Disclaimer:  Tenchi-Muyo is owned by Pioneer and AIC. Author's note: "…" talking '….'thinking/telepathy, or other.  Warning: this is a Tenchi/Ryoko fic not an Ayeka/Tenchi fic so don't expect me to be nice to Ayeka.  This fic is a continuation of the OVA universe. Kahlua Dawn Chapter 1:

Ryoko had been feeling strange ever since she merged with Dr. Clay's robot, Zero.  Not only was she having a hard time controlling her emotions but also had been having nightmares for the past several weeks.  Having gone to Washu for help, Ryoko was trapped in the lab as a result.  The petite scientist had been happy to get to do some tests on Ryoko and after having performed most of them absentmindedly left Ryoko alone in the lab.  Ryoko was unable to do anything about her predicament because Washu had forgotten to turn off the machine Ryoko was hooked up to, and so she could not use her powers. 

Ryoko was trapped.  She couldn't move, and could barely breath as the darkness and the cold surrounding her seemed to penetrate into her inner most being.  Ryoko began to shiver as the cold seemed to intensify and the darkness closed in on her, suffocating her.  Little did Ryoko know that the conditions in the lab had not changed.  It was all in Ryoko's mind.  Ryoko struggled against her bonds but it was no use.  Exhausted and worn-out Ryoko succumbed to sleep.

The Dream…

"Ryoko," began a cold voice.

"Yes, master."

"What are you?"

"I am your creation."

"Good, very good.  You are finally beginning to understand.  Now, what about emotions?  Do you have emotions?"

"I am a creation, a machine, I can not feel.  I have no emotions."

"Excellent.  It seems my training is finally beginning to pay off.  Human emotions amount to little nothing more.  And you know what I will do to you if you ever show emotions, right Ryoko?"

"Yes, master.  You will dispose of me."

"I will do worse than that.  But yes, I will dispose of you.  Perhaps I will turn you into a stone.  And then break it."

Ryoko did not respond, but her eyes shown with fear.

"Good, I want you to be afraid of me, Ryoko.  That way you will never disobey me.  You know what will happen to you if you do.  You must also understand that a creation like yourself can never experience love.  Do you know what love is?"

"I am a creation, I can not comprehend love."

"Correct!  You will never know love Ryoko because no one can love something that's not human.  Another human being may love another human being but no one can love something that is just a creation.  A machine…all you are really is an android."

"Android: an automaton made to resemble a human being."

"Yes, that is what you are.  Come here Ryoko."

Ryoko slowly walked up to Kagato.  Kagato ignited his energy sword and pointed at Ryoko.  He then stabbed her through the chest.  Ryoko used all her will power not to scream.

"What do you feel Ryoko?"

"I…feel…nothing."  Ryoko managed to say.

Although it hurt like hell, Ryoko's wound did not bleed. 

"Why don't you ever bleed, God dammit?!"  Kagato said in frustration as he removed his energy sword from Ryoko and she sunk to her knees.

"I…wouldn't know master.  You created me."

"Silence!  You are nothing but a stupid creation.  What you say is not worth hearing.  But you are learning what you are, Ryoko.  You are a android, you are not human and therefore have no human emotions."

'Then why do I feel pain?'  Ryoko asked herself.

Kagato had heard her thoughts through his link with her and became outraged.

"You are nothing but a inconsequential being!  YOU DO NOT FEEL!"

Ryoko starred at Kagato in shock, he had read her mind like this on more than one occasion.  But how could she control her thoughts as well as her actions?  Ryoko began to back up against a wall.

"I think you don't believe me.  I think that you think you can feel."

"No master I-"

"Shut up!  I want you to tell me if you can feel this!"  Kagato said as several metallic arms reached for Ryoko restraining her.  Soon waves of electricity were coursing through her body as she tried not to scream.  If she screamed Kagato would consider that showing emotion, although sometimes he wouldn't stop his torture of her until she did.  The electricity continued to electrocute her until she finally couldn't take the pain.  Ryoko let out an ear-piercing scream…

End of Dream.

Ryoko awoke still restrained in Washu's lab and let out a blood-curdling scream.  She continued to scream thinking she was aboard Kagato's ship, the Souja once more.

Meanwhile in Tenchi's room…

Tenchi awoke from a restless sleep.

"Ryoko?  What the hell?"  Tenchi looked around his room expecting to see Ryoko but saw that she was not there.  'I was sure that I heard Ryoko.'  Tenchi thought getting out of bed.  He decided to go downstairs for a drink of water.

Tenchi walked down the stairs and noticed that Ryoko was not sleeping on her rafter.

'That's strange.'  Tenchi thought.  Then he noticed that a strange flickering light was coming from Washu's lab.  'Ryoko…' Tenchi thought worriedly going towards Washu's lab.  Tenchi opened the door and walked in.  "Washu?  Little Washu are you here?"  Tenchi called but what answered him was not Washu's voice but a desperate plea for help.

"Help!  Someone, help me!  Tenchi! Please, help me!  Tenchi, please!"  Pleaded the voice.

"Ryoko?"  Tenchi questioned running towards the voice.  When he reached where the sound had come from he saw Ryoko hooked up to a strange machine, unable to move, she was also completely naked.  Tears were running down Ryoko's face as she helplessly looked at him.

"Tenchi…" Ryoko weakly managed to say.  The look of sadness that was in her eyes was so great that Tenchi felt like crying as well.

"I'll get you out Ryoko, don't worry."  Tenchi said while looking around for some sort of release button.  Once he found what he guessed to be the right button he pushed it and the restraints around Ryoko disappeared causing Ryoko to collapse to the ground with a hard thud.

Tenchi went to Ryoko's side immediately.  Ryoko saw Tenchi coming toward her and with her remaining strength managed to phase into some clothes so that Tenchi would not be offended by her nakedness.  He already made it clear how her naked body offended him by running away from her all those times.  She didn't want him to run away from her again.

"Ryoko are you ok?  What happened?"  Tenchi asked with concern evident in his voice.

"Tenchi I…" Ryoko started to say but then stopped.  'No one could care about me.  I'm just a creation.  If he really knew what I was then he wouldn't be concerned about me like this.'


"I'm sorry Tenchi."  Ryoko said as she phased away.

'Why does she always run away?'  thought Tenchi.  'I hope I didn't do something wrong, I was just trying to help.'  Tenchi sighed.  He was so helpless around woman, he just didn't know what to do.  Maybe with time he would get used to the woman living in his house.

Tenchi was left alone dumbfounded by Ryoko's behavior.  He wondered what had happened to Ryoko and decided to ask Washu about it the next day, but he never did.

For the next few days Ryoko avoided Tenchi.

'Kagato was right.  I am a creation, I cannot love.  I will never know love.  Who could ever love something that isn't human?  Although someone once showed they cared about me.  But that was so long ago and he didn't really know what I was either.  Washu claims to be my mother by why should I believe her word over Kagato's.  It's probably all lies.  I know what I am.'  Ryoko thought to herself while sitting in a Cherry Blossom tree.

"Ryoko?"  A voice called.

Ryoko looked down to see Washu. 

"What do you want?"

"I thought you'd like to know what I found out about your condition"

"I'm not talking to you"

"Little Ryoko, just so you know, about the other day, that was an accident."  Washu said in a somber voice.

Ryoko looked down at Washu and saw that she was being sincere.

"Fine, tell me what you found out."

Washu smiled as she began to tell Ryoko what her test results had revealed.


Tenchi was working in the fields thinking about Ryoko's weird behavior.

'Ever since that day in the lab Ryoko has been acting so strangely.  I finally asked Washu about it and she said Ryoko had come to her for help and so had just been running a few tests on her.  But I wonder if that is really true.  Why was Ryoko crying for help if she had willingly gone to Washu?  Did Washu take advantage of the situation and run an experiment on Ryoko?  I know how Washu can get.  I just don't understand why Ryoko has been avoiding me though.  I hope I didn't do something wrong to upset her.  I haven't seen her hovering over my bed in over a week.  She's barely tried to seduce me and see hasn't come up behind me lately either.'  Tenchi sighed, he would never admit it to himself but he missed the attention he normally got from Ryoko. 

Later that night…

Ryoko was having a dream…or was it a nightmare?

The Dream…

          A City was in flames; the sky itself seemed to be on fire.  Muffled cries could be heard in the distance, as people fled the city.  Smoke filled the air; a breeze blew by revealing an otherworldly figure.  The figure was a woman, she was beautiful, but at the same time she was terrifying.  Her eyes gleamed a bright red, as a single tear slid down her cheek.  Next, the woman broke out into hysterical laughter.  It was impossible to tell what she was really feeling.  Could she be capable of feeling, smiling upon a scene such as this one?  A voice rang out behind her…

"Space Pirate Ryoko!  I have you now!  Surrender yourself, there is no escape!"

Ryoko turned around to see a man.  He had jet-black hair and deep emerald colored eyes.  He was dressed in leather from head to toe.  He was wearing a black bandana to keep his bangs hair out of his eyes.  His floor length leather jacket moved behind him as he faced Ryoko.

"You again?  Won't you ever give up?  Do you really think that you will ever be able to defeat me?" said Ryoko, her voice condescending and filled with hatred.  She continued to laugh as she clutched her hands around an object in her hand.

The bounty hunter pulled out his gun, pointing it at Ryoko…

"Return what you have stolen Pirate!  There us no way out. I will have your bounty!  And I'll have fun defeating you for it!" He gave Ryoko a smile.

"Have it your way." Ryoko gave one of her famous smiles back, her fangs gleaming.

Ryoko activated her energy sword in one hand, as her other hand held the thing she had destroyed the city to get.  The two of them stood facing each other, neither one moving, or breathing.  The smoke in the air rose around them.  Just as they were about to make their attacks a sound distracted them.  It sounded like crying…

A little girl was about to get killed by a falling building.  She screamed as the building began to collapse upon her.

For a split second the bounty hunter noticed how Ryoko's eyes turned from bright red to a gorgeous golden color as she screamed "Noooooo!" and flew towards the falling building managing to save the girl just in time.

The bounty hunter stood stunned, unable to move or speak.  'What…what just happened?'

Ryoko looked down at the girl she had just saved.  She was trembling with fear.  She had blue eyes and long, white hair that cascaded down her back.  She looked like an angel…

"Run," said Ryoko.

The girl just stood there too frightened to move, her eyes wide with fear.

"I said RUN before he…AHHHHHHH" Ryoko fell to the ground clutching her head in pain.

But it was too late…

'What do you think you are doing, my Ryoko?  Hmmm?  I said to leave no survivors.  None!  Kill her now!  I said NOW!'

Ryoko screamed as she felt some outside force taking control of her body. 

'I can't!  I just can't kill another child like this!  I can't take her young life, a childhood is a precious thing, something I never had.  I…I won't!'

"I WON'T DO IT!" Screamed Ryoko as her sword raised above her head getting ready to kill the girl in one blow.

Tears streamed down Ryoko's face as she watched in horror as she decapitated the beautiful, little, girl.  She shuddered as her small, limp body fell to the ground, her head rolling to the side.

"It's just no use." Sobbed Ryoko "No use at all"

Ryoko collapsed to the ground sobbing.  She knew what her punishment would be for showing such emotions but she just couldn't help herself.  Ryoko then felt a hand on her shoulder…

End of Dream.

Ryoko awoke gasping for breath.  Washu had told her that since she merged with Zero, in order to have a complete memory she had to relive all her memories, which was mostly her life with Kagato or her memories of the cave.  This had been making it difficult for Ryoko to get a decent, good night's sleep in weeks.  Ryoko wiped the sweat off of her forehead and sighed.

'Ugh, another nightmare.  No…a returning memory.  I wish it was just a nightmare then maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to get over this!  Ugh!  I just need to relax, but how?  I know!  Watching Tenchi sleep always relaxes me.  I haven't done that for a while, either.'  Ryoko shivered as she remembered why she had been distancing herself from Tenchi.  After the incident in the lab the same thoughts seemed to be going through her head lately.  That she was just a creation and that a creation could never love or be loved.

And with that Ryoko phased into Tenchi's bedroom.  She walked towards his bed and decided she would sleep on the floor.

'It's nice to know he's safe as long as I'm here.'  Ryoko sighed to herself, 'instead of taking lives I'm now protecting one.'

Just as Ryoko was about to shut her eyes, something phased through the floor and into Tenchi's room.  The figure stood over Tenchi's bed and suddenly released an energy sword.  Ryoko let out a small gasp as she realized just what was happening. Somehow a Shadow Demon had gotten into Tenchi's room and was about to kill him.  The Demon raised its energy sword and was about to bring it down upon Tenchi when Ryoko let out a cry…

"Tenchi!  No!" 

Ryoko lunged at the Demon crashing into it and causing it to fall to the floor.  Tenchi awoke with a start…

"Ryoko what did I tell you about…Ryoko?"

Tenchi stared at the scene before him.  Ryoko was struggling with a demon on the floor.  The demon was hideous, with scaly black skin and red eyes; it was also twice as large as Ryoko and had clawed hands. As the two struggled they kept knocking into things in Tenchi's room causing them to knock over.

"I won't let you near my Tenchi!" yelled Ryoko.  The Demon managed to push her off and lunged towards Tenchi again. 

Tenchi just starred at Ryoko wide-eyed, as she once again lunged at the Demon this time causing them both to go crashing out the window.  The glass shattered on their way out.  The two fell to the ground and in an instant were both up.  Ryoko activated her energy sword and flew towards the Demon.  The Demon activated its sword just as Ryoko brought hers down.  The two swords collided sending sparks into the air. 

Tenchi ran over to his dresser to get Sword Tenchi, just as Ayeka ran into the room in hysterics.

"Lord Tenchi I demand to know what that demon woman is trying to do to you this time!  When I get my hands on her…"

"Ayeka, please not now!"

Tenchi ran towards the window and looked at the scene below.  Ryoko and the Demon were fighting head to head and Ryoko had transformed into her red and black battle outfit.  As the demon attacked Ryoko it also slashed at her with its claws.  The demon lashed out at Ryoko with its clawed hand and managed to get past Ryoko's defenses and give her a bad cut across the shoulder.

"Ahhh" Ryoko cried out in pain.  Ryoko looked down at her shoulder… 'Blood?'

"Ryoko!  I'm coming to help!"  Yelled down Tenchi looking worriedly at Ryoko.

"Hmm one of Ryoko's friends decided to pay a visit?" said Ayeka.

"Ayeka!" said Tenchi.


"Never mind" said Tenchi as he jumped from the window onto the ground below.

At this time Sasami, Mihoshi, and Nobuyuki had arrived on the scene.

"Ayeka what's going on?" asked Sasami.

"Ryoko's up to her tricks again. I'm sure this is that demon's woman's entire fault!  Stay back Sasami, let me handle this."

Mihoshi and Nobuyuki just stood by looking worried, Mihoshi especially as she stood bawling her eyes out.

Tenchi had arrived on the scene and was egger to help Ryoko.

"Tenchi, stay back I can handle this!" said Ryoko.

The Demon lunged at Ryoko swinging its energy blade high and it's left clawed hand low, Ryoko saw an opening and decided to risk it.  As the sword was about to come upon her Ryoko ducked and lunged forward cutting the Demon's arm off but getting nastily clawed at in the process.  Ryoko stepped back admiring her handy work as she grasped her stomach that was bleeding profusely.  The Demon stood one armed, but not for long.  It took a matter of seconds before it grew its arm back.

Ryoko gasped at the sight, this was no ordinary demon.  'Well, at least there is only one'

"Uh Ryoko…" Tenchi said as he watched as three Demons materialized around him.  They began to attack Tenchi mercilessly.  Tenchi was just barely avoiding each attack until they managed to disarm him.  Sword Tenchi fell to the floor.

"Tenchi!" cried Ryoko.  As her demon lunged forward with another attack, Ryoko teleported in front of Tenchi.

All four demons turned to face them.  There was no way out, unless…

Ryoko noticed where Sword Tenchi had fallen and teleported over to it and picked it up.  Huge amounts of energy ran through her body, electrocuting her.  Ryoko screamed in pain as she grasped the sword.

'If I just focus all my energy…my power and my strength, and manage to reach the power of the gems this just might work'…

"Ryoko!" yelled Tenchi as he watched Ryoko screaming in pain.  Tenchi tried to go and help Ryoko but something was stopping him.  Tenchi turned to see Azaka and Kamadaki restraining him, close by was Ayeka.

"Ayeka let me go!  I got to stop Ryoko. I don't know what she's trying to do!"

"Ahhahaha!  I know just what she's trying to do Lord Tenchi!  This is just another of her schemes to seduce you Lord Tenchi but it won't work!"

"Ayeka, you're being unreasonable!"

The Demons at this time had their attention diverted from Tenchi and were now focusing on Ryoko.  Ryoko had stopped screaming and a red light began to surround her.  Her outfit was transforming into a black and red dress and her gem and the gems in Sword Tenchi began to glow.  She stood sword raised.

The Demons began to kneel before Ryoko.


In Demon Tongue the demons replied, "Our Lady Tokimi"


The Demons nodded and disappeared.  Ryoko fell to the ground gasping for breath.

"Ryoko!" yelled Tenchi and managing to get past Ayeka's barrier went to Ryoko.

Tenchi held Ryoko in his arms and gazed down at her.

"Ryoko are you ok?"

"Tenchi…" Ryoko said as she passed out in his arms.

End of Chapter 1:

By the way Kahlua is a dark Liquor, so my title means "Dark Dawn"

Who was the bounty hunter in Ryoko's dream?  Will he make reappearance?  Will Ryoko continue to get plagued by her nightmares?  What was the purpose of Tokimi's Demon Attack?  What will Ryoko do in order to protect her Tenchi better?  All this and more in Chapter 2!!!!