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Author's note: This is a Tenchi/Sasami (Ryoko/Adrien), posted below is the scene from where the story transitions from, so this alternate ending will make sense.  This will be the last of my alternate endings, for now.

Alternate Ending #2

"Tenchi…" Ryoko said as she looked up and wiped her eyes.

"Ryoko please let me explain."

"No Tenchi.  I've had enough, I've just had enough."  Ryoko was about to phase away when Tenchi grabbed her hand.  What happened next was so sudden and unexpected that Ryoko just froze, unmoving.  Tenchi had pulled her into a kiss…

The two stood there kissing, as time seemed to slow.  Each one lost to the other.  The rest of the world no longer existed.  The two of them were alone, and yet they had each other.  The kiss was soft and gentle; their lips were barely touching.  And then Tenchi pulled away…

"Ryoko I-" But Tenchi never got to finish his sentence as his body began to convulse and he collapsed to the ground.

"Tenchi!  What's wrong?"  Ryoko asked as she reached her hand out towards Tenchi, but she quickly brought it back as she remembered something…


Tokimi knew what was coming, "Ryoko wait!  Like I said before I could make Tenchi love you!  Would you really leave that to your own devices?  You'll never be able to win him on your own!"

"Shut up Tokimi!  Your end has come!"

'Wait Ryoko…you don't realize that I have infected you with a deadly virus…if I don't tell you the cure you will never be able to live your life with the one you love!'  Tokimi pleaded in her mind.

"I will not listen to your lies Tokimi!"  'I will not hesitate, not now.  I will not let this chance pass by, I only hope that what Tokimi has said is not true.'

And with that said Ryoko brought her two swords upon Tokimi slicing her in two across her midsection.

End of flashback.

'No it can't be, the Virus.  Is this what Tokimi meant?  I must have transmitted the virus to Tenchi when he touched me.  I have to go and get help.'  "Tenchi, I'll be right back.  I'm going to go and get help," Ryoko said to Tenchi as she teleported to the house.


In Washu's Lab…

Tenchi was hooked up to several devices while lying on a metal table in the middle of the lab.  He was in a coma…

"What happened?  I demand to know what you did to Lord Tenchi, demon!"  Ayeka spat at Ryoko.

"It's not my fault princess.  Tokimi infected me with some kind of virus, that's transmitted by touch.  I wouldn't have touched him if I knew-"

"You would have touched him Virus or no Virus!  I know how your mind works, you devil-woman.  If you can't have Tenchi for yourself, then no one can have him.  Is that it?!"

"Ayeka, no, that's not it at all.  I would never hurt Tenchi intentionally, you know that."

Ayeka hmphed in response.

"Is he going to be ok Washu?"  Ryoko asked the petite scientist.

"Well, I managed to stabilize his condition, however, I haven't managed to find a cure yet.  It shouldn't be too hard for me though.  What I'm worried about is finding a cure for you, which may be next to impossible.  You should refrain from touching anyone until I do manage to find a cure though, got that?  I don't want half the house-hold sick in my lab."

"All right Washu"  Ryoko said as she phased out.

Just then Sasami entered the lab and went to Tenchi's side.  "Washu what happened?!"


Ryoko went flying across the lake, tears streaming down her face, she could barely see where she was going.  And then suddenly she knocked into something. 

"What?"  Ryoko questioned rubbing her head.  She focused her eyes on what was before her and was surprised to see Kado.  "Adrien?"

Adrien teleported outside of the ship and hovered in the air in front of Ryoko.  "Hey Ryoko"

"But Adrien I thought you were heading into space…"

"I know I was…"  'But I know that if I'm going to get any answers to the questions that are in my heart it's staying here with you, somehow I just know'  "But I changed my mind.  Surprised huh?"

"You could say that.  I'm kind of glad you're here Adrien I could really use someone to talk to right now"

"Really what's happened?"  Adrien asked noticing Ryoko's distressed look.


Back in Washu's lab…

"What?!  You mean Tokimi contaminated Ryoko with a virus designed to only infect Tenchi.  That's awful, poor Ryoko she must feel awful!"  exclaimed Sasami after hearing Washu's explanation of the state that Tenchi was in. 

"Yes it is awful and I really need to get started on a cure"  Washu said as she walked over to her main computer system.

"This is all that demon-woman's fault you know.  What was she doing touching Lord Tenchi in the first place is what I want to know" began Ayeka.

"Sis that's really not what we should be concerned about.  Right now Tenchi needs us, he needs our support."  Sasami said coming and pulling up a chair by Tenchi's bed.  'Tenchi…I never thought that I could ever have a chance with you because of my age…but now that I have assimilated with Tsunami things are different now…'

Sasami stayed by Tenchi's bedside all night long, looking over him.  Ayeka left the lab around mid-night to sleep in her room instead.  Washu soon came over and stood next to Sasami.

"I've got some good news kid…er I mean Sasami"

"hehe you still see me as a child Washu?"

"Well it takes a lot of getting used to.  I mean you're in a woman's body but you're still Sasami"

"All that will change you know…when I have fully assimilated with Tsunami I will be different…I will be a mixture of Sasami and Tsunami"

"Has it begun?"

"Yes…and it's so confusing.  I feel like I'm losing who I am but Tsunami has reassured me that that is not what is happening.  But anyways enough about my problems, what's this good news you have to tell me.  Is it about Tenchi?"  Sasami asked optimistically.

"Actually yes it is, I've managed to find a cure"

"Oh that's wonderful Washu!"

Washu administered the cure to Tenchi and all Washu and Sasami had to do was wait.  Soon Tenchi opened his eyes and the first sight he saw was Sasami.

All Tenchi could do was smile, "Hey Sasami, it's funny you always seem to be the first one to be by my side after an ordeal of some kind huh?"

Sasami blushed slightly, "Yeah I guess so.  Funny how things work out that way"

Tenchi reached out his hand to Sasami and grasped onto hers. 

"Well I guess I should let Ayeka and Ryoko know that you're ok Tenchi" announced Washu.  Then Washu noticed a pleading look in Sasami's eyes.  "But I have a few things to do first I'll tell them as soon as I get a chance"

Tenchi hadn't noticed what Washu had said and continued to enjoy being in Sasami's company. 

"Hey Sasami, it's been a while since we've gotten to spend some time together like this with all that's been happening."

"You're right."

"I never got to thank you for what you did…"

"What do you mean"

"You know assimilating with Tsunami to help us in the battle against Tokimi."

"Oh, it was nothing Tenchi,"

"No!  It was the greatest sacrifice you could have made!  You lost your childhood because of Tokimi.  I'm sad it had to happen this way Sasami.  But don't worry I'll always see you as my little sister"  Tenchi said reassuringly.

"Little sister?"  asked Sasami.  'So…he'll always see me as his "little sister" and never as a woman is that it?'  Sasami thought to herself as tears began to build up in her eyes.

Tenchi noticed this and wondered if he had said something wrong.  "What's wrong Sasami??"

"Oh Tenchi, its nothing"  Sasami said wiping the tears from her eyes and putting on a happy front to Tenchi.  Although Tenchi saw through this easily.

"No Sasami tell me…"

"It's just…what you said…about how you are always going to see me as your little sister"

"Yeah so?"  Tenchi began while thinking to himself.  Why would calling Sasami his "little sister" bother her?  It had never bothered her before…before…and then it hit Tenchi like a ton of bricks.  Before Sasami was like his little sister in body and mind.  But now she was also merged with Tsunami.  She wasn't just Sasami anymore, she was also a woman now.  A woman with feeling and emotions.  Tenchi had noticed Sasami's crush on him in the past but now that she was a woman how did she feel for him.  Did she care about him deeply?  More deeply than before?  If so he had unintentionally hurt her by saying he would never care about her the same way, never see her as a woman.

"Sasami, I'm sorry for what I just said.  Sometimes I can be so absentminded.  What I mean is you will always be Sasami to me even though you are merged with Tsunami.  I'm so clueless about women…I uh…I'm sorry Sasami"  Tenchi said hanging his head in shame.

Sasami was surprised by what Tenchi had said, "It's ok Tenchi.  It's strange for me too now.  I mean before I loved it when you called me your little sister.  But now that I am in this form-now that I am a woman I thought you would start treating me like one of the other girls in the house.  Not that you treating me differently is bad or anything it's just I thought it would be different…that's all"

"I understand.  I won't treat you like a little kid anymore Sasami if that's what you want.  But there's something I still don't understand.  About how you are assimilating with Tsunami little by little.  What exactly is happening to you?"

"Hmm I don't exactly understand it all myself.  But Tsunami told me that once we have assimilated we will become one, our personalities will merge, and my memory will be one memory.  I will be both Sasami and Tsunami at the same time.  Right now I just feel like Sasami although I'm beginning to remember things I never knew.  It feels like my memories are being replaced with someone else's.  I feel like I'm losing who I am.  Tenchi I'm scared…"  Sasami said in a small voice.

"Sasami…"  Tenchi said bringing Sasami into his arms where she began to cry lightly into his chest.  'She feels like she's losing herself?…'


"I see so Tenchi got infected with this Virus…"  Adrien said to Ryoko.

Ryoko just looked back at him and nodded her head.  "I think I may have killed him"  Ryoko said in a shaky voice.

"I doubt that.  I'm sure the Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe will be able to find a cure for a simple virus."

"But this is no ordinary Virus it was made by a goddess, by Tokimi."

"Ah the goddess Tokimi, I wish I could remember…"

"I…I wish you could too"


Ryoko and Adrien made there way back to the Masaki house where Washu greeted them.

"Well well look what we have here.  So you decided to come back Adrien?"

"Hehe yeah I guess I did.  How could I leave so many girls here with only one guy to protect them!  And it seems it was a good thing I came back seeing as how that one guy is incapacitated at the moment"

"Ahahaha!  You are a funny one Adrien.  I can see why she likes you."  Washu said.

Ryoko and Adrien just looked at each other with a confused look on their face.

"well I have some good news, that one guy happens to be alright.  It was nothing for the Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe!"  Washu proudly stated.

"You were able to cure Tenchi?"  Ryoko questioned.


"What's all this ruckus about?"  came a voice from the top of the stairs.  Everyone turned to see a sleepy Ayeka.  "I was trying to get some sleep"

"Guess what princess, Tenchi is ok" Washu explained.

"Oh Lord Tenchi is alright.  I must go and see him!"  Ayeka said running down the stairs.

"Yeah I'm going to go see how Tenchi's doing too!" exclaimed Ryoko.


Back in the lab…

Sasami pulled away from Tenchi, "Thanks Tenchi"

"Oh it's nothing Sasami.  I really should be thanking you, did you really stay by my side all this time?"

"Yes"  Sasami answered sheepishly.

Tenchi just smiled at her shyness, 'She's still Sasami but she's a woman now too.  This will take some getting used to.'

Just then Washu, Ryoko, Ayeka, and Adrien all entered the lab.

Ryoko and Ayeka immediately noticed that Sasami was by Tenchi's bedside.

"What?"  both girls exclaimed "Sasami got there first again!!"


That night…

Ryoko had gone up to the roof for a cup or two of Sake before going to bed.  She liked the taste and smoothness of the drink.  It had a way of calming her nerves and making her forget…and right now she wanted to forget about Tenchi and what had happened to him. 

'It's like fate doesn't want us together.  Maybe I'm reading too much into this.  I mean it was only an accident, right?'

"Ryoko?" came a voice.  Ryoko turned to see Adrien.  He had decided to steal away to the roof to get away from everything that had been happening as well.  Mostly he wanted to escape this feeling that he needed to remember something very important about Ryoko.

"What's up?" came Ryoko's reply.

"Mind if I join you?"  Adrien asked holding up his own bottle of Sake.

"Not at all"


Meanwhile in Sasami's room…

(Tenchi had deiced to let Sasami have her own room now that she was no longer a child.)

Sasami was twisting and turning in her bed while having a restless sleep…

The Dream…

Sasami found herself falling through the air…

All of a sudden she stopped falling and a bright light eliminated the surrounding area blinding her.

"Ah where is that light coming from?  What is that light?" Sasami questioned aloud.

"Oh don't you know…" replied a soft voice.

"What?  What do I know?"

"Who I am" responded the voice.

"No who are you?"  Sasami asked the blinding light.

"You are me and I am you, we are one and the same.  Or at least we will be…"

"Tsunami is that you?"


"What is it Tsunami?  Is something the matter?"

"Yes, you're the matter"

Sasami gasped, "What-what do you mean?"

"I don't want to share this body with you Sasami.  I've changed my mind.  I want Tenchi all for myself and that's only going to happen if you cease to exist!"

"Tsunami?  What are you talking about?  I thought you assimilated with me to save me…not to get a body"

"That was the original intention but being in this body…all the feelings and emotions…your body is marvelous and I want it all for myself.  When I'm around Tenchi, when we're around Tenchi I feel things that I've never felt before.  I feel love.  I thought that I could never feel that emotion because I was a goddess but now I know all I needed was a body to feel human emotions, I didn't need a human soul.  Tonight Sasami, I'm sorry, but tonight you die"

"No wait Tsunami please!  I thought we were friends"

"We are Sasami but I just don't want to share Tenchi with anyone.  I want him to be mine, all mine"

"But Tsunami how can you be sure that's how you feel, what if you're just feeling what I feel for Tenchi?"

"I know I love Tenchi because I've always loved him.  That's why I chose him to be my champion, so that even though we couldn't be together I would at least get to be near him.  And now that I actually have a way of getting to be with him I can't pass this opportunity by!"

"Tsunami this isn't you!  You're my friend!  You wouldn't do this!  Please Tsunami!"

"I'm sorry Sasami but I love Tenchi.  And this is the only way"

"No wait Tsunami AHHHHHHHHH"  Sasami began to say before a searing pain entered and filled her entire body.  She fell to the ground screaming, the pain was unbelievable.  There her body, in adult form, writhed in pain as Tsunami stood by and watched.

"I truly am sorry Sasami"  the goddess said sadly as she sent another wave of energy through Sasami's body electrocuting her.


Meanwhile on the Masaki roof…

"So what are you thinking about, Ryoko?" asked Adrien.

"Oh…hmmm well fate's a bitch"  Ryoko said laughing.

Adrien smiled at her, "Yeah it sure is."

"You know it's funny, but when I'm with you everything else doesn't seem to matter"  Ryoko said smiling as she took another sip of sake.  Adrien just looked back at her with a look of surprise on his face.

"Really?  Because it's strange I feel the same way.  On my way to space I felt empty inside…like the answers I wanted to find weren't going to be answered out there but here…with you.  What happened between us Ryoko?"

"Oh Adrien…maybe-maybe I can help you remember…"


"Tsunami please stop this…Tsunami please"  Sasami said as she felt the energy coursing through her body painfully, she felt herself fading and didn't know what else to do.  "Tenchi…Tenchi please where are you?  Save me…"

Meanwhile in Tenchi's bedroom…

Tenchi was having an uneasy sleep…

The Dream…

Tenchi found himself in a soundless, airless, void of nothingness.

"Where am I?"  Tenchi questioned looking around.  "What is this place?"


"Did someone just call my name?  Who was that?  Where did that come from?"  Tenchi looked around searching the vast expanse of nothingness.  Tenchi not knowing what else to do starting running in one direction hoping that he could help whoever it was that was in trouble.  The surrounding area did not appear to change but the color of the nothingness seemed to get brighter.

Tenchi rubbed his eyes at the harshness of the bright blinding light that had become the void of nothingness.

The out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn he saw Sasami, but not how he used to know her, but Sasami in her adult form.  She was looking down at something…

Tenchi strained his eyes to see what it was that she was looking at and saw that it was-herself.

"What the hell?!"  exclaimed Tenchi.

Then the figure before him turned to face him with a surprised look on her face.  "How did you get here?"

"Well I uh really don't know" began Tenchi placing a hand behind his head.

"Leave this place immediately" demanded the figure.

"But,"  Tenchi began looking down at the other image of Sasami, the one that appeared to be suffering.  And then Tenchi remembered what Sasami had told him "I feel like I'm losing who I am.  Tenchi I'm scared…"

When Sasami had told him that, he knew that she was suffering on the inside with everything that was happening.  And he knew he couldn't turn his back on the suffering Sasami.

"No I will not leave" 

The other Sasami looked outraged by his statement but quickly composed herself.

"Why won't you leave?  Is it because you are worried about me?  Don't worry I'll be fine.  I just need to lose a part of me to become the new me"  Tsunami said while waving a hand in the direction of the prone figure that was Sasami.

"I don't believe you" Tenchi said looking down at the limp, fallen form of Sasami.  And the he noticed something…the marking on her forehead were different from the markings of the other Sasami.  And then Tenchi understood.  The Sasami that was in pain on the floor was Sasami and the other figure must be Tsunami.  Why Tsunami was hurting Sasami was unknown to him but he decided he would find out.

"Tsunami, why are you doing this?" questioned Tenchi taking the goddess by surprise by addressing her with her true identity.

'He knows…'  "That's why I chose you to be my champion Tenchi.  You truly are amazing.  Sasami must die Tenchi-it's for the best"

"What are you talking about??!!  Why must she die?"

"So that we can be together."

"So that we can be together?  But I thought it was only Sasami who had feelings for me, not you."

"Oh how wrong you are Tenchi.  I created you…I created your spirit to be everything I considered perfection.  You are my perfect man, in a sense.  And I can be your perfect woman.  I made you my champion so that I would always be near you, but now I have the chance to actually be with you.  Don't you see Tenchi, don't you see how this is essential to both of our happiness.  With Sasami out of the way we can be together, just you and I"

"If you and me getting together takes killing Sasami, I don't want to be with you, Tsunami"

"You fool!  You don't know what you're saying, you can't refuse me.  I created you!"

"It looks like I just did Tsunami.  This isn't right, you can't really be this selfish can you?"

"You will understand once it has been done, you'll see everything will all work out in the end"  Tsunami said as she sent another energy blast at Sasami.  This time however the blast never made contact with Sasami's body.  Standing there before her was Tenchi, all 3 light hawk wings shimmering around him.

"I'm sorry Tsunami but I can't let you do this.  I can't let you harm her."

"no…I won't let you stand in the way of our future happiness!  I won't!"  Tsunami said as she sent an energy blast hurtling towards Tenchi.  The light hawk wings went up to deflect the blast but the blast had been very powerful and the wings had not been able to deflect it entirely.  Tenchi went stumbling backwards onto Sasami. 

Tenchi looked down at Sasami, who slowly opened her eyes to see Tenchi.  "Tenchi?  Is it really you?  You came…Tenchi…"

"Yeah of course I came Sasami.  But I don't know if I can-"

Sasami put a finger to Tenchi's mouth silencing him, "Tenchi I told you once before, you have to trust in your own power"

"That was you…"

"Yes, trust in yourself Tenchi, Tsunami made you the perfect Champion…so perfect you have within you more power than she has, so do what you feel is right"

"Then that means I have the power to defeat her but what about you?"

"Tenchi I-"

But Sasami was interrupted by yet another energy blast that had been sent at the two by Tsunami.  Tenchi's light hawk wings were able to block the attack successfully.  Maybe it was because Tenchi knew he had to block the blast not only from himself but Sasami as well.

Tenchi stood up and faced Tsunami.  "Tsunami I don't want to fight you, but I can't let you harm Sasami.  You'll have to get through me first."

"Tenchi…so be it"  Tsunami said as she activated her own light hawk wings.  Soon ten light hawk wings were shimmering around her.  "Come and kill me if you can"

Tenchi activated his light hawk sword and charged at Tsunami.  He then leapt up in the air and brought his sword down upon her.  His sword clashed with a powerful energy shield that Tsunami was producing.  He stayed suspending in midair trying to break through her shield.

"Tsunami please don't do this" pleaded Tenchi.

"No Tenchi you don't understand.  She's just in the way, I can't share you"

"You'll never have me this way"

"Tenchi, I don't care what you think now, later when it's just you and me I'll make you love me.  I created you!"

"And what about Sasami?"

"Gone, so that we can be together."

"No Tsunami I can't let that happen!"  Tenchi said as he searched deep within himself for the power Sasami had told him he had.  Soon he felt it-the warmth and power inside of him, buried deep down inside of his soul.  All he had to do was concentrate and bring it out.  The one thought that was going through his head was-'I can't let Sasami down, I can't let anything happen to her, even if it means…'

Tenchi grasped onto the power deep within himself and a shimmering sliver aura began to glow and surround him.  Soon several more light hawk wings produced themselves around Tenchi.

"What's this?  But I didn't use my power to manifest your other light hawk wings!  How are you doing this?"

But Tenchi didn't answer, for fear that he would break his concentration.  He knew what he had to do.  He gave one last look back to Sasami and broke through the energy shield that was around Tsunami.  Tsunami was caught off guard and Tenchi was able to plunge his energy sword deep within her.  There Tsunami collapsed to the ground.

"Tenchi…you killed me?"  Tsunami said in disbelief looking down at her wound.  "I only did it for love…I loved you Tenchi.  But what you don't realize is that by killing me you have killed the one you wanted to protect so badly"

"What are you talking about?"

"Sasami…you forgot that we are one…you have killed her too this night…"  Tsunami said as she closed her eyes.

"What!  No!  Sasami!"


Tenchi awoke from his dream panting for breath…'Oh god Sasami…I hope that was just a dream…'  Tenchi said getting out of bed and running to Sasami's room…


Back on the Masaki roof…

"So you see you were known as the Shadow Bounty Hunter…" Ryoko had been saying to Adrien.

"Shadow Bounty Hunter"  Adrien said…and then a few images flashed in his mind.  Images of Ryoko and then of Kagato.  Along with the images came emotions towards Kagato of hate but more importantly towards Ryoko-love.  'I loved her…'  Adrien thought to himself.

"What's wrong do you remember something?"

"Yes I remember the most important thing.  The question that had been haunting me since I was brought back to life.  And now I know the answer.  I wanted to know how I had felt about you-I loved you then Ryoko.  And I love you now."

"Oh Adrien…you love me?"

"Yes Ryoko, please I don't want to lose you again.  Not knowing that I did love you was like I had this void inside of me, I felt incomplete.  But just knowing I love you makes me feel at ease.  You complete me Ryoko.  Please don't send me out of your life again, I don't think I could live without you, with this feeling of unease, of being incomplete.  You are what's missing from my life, you are what I was always missing."

"Adrien I, that feeling…of being incomplete.  Even when I was around Tenchi I had that feeling.  Even after he expressed that he had strong feelings for me.  But whenever I have been around you I have to say I also just feel at ease.  I feel like nothing else matters when I'm around you, that everything is ok with the universe, like everything is in balance or something.  You also complete me Adrien.  I realize this now."

"Ryoko are you saying-"

"Yes Adrien I love you also"

And then Ryoko leaned in and gave Adrien a passion filled kiss.


Tenchi flung the door to Sasami's room open and stepped inside.  There Sasami was lying on the bed…and she wasn't breathing.

"No!  Sasami!"  Tenchi said running to her side where he began to shake her.  But if was no use, she did not stir.  "NO SASAMI!  SOMEONE!  ANYONE!  HELP ME!"  Tenchi yelled at the top of his lungs.


"What was that?"  asked Ryoko pulling away from Adrien.

"It sounded like your friend Tenchi, we better go see what's wrong"


Ryoko and Adrien teleported inside the house.

"What's wrong Tenchi?"  asked Ayeka coming into Sasami's bedroom after having heard Tenchi's yell.

"It's Sasami she's-" began Tenchi.

"What's going on?" questioned Mihoshi coming into the bedroom, she had also been awakened by Tenchi's scream.  "Oh my, is Sasami sick or something?  I'll go get Washu!"  Mihoshi said before running out of the room before Tenchi could tell her it was of no use.

Just then Ryoko and Adrien appeared in the room also.

"Hey Tenchi what's up?" asked Ryoko, and then she too noticed Sasami's unmoving form.  "Is Sasami ok?"  Ryoko asked worriedly.

"No Ryoko Sasami is not ok"  Tenchi said looking down sadly at Sasami's form, "And it's all my fault"

"Your fault?" questioned Ryoko.  But before Tenchi could answer Washu entered the room followed by Mihoshi.

"What's all this fuss about?  Mihoshi said something about Sasami being sick?"  Washu asked and then seeing Sasami's prone form immediately took out some sort of hand held device to take some readings.  A beeping noise sounded, "Hmmm she's dead"


"No way!"


"Oh no!"

Were the responses of all present.

"No need to panic.  Just because she's dead doesn't mean we can't save her" began Washu.

"What?  How can we save her Washu?" asked Tenchi.

"Well…I'm not sure what happened Tenchi and you can fill me in on that later, but she has plenty of life energy she's just lacking 50% of what half of her energy used to be-goddess energy."

"Goddess energy?" asked Tenchi.

"You mean like my green gems?" questioned Ryoko.

"Exactly like your green gems, Ryoko"

"Well how about I give Sasami the gems, do you think that would be enough to bring her back?" asked Ryoko hopefully.

"We would need all three, what do you say Adrien?"

"Of course I'll give my gem to her, she was the goddess that brought me back after all"

"Right, now concentrate and sent the gems to Sasami"

"Ok" replied Ryoko.

"Alright" said Adrien.

The two concentrated on summoning the power of their gems and sending the gems to Sasami.  Soon the gems inside and outside of Ryoko and Adrien glowed and were sent to Sasami.  The gems appeared on Sasami's wrists and neck.  Ryoko fainted after having lost her two gems.

"Ryoko!" Adrien exclaimed catching Ryoko before she hit the floor.  "What's wrong with her?"

"Her body is going to have to adapt to having such a great energy source being removed from her body.  She must have been stressed out lately, that would use up a lot of energy, and her body must be drained.  She will be all right, she just needs to rest."  Washu assured Adrien.

"If you say so" Adrien said cradling Ryoko in his arms.

Tenchi looked away from the two now that he was sure Ryoko was all right and returned his attention to Sasami.  The gems on her wrists and neck began to glow.  And slowly she began to open her eyes…

"Sasami!"  Tenchi began enthusiastically, "You're alive!"

Sasami blinked a couple of times before answering.  "I guess I am…but how?"  And then Sasami noticed the green gems in her wrist and neck.  She then turned her head to see the unconscious form of Ryoko in Adrien's arms.  "Is Ryoko ok?" asked Sasami panicking.

"Don't worry, she just fainted.  She'll be ok once she's had some rest" Tenchi said soothingly.

"Thank goodness, I owe her and Adrien my life it seems…"

Tenchi just took Sasami's hand in his and pressed it.  Sasami just smiled back at him…

A few days later…

Tenchi was sitting on the couch in the living room while Sasami was making a pot of tea.  Sasami finished boiling the water and went about preparing the tea and getting some cups from the cabinets.

"Need any help Sasami?"  asked Tenchi.

"No I'm alright"

Tenchi had been very attentive to Sasami ever since the whole dream fiasco.

Sasami carried a tray with a teapot and cups into the living room and set it on the table.  She then took a seat next to Tenchi.

They poured themselves their tea before they began talking…

It was raining outside and the pitter-patter of raindrops could be heard on the windowsills. 

"It's strange isn't it…now that Adrien and Ryoko are together.  So much has happened in so little time."

"You're right.  But I think things are as they should be.  Do you believe in fate Sasami?"

"Fate, meaning that things happen for a reason, that everything is part of some preordained master plan?  That if something happens it's because it was our destiny and not just because.  I believe in fate.  I believe that things happen for a reason, but I also believe that our decisions are what decide our fate, it's the clues we get in life that determine all of our decisions and so in turn create our future."

"Do you think that everything that has happened to all of use was because of fate?  Was there really some unknown purpose behind what happened?"

"It depends on how you look at it.  Fate can be tricky-it can make you think things, change realities in a heartbeat.  What you believe one day can change the next.  Just like how you said you were so sure of the fact that you and Ryoko were meant to be."

"I was never all that sure until the recent events got me to thinking more about her.  Before all that has happened I didn't have a clue as to what was inside my heart.  And now I'm not so sure either.  I think my problem is that I think too much.  I don't just live in the moment enough.  I mean I had a beautiful girl that was in love with me right in front of me and I ignored that fact.  I don't plan to make the same mistake twice…"  Tenchi said giving Sasami a smile as he sipped his tea.

"Oh really,"

"Really, you know it's funny Sasami but even with all that's happened one thing has stayed the same."

"What's that?"


"How so?"

"You're the only girl that's been in my life that's been first without trying to be Sasami.  With your selflessness you always came to my aid before the others when they were too busy fighting over who would get to me first instead of just coming to me.  I think you're the only one that really understands me Sasami."

Sasami just smiled at Tenchi sweetly while slightly blushing.

"I'm glad you think that Tenchi."

'I know Sasami has deep feelings for me but how deep do they go?  I said I didn't want to make the same mistake twice and unless I know how she feels I may do so anyways.  I should just ask her…'  thought Tenchi.  "Sasami…what do you feel for me?"

Sasami had been sipping her tear and almost spit it out.  "What do you mean Tenchi?"

"What I'm trying to ask you is…do you love me?"

Sasami blushed while looking at the floor, "You know I do Tenchi"

"I see…"  Tenchi said looking at her.  'Guess I have to stay true to my new goals.'  "Sasami then I have to tell you something.  I care about you deeply and with what's happened I realize that you really mean a lot to me.  You're someone I want as a constant in my life.  And I don't want to hurt you by making you wait for me to get over my indecisiveness…how would you like to be my girlfriend?"  'It's not a flat out "I love you" so that way I can get my feelings straight for Sasami before committing to her.  But I think I am falling in love with her…she's so beautiful…so lovely…'

"Oh Tenchi!  I would love to be your girlfriend"  Sasami said flinging her cup of tea aside and wrapping her arms around Tenchi.  "You've made me so happy!  I never thought you would see me as anything but a little girl!"

"No Sasami, I see what's right in front of me-a very beautiful woman" Tenchi said smiling as he leaned in to give Sasami a kiss.  Sasami leaned in also and together they kissed each other tenderly and softly.


The End!