Rating: Starts at T for language – will later be M.

Spoiler: Up to the first episode of PRiS. AU following that.

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Summary: The original ranger teams are called to aid the earth for the first time in the years following the Power Rangers leaving for space. Who will answer the call? And what awaits them?

Hi all. I recently read for the first time "Earthsiege" by Rain Fletcher. It was an interesting story and with the Power Morphicon coming up in August, my mind has been intrigued with alternate power ranger universes. So this plot bunny popped up and said 'write me', so here it is. I hope you enjoy, and now, to the story…


Answering the Call – Chapter 1: A Gathering of Heroes

By Jeannine Trevizo


Jason Scott had moved on. After everything he'd been through, it had finally been time. Thoughts of spandex and fighting had been put away along with high school year books and college kegger parties. It had been over four years since he'd been a ranger, and had nearly died because of it. But now he had a real life; a career, a serious relationship… and car payments, an apartment and student loans.

Never would he have thought that everything he'd fought so hard to forget would come rushing back with a simple knock on his door on a spring afternoon.

That subtle wrapping at wood sound had surprised him from a relaxing afternoon on the couch, reading the newspaper after a late brunch. Most Saturdays he rarely got even the odd solicitor in his security building in Manhattan's lower side let alone someone who seemed insistent that he get up and answer the door as another series of knocks permeated the door.

With a sigh, he set the newspaper aside and moved to the door, Unlocking the chain and deadbolt; he eased the door open to reveal a young man, barely 20 years old in a stiffly starched courier suit, his hand holding a large envelope.

"Mr. Jason Scott?"


"This is for you."

With that, the man thrust the envelope forward and Jason reached out for it by instinct.

When the man turned and hurriedly left, Jason stared after him before returning inside his apartment and locking the door. The envelope seemed to weigh heavily in his hand even if it was realistically light as a feather. There never seemed to be good news with these kinds of deliveries. The last one had been notice of the reading of his grandfather's will. Turning it over, he found the flap and ripped at it, and slid his hand inside.

He found a single piece of paper with a date, time, address including GPS coordinates and a simple message.

"Zordon's legacy lives on."

It was all he needed to be intrigued.


He had been working on the facility for nearly a year now. The situation was grave and he was running out of time. The threat bearing down on them had been the only reason he'd left his new home for Earth nearly a year and a half ago. He had to do what he could to convince them all that they had a plan and the power to do what was needed. And if he could do that, then they could see about forming a team from the former rangers… there had to be at least five of them that were willing to come back and save the planet.

Moving from one large control panel to another, he mused silently about the progress made with so little available to him. He was lucky to have been able to find the remains of the Power Chamber in Angel Grove and salvage anything. With what he'd brought with him off-planet and the components he was able to scrape together from Earth, he'd started on the new facility. Now, he had finally finished enough to get a team together.

Because Earth needed Power Rangers again.

Zordon had warned the rangers when he'd been captured to stay and defend Earth. But when Divatox had destroyed the Power Chamber, they'd taken to space to save Zordon, thinking all was lost on Earth. They had not returned, instead being needed elsewhere in the fight against evil. But by doing so… they had left Earth vulnerable too long.

And someone had finally taken notice.


A week later, Jason found himself in San Francisco. The meeting place was somewhere he'd never been, but the GPS directions had been precise. The destination was large warehouse in one of the piers along the waterfront of the San Francisco bay. The pier was number 64, which according to the signs along the way to the building's doors, was condemned. But that wasn't a surprise. If rangers were meeting in public, they required some subterfuge to keep the civilian population away.

Jason pushed open the main door to the building to find an empty space, much smaller than the outside of the building lit by industrial florescent lights. And in the middle of the room was someone that he knew very well…

Tommy Oliver.

"Jase," said Tommy as he turned and moved to meet his old friend as he heard him walk into the room.

"Did you send this?" he asked, flashing the card with the gathering information as he moved to greet the former Green/White/Red ranger.

"You mean the note? Nope. I got one myself last week… thought about calling you to see if you got one too, but I didn't have time. I barely got here."

"Yet you were first – a pleasant change."

"Very funny. My college classes are done for the semester, but I had to take care of some business before I could head here."

"Do you think everyone got an invite to this thing?" Jason wondered aloud.

"It's starting to look that way," Tommy replied as he looked over his friend's shoulder and saw Rocky DeSantos, Tanya Sloan and Adam Park enter the building.

"So, the gang's all here?" asked Rocky as he moved to greet Tommy, Adam moving to Jason. They switched and then Tanya gave the two former red rangers each a hug.

"Not everyone is here," Adam noted seriously, looking around once again at the barren building, wondering again to himself why they were here.

"You mean not yet," announced Zack Taylor suddenly as he moved smoothly through the door, guiding Katherine Hilliard in before him.

Tommy looked at Kat awkwardly. Their relationship had ended two years earlier, around the time they both started their junior year in college. The distance with him in California and her in London hadn't helped, and their diverging interests had taken them in opposite directions. Still, they were friends, and Tommy moved to greet her as Zack shook hands and acknowledged the others.

"How many former rangers do you think were invited?" questioned Kat, realizing that she wasn't the only former pink ranger that Tommy had a romantic history with that could walk through the door.

"At this point I wouldn't be surprised if every single person who has touched the power walked in," remarked Jason, recognizing Kat's worry and following not only her concerned gaze on Tommy's face, but his own best friend's anxious expression.

Because of all the things that Tommy had dealt with in the years he'd been a ranger: learning about his real parents, finding his brother, nearly watching Jason die of the Gold Ranger powers; his break up with Kimberly Hart was probably the largest piece of unfinished business that he was still harboring.

And it wouldn't surprise Jason at all to see Kim walk in. And with her arrival, he was actually hoping that maybe, finally, one of the two of them might actually push the issue and get the whole damn thing between them out in the open.

No sooner had Jason said something, the door swung slowly open once again, revealing a silhouette in the doorway. Trini Kwan pushed her head in, gasping in surprise as she turned to someone or some ones behind her as she called out "I think we've found the place."

She swiveled back and came inside, followed by Aisha Campbell who had come back to the states to go to school from her remote home in Africa just last year. It looked like the two of them had found their way to pier following the instructions from their messages, just like everyone else.

The door started to close behind them before a hand caught it and a third person made their way inside – Kimberly.

Tommy felt his breath catch at the first sight of the woman who had been his first love and first heartbreak in four years. She seemed so much like the same person, but the way she carried herself spoke of something… else.

"Join the party," Rocky said, moving to crush Aisha in a hug as Jason greeted Trini.

Kimberly trailed behind the other two former yellow rangers, her eyes settling on Tommy with a mix of apprehension and something else that no one looking at her could define. But for the former first pink ranger, coming face to face with he once white knight had shaken her immediately, and she was desperately trying to reign in her emotions. It was obvious that they had all received the same mysterious summons, and her personal issues with Tommy needed to be put aside for now.

With the new arrivals, people greeted one another, old friendships being renewed under the unusual and puzzling circumstances. Tommy and Kimberly seemed cordial but everyone seemed on edge, knowing that the pair still had unresolved issues.

"Does anyone know who called this little gathering?" asked Kim finally, prompting everyone to look about anxiously.

"That would be me," stated a male voice as the door at the far side of the generic warehouse opened, bathing an area in light as a lone figure walked out of the space it led from.

Before them all stood the man that had left for Aquitar to save his life two years prior. Some in the room had not seen him for longer than that, and his appearance surprised them all.

"Billy?" questioned Trini, seeing for the first time since leaving the team her dear friend of so many years.

"Hey everyone."

"Oh my God!" Kim cried out, rushing over to throw her arms around the former blue ranger. Following the horrible accelerated aging side effect from the regenerator that would have killed him had he not left for Aquitar for a cure, no one had expected to see Billy Cranston again.

Once Kim had released him, the others all gathered around Billy, shaking hands and giving him hugs to express their delight at seeing him once again.

"Why are we here?" Jason finally asked, prompting the lighthearted reunion serious once more.

"Yes, what's this all about?" queried Adam.

"Since the ranger team left for space a nearly four years ago, there have been a lot of changes," Billy began, looking around the bare room at the faces of his friends and former comrades in arms.

Most of them knew of the destruction of the Power Chamber in Angel Grove, while a few less knew of Zordon's capture at the hands of the United Alliance of Evil who had turned him over to Dark Specter while others did not. But everyone who had been a ranger knew that four of the Turbo rangers had gotten a ship from NASADA to rescue him. And that had been the last anyone had seen of power rangers on earth for close to four years. But it had been quiet during that time. A few had even wondered if perhaps the rangers leaving earth had directed the attention of evil villains elsewhere.

"Specifically though, Earth has been abandoned by not only the rangers but the powers that made the Power Rangers… leaving us to the mercy of any remaining evil in the universe," he stated simply, knowing what he was going to ask of them next was going to force them all to make some hard decisions.

"Billy, are you saying something has targeted Earth?" Tommy asked quickly, the steel tone of leadership that so many of the team who had served under him recognized crept back into his voice.

"Something and some one… yes. And the only way to stop it is for the Power Rangers to return to Earth."

"Do you have any idea where they are?" questioned Aisha, her hand landing heavily on Rocky's forearm as if in need of support.

"Yes," he said as he adjusted his glasses, "they're in this room."

-End Ch 1-

So – new yet old team… but who will stay, who will go? And what will be the evil this new team faces? Comments, thoughts… all feedback is welcome. I'll be working on the next chapter and post once I feel it's ready to move the story along. Thanks for reading! Ms. J.