wave of his hands in an attempt to make Soul go away before the food did go to waste.

"Fine, but only because I have bacon now." Soul said with a smile as he reached to grab everything and balanced them on his arms as he leaned in to kiss Kid on the cheek before heading to the table.

Five minutes later the eggs where done and placed on the table along with ten pieces of toast. Kid sighed as he fell into the chair beside Soul.

"Tired?" Soul asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, not at all." Kid said sarcastically as he closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair.

"I can change that." Soul said with a smirk as Kid's head quickly shot up to look at him.

"Eat, you are not going to waste any of that food." Kid said as he glared at Soul.

"I already told you that it won't." Soul said with a smirk as he stood and walked to stand beside Kid.

"And I told you there better not be a mess." Kid growled as he looked up at the other.

"Oh, mess or no mess, I'm doing as I please." Soul said in a seductive whisper as he leaned down and captured Kid's lips in a kiss. He distracted Kid with the kiss as he skillfully removed the apron. The other didn't even notice until Soul broke the kiss with a smirk.

"Bastard." Kid hissed as he noticed how Soul was still wearing his pants.

"Oh, look who owes me a blowjob." Soul said with a smirk as kept his face inches away from Kid's.

"At least it's just us to here this time." Kid hissed as he grabbed Soul by the belt loops and switched their positions to where Soul was in the chair he had just been sitting in.

"You sure do work fast. I can't even undo my pants that fast." Soul said with a smirk when he noticed that in the short switch that his pants had been undone.

"Shut up and I have secret talents." Kid said with a smirk of his own as he grabbed Soul's cock and licking the tip.

"I would like to see more of these secret talents of yours." Soul stated as he grabbed a piece of toast with a smirk.

"You will one at a time." Kid teased with a seductive grin before he licked down Soul's length then back up and taking all of it in his mouth.

"Aw, but I want to experience them all now." Soul said with a pout that soon turned into a gasp as Kid did something with his tongue that made his body fill with nothing but pure pleasure. Once he could breathe again he took a bite of his toast with a smirk. Kid was doing a great job but he had to remember to stop him before it was too late. He didn't want to waste the lovely food after all.

Kid continued his ministrations, occasionally sliding his tongue over Soul's slit making the other's breath hitch. He was forcefully stopped after a while when Soul pulled him away by his hair. He looked at Soul confused before he grinned innocently making the other groan in frustration.

"Another one of you talents, I take?" Soul inquired as he rubbed his hands together over a plate to rid them of crumbs.

"Not really a talent as much as a skill." Kid said as his grin turned into a smirk.

"Oh, in that case, you are about to see my skill. Of making you scream that is." Soul said cockily as he grabbed Kid and laid him on the table beside all the food.

"Oh, you're on now." Kid said with a growl as he pulled Soul down with him on the table.

"Well, on you yes, but I'm not sure about anything else." Soul said with a grin as he started to bite Kid's neck.

"You sure are one cocky bastard." Kid growled out as he withered under Soul's bites.

"And you wouldn't have me any other way." Soul said with a lick to Kid's neck over the bite marks.

"Well, you could get rid of the bastard part and keep the cocky part." Kid said with a gasp as Soul made his way down to Kid's hardening cock.

"How about just some cock?" Soul teased as he licked the tip of Kid's cock.

"Mmm…How about you shut up and either eat your breakfast or fuck me, hmm?" Kid hissed as Soul's breath ghosted over his sensitive cock.

"I choose to do both." Soul said with a smirk as he ate the last of the bacon before he grabbed the strawberries and placed them all over Kid's body except for bacon and eggs since they were already gone just like the orange juice..

"I do not like this, what so ever, Soul." Kid hissed as he closed his eyes so he wouldn't see the fruit placed messily upon his body. He was now glad he did not make Soul pancakes or waffles because then he would have syrup all over his body.

"Well, I love it. I get food and a show." Soul said as he took one of the strawberries and ate it with a grin.

"You're just about to get your food if you don't hurry up, you cock tease." Kid hissed as he opened his eyes a little bit to glare at the other.

"Fine, I'll eat fast." Soul said as he leaned down and started to suck the strawberries up one at a time.

"If this is your way to make things romantic I can say you failed." Kid said as he closed his eyes and twitched each time Soul's lips touched his body.

"I'm not being romantic, I am living my fantasy. You covered in strawberries." Soul said as he swallowed the strawberries he had in his mouth.

"Then you have one weird fantasy." Kid stated as he felt Soul lean back down to get more strawberries.

Soul shook his head with a smile. He knew Kid was trying to talk to hide the fact that he was enjoying the feel of Soul's lips on him. He saw the twitches and felt the silent gasps through Kid's chest. He reached Kid's thighs and smirked when a moan escaped Kid's lips as he at the strawberries.

"Mmm, Soul." Kid pleaded as he really wanted those lovely lips on his dick or at least be fucked already.

"Aw, am I still teasing you? I'm sorry." Soul said in a babying type tone as he finished the last strawberry.

"You're an ass." Kid hissed as he opened his eyes and glared at Soul.

"And I am taking yours."


"I like to be one." Soul said with a smirk as he crawled back up to Kid's face to kiss him. He pulled back with a grin as the other just glared at him, obviously still mad at him.

"Just hurry up before I leave you hanging." Kid growled as he looked away from Soul with a slight blush on his face.

"Oh, but you couldn't leave me if you tried." Soul said with a cocky grin making Kid scoff at him.

"Stop talking and fuck me already." Kid said as pushed Soul up as he himself sat up.

"Pushy, aren't we?" Soul asked as he stood and removed his pants before he sat down in the chair behind him.

"Only with you." Kid stated as he leaned forward while still sitting on the table to kiss Soul.

"You know the drill. Prepare than fun." Soul stated as he broke the kiss and leaned back in the chair.

"Whatever you wish, bast-master." Kid hissed as he placed three fingers in his mouth and sucked without breaking eye contact with the other.

"Again, very sexy." Soul commented in appreciation as he licked his dry lips. He watched as Kid removed the fingers from his mouth and place them at their destination.

"I'll have you wanting me in on a few seconds." Kid said cockily as he placed one finger in with a light moan. He started off slow until he got used to it and gained speed while adding a second finger.

"Hmm, in seconds you say?" Soul muttered to himself as he watched Kid pleasure himself. A smirk graced his lips as Kid began to wither and beg while adding the last finger.

"Soul…ah…Please…I want you." Kid moaned as he closed his eyes, bit his bottom lip, and tossed his head back in an attempt to make Soul really want him. It worked to, like a charm.

"Enough." Soul commanded as he stood and pushed Kid back down on the table. He then proceeded by climbing back over Kid with a big grin upon his face. He placed his lips on Kids in a bruising kiss. Their tongues slide against each other in a battle for dominance that Soul obviously won.

Kid broke the kiss to catch his breath. "Please, Soul, I can't wait any longer." He pleaded as he looked at Soul through half-lidded eyes.

"You don't want to prepare me first?" Soul questioned as he looked at Kid with a raise eyebrow.

"No. I need you now." Kid growled as he pulled Soul down flat on his chest. Skin against skin as Kid started to bite and lick Soul's neck.

"Alright, you asked for it." Soul said as he pulled back some and pulled Kid to the floor with him before he sat down in the chair. He grinned as he pulled Kid down into his lap to where he was facing him. He placed his cock at Kid's entrance and grabbed the thin hips while Kid took the cock at his own pace.

"Ah…Soul." Kid moaned as he was fully seated on Soul's lap and he tossed his head back as Soul did small thrust into him that hit his prostate.

"You ready for the twister, no board, no clothes?" Soul asked with a smirk as he pulled Kid up and then pushed him back down.

"Ah…Yes." Kid moaned as he leaned forward to face Soul before he used his own strength to help Soul out.

"Good, I…ah…love that game." Soul said with a smirk as he leaned up and took one of Kid's nipples into his mouth.

"Ah…fuck…ha…Soul." Kid groaned as he tried grasped Soul's shoulders but all he did was leave red marks.

"That's right, say my name." Soul cockily said as he bit Kid's shoulder hard enough to leave a red mark.

"Fuck…Soul…Harder…ha…Please." Kid begged he intertwined his fingers in Soul's hair while he closed his eyes tightly from the pleasure.

Soul smirked as he stood and placed Kid on the edge of the table to get a better angle, plus to free his hips so he could do as Kid begged.

"Ah…Soul…Yes." Kid moaned as he felt the other grab his neglected cock. Kid was happy where he was even though he had been totally embarrassed earlier by the same man that was now fucking his brains out.

"Kid…hmm." Soul moaned as he picked up speed with both his thrust and his hand. He was close and he could tell that Kid was also by all the cussing the other was doing.

"Ah…Fuck…ngh…Damn…ha…Piss…hmm…Shit…ah…cock sucking…ugh…mother fucker…ngh…and…ah…Dicks." Kid groaned between moans as he continued to claw Soul's back and shoulders.

"Let it out, Kid." Soul breathed out as he gave Kid's cock a squeeze while he slammed in hard.

"Oh, fuck…Soul!" Kid moaned loudly as his came on Soul and himself.

"Hmm, Kid." Soul moaned as he felt Kid's wall hug his dick so nicely causing him to follow Kid. He smiled as he looked down at Kid before he pulled out.

"Well, that's another video to go on internet." A voice interrupted from the living room.

"Damnit, Patty. What part of 'my home' do you not understand?" Kid growled as he held Soul to him like the other was a blanket.

"The part where you forgot to lock the front door." Patty said with a smirk before she ran out the door to dodge the plate thrown at her.



"Get off me." Kid said as he looked at Soul with a blank expression and Soul didn't argue with him as he climbed off.

"If you wish to go to bed, I will let you. If you don't then you will have to wear what I say and go to town with me." Soul offered as he picked Kid up off the table and placed him on the solid floor.

"I'm going to bed." Kid quickly said with a fake yawn. After all, he had learned not to trust Soul after what he had to wear just a few minutes or so ago.

"Alright, I'll awake you when I get back." Soul said as he grabbed his pants and walked up the stair to get the rest of his clothes before he stole Kid's bathroom.

"It's going to be a long day." Kid said with a sigh as he made his way up to his bedroom and passed out in the bed.


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