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Answering the Call – Chapter 14: Taking it on Faith

By Jeannine Trevizo


Within the UN Security Council chambers the five uniformed members of the Photon Ranger team suddenly appeared in a wash of bright light, startling several security guards who immediately drew their weapons and rushed to ring them. The flurry of activity at their appearance didn't stop even though the rangers were standing still, letting the security teams feel as if they had the situation under control.

"A fine reception," Tanya stated with a bit of complaint as the men and women surrounding them pointed their guns at them.

"We mean no harm. We're here to speak to the Security Council…" Tommy announced, using his leader voice to assert his authority.

"You can stand down," spoke the President of the Security Council suddenly, prompting the security team to back off; it was obvious to them all from his accent he was the council representative from the United States. "They're here to help, correct Red Ranger?"

"Yes sir. We apologize for just… appearing; however we urgently need to speak with you."

"I think that since we last spoke that everyone here has come to realize that your Photon Rangers are here to assist us," spoke a representative from the United Kingdom, one of the five permanent members of the council.

"We're glad you feel that way. All the Photon Rangers or any ranger team here on Earth has ever wanted was to protect the planet," Tommy continued his team standing in unity behind him as he spoke.

"Emperor Blood's deadline is swiftly approaching," stated the Chinese delegate, "do you have a plan to defeat him?"

"We do. However it will require your assistance."

"What do you need?" questioned the French council member.

"A location and a small government presence; our plan is to make Blood and his people believe that the governments of Earth are willing to surrender, and are requesting a formal signing of a treaty declaring as such. At the site of the formal surrender, once he and his people appear we will as well, and then we will engage them, allowing your people to retreat, with our only goal being to eliminate the threat they pose to Earth."

The five main members of Security Council looked among themselves, not even considering the other ten non-static members as they pondered which permanent member country of the Security Council would be willing and able to invite an extraterrestrial threat to their soil. And guarantee that the Photon Rangers would be able to protect any diplomats or military personnel that would be needed to pull off such a ruse.

"The Russian Federation would be more than happy to let you use a section of the Siberian coastline… a good place being the Taymyr Peninsula. It is mostly tundra geography and suited for your kind of planned attack," offered the Russian government representative.

"You should have directed them to Tunguska, considering…" remarked the US representative and council president with a lightly joking tone. "The damage there has already been done…"

The Russian representative grimaced but said nothing. It was the French delegate that noted concern with the Russian plan.

"Will this Emperor Blood believe such a remote location is the setting for our worldwide surrender? And can it be easily accessed by military forces?"

There was a large debate following the very valid point and the rangers watched as the world leaders discussed again where the trap would be set… which country could 'host' the signing in a logistically accessible location but not close enough to a civilian population where the fighting could spill over and that population could either end up being used as hostages or become collateral damage. Tommy and the others stood for what seemed a good ten to twenty minutes and waited while the government leaders discussed the issue amongst themselves.

"White Sands…" said the Council President suddenly, his eyes widening and a grin gracing his face.

"What is that?" asked the Chinese representative.

"The White Sands New Mexico Missile Range. It is removed from most major populations; I believe there is only one moderate sized city anywhere nearby and there is a military presence already established there."

"A good location, yes," agreed the British delegate.

"All in favor?" asked the French council member.

Everyone, now including the other 10 members of the council all raised their hands to indicate their support of the plan and location. Behind their helmets Jason, Tommy, Adam, Tanya and Trini all breathed silent sighs of relief.

"I'll make the call to the President now. When the deadline comes, we'll agree to surrender and request that the formal agreement occur there. We can expect you to be aware of that communication?"

"Yes sir. We'll be monitoring for Blood's communication. Once you set the time we'll be there shortly before the deadline to coordinate with your people and then pull back to make sure Blood has no idea we're there until he arrives."

"Good. Thank you rangers," replied the UN Security Council President sincerely.

"Of course. It's what we do sir," stated Tommy feeling gratitude that the council members had been more than accommodating and supportive of the plan and had asked nothing of the rangers besides their assistance when some of them had feared them asking for their identities before agreeing to help wit the ranger's plan.

He hoped that the UN Security Council's support was because they trusted the history of the power rangers, even though a small part of him wondered if in reality it was simply more that they just didn't have any other options than to trust them. Which in truth, they didn't.

With the discussion concluded and a decision made, the five rangers felt themselves being teleported back and with a bright flash the spot in the UN Security Council where they had stood was suddenly empty.


Once they rematerialized in the command center, all five rangers were removing their helmets and moving to join the others by the control panels before anyone could get a word out. Kim moved to Tommy's side, looking at him with love and admiration… he'd done a great job with the UN and had been so commanding that no one had even considered questioning his plan or asking for 'concessions'. It was a win-win, all the way around. But they still had to execute the plan and stop Blood.

"So they're fully on board with the plan?" Billy verified quickly, the hope in his voice evident.

"Yes… I think they realized that we're their only hope," Tommy remarked, speaking aloud his previous unshared thoughts.

"I think the location is a good one," commented Jason, diverting the conversation from the potentially dark path Tommy's comment could have been construed as for a more upbeat one… they had gotten they UN's agreement on their plan.

"Me too… it should keep to a minimum any civilian or military casualties," Adam added quickly.

"I hate that we'll even have to have UN or US forces on site at all…" Tanya started, sighing slightly. "It just means more people we have to protect."

"If they weren't there, Blood would recognize the trap," Trini pointed out, her thoughts unconsciously drifting to Katherine and her own recent actions to stage something so no one would know it wasn't a lie.

"As it is, we're putting at least one world leader at risk…" Kim noted with some distaste, even though they had no idea who the president and the UN would choose to take on that dangerous role.

"I really doubt they'll send the real heads of state," Rocky remarked, discounting the idea.

"They have to send someone… so whoever is there is either expecting they could get killed or expecting that the rangers will protect them," Aisha replied.

"We will do what we can to keep them safe, but our priority will have to be Blood, Misery, Pain and whatever Banes they bring along," Tommy stated simply, knowing that after the last fight he didn't think they'd be able to walk away from another battle without any kind of casualties, and in this case it might have to be civilian or military ones.

"Any news on the Space Rangers?" questioned Tanya, thinking that the backup they could provide would be a huge help once they engaged Blood's forces.

"Not since before you left. I think we need to expect to be on our own until they physically show up," Billy remarked with a slight frown. He'd really hoped that the Space Rangers would be here already and step in to save the day.

"Fine then. The deadline is in three hours. Once they settle with Blood on the location and time, we're supposed to be there shortly before Blood's arrival to finalize the plan with the military and then get out of sight," Tommy supplied briefly.

"Do we have something that will cloak our energy signature as well as ourselves, in case there isn't any cover so we can be sure we're one hundred percent hidden from Blood's sensors?" asked Trini, focusing again on how to be sure the trap was seamless.

"Not currently but if I have three hours to do it, I can build something…" Billy stated with a nod.

"Great!" exclaimed Jason.

"What do we do until then?" Tanya queried, thinking numbly about another bout of hurrying up and waiting.

"There's not much – all the systems are up and running at optimum..." remarked Billy.

"Maybe we should all take a break, relax… take a nap, check in with friends, family?" Aisha suggested, hoping that the normal behavior would keep them all from getting too keyed up waiting.

"I should check with the police again. Jason…" Trini commented, looking to her friend who had played a role in the task of staging Kat's accident.

"That's true. And if they finally have found her… we might need to go to the station and identify her?" Jason asked, looking to Trini and then Tanya who had been probably Kat's closest friend on the team.

"I… I can help with that. You guys did the hard part," Tanya said with a crack in her voice and Trini moved to stand beside her, taking her hand in hers.

"Okay everyone, let's power down and take a break. We'll meet back here in two hours, alright?" Tommy announced and everyone agreed readily, splitting up from where they stood and moving to take advantage of their brief reprieve.


With Tommy's announcement Kimberly turned and watched him power down from his uniform and she sighed. She'd told him she was okay with Jason being out there to watch his back since she couldn't but in reality she desperately wanted to be out there with him. She'd been on the receiving end of Misery's claws and couldn't help but worry that even with the armor upgrades Billy had fashioned that something could happen to him. Her own injuries as well as Rocky's along with Kat's death had put their new go-round as rangers into perspective for her… she didn't have forever, none of them did.

But they did have now.

Tommy watched as everyone left the room before he turned to regard Kimberly beside him. He felt his heart skip a beat as he saw the look on her face and he blinked unconsciously to be sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing; the love he saw in her eyes he'd seen before but there was a lot more heat there than he'd ever seen, even in their most hot and heavy period together in Angel Grove.

She arched an eyebrow and indicated to the staircase with her head before heading for the bottom stair, her hand perched on the railing. He paused only for a moment before he was moving to join her and he followed her up the stairs and to the door of her room.

Closing her eyes, Kim took a deep breath and turned the knob to open the door. Behind her she felt rather than saw Tommy trail behind her. When she heard the door close behind him she pulled at the Velcro strap of her sling, letting it slip to the floor before she turned and reached up to curl both hands around his neck as she pulled him down while leaning up to kiss him deeply.

Stunned for only a millisecond, Tommy grasped her waist to hold her to him, slanting his mouth over hers as he kissed her back. Her tongue swiped at his and he let them lash against one another as they shifted in the kiss, Kim wresting control from him once more as she pulled one hand from his neck to clutch at his shoulder.

Pulling away from his lips she kissed his jaw and then the side of his neck, trailing still more along his throat. Tommy let his head fall back as she reached his collarbone, her chin shifting his t-shirt collar aside slightly so she could press a kiss there before moving back to capture his lips once again in a heated lip lock.

The feel of her lips on his, her whole body – breasts, stomach, legs… pressed against him had his emotions and physical responses off the charts. He felt his cock swelling in his jeans and as she rubbed against him he groaned into her mouth, one hand moving up from her hip to climb along the side of her stomach and ribcage, the soft cloth of her shirt all that separated his hand from her skin. Tommy's hand brushed up along her side, before he paused at the under slope of her breast, hesitating as he let his head take over for a moment… Wasn't this too fast? Shouldn't they date one another again, really be a couple in the real world before they went this far?

"Don't stop…" she said on a soft gasp, her lips breaking from his as his fingers just barely grazed her breast.

"Kim?" he questioned, sure he had misunderstood; he'd expected her to back off any moment, not encourage him.

"Don't stop. I don't… I want you. I don't want to stop… to regret anything… in case…"

He felt his heart hiccup in his chest. She was afraid he might not come back…

"Our new armor should protect us…" he assured her softly, moving the hand that had been centimeters from cupping her breast to her cheek. "You don't have to do this because…"

"I know…" she said seriously, her eyes now boring into his with a mix of love, lust, fear and worry all visible within. "Tommy, we got this second chance for a reason. I don't… I don't want to waste it. I don't want to stand down there in the command center while you go out there knowing that I… that we didn't take advantage of every moment we had…"

"Kim… I…"

"Are you saying you don't want me?" she asked, her mouth curling into a small smirk as she slid her hand from his shoulder down his chest and past his belt to cup the spot where his cock distended his jeans and his hand clenched in the fabric of her pants on her hip where he'd held her to him.

"No… God, no… I just want us to do this for the right reasons," he stated behind gritted teeth as he poured every last ounce of control he had into being the virtuous boyfriend, even if all he wanted to do right now was rip off all her clothes and get lost in her.

"And the fact that I love you and want you isn't a good reason?" she asked, her voice dropping an octave, becoming more sultry as she pressed her hand more firmly against his erection, making him groan.

"I didn't say that…" he admitted, her words beginning to weaken his resolve.

"Then make love to me Tommy. Let's not waste another minute of the time we've gotten back."

He let loose a low growl in the back of his throat before he relented, swiftly lowering his head to crush his lips to hers as he hauled her lower body flush against his, trapping her hand between them as he let himself grind his pelvis and erection into her. Kim moaned at his actions and gave his cock a quick squeeze before sliding her hand from between them to grip his ass briefly, encouraging his pelvis' movement against her.

With that simple action Tommy found what little control he had shredded and he broke their embrace only long enough for him to yank at her shirt with both hands, rending the buttons down the front and exposing her breasts encased in a white lace bra along with her smooth stomach.

"Sorry?" he murmured distractedly as his eyes raked across her exposed flesh before he let his hands cover her fabric covered breasts, feeling the hard points of her nipples against the palms of his hands.

"I have other shirts," she answered in a lusty voice even as her hands roamed across his back, pulling at the fabric and indicating her desire for it to be gone.

Loathe though he was to pull his hands from her, he desperately wanted the skin to skin contact and broke from her grasp to reach down and catch the hem of his red t-shirt and ripped the cotton material up and over his head and tossed it unceremoniously to the floor before he caught her up again, mouth meeting hers in an urgent, hungry kiss.

"Bed?" she asked breathlessly into his ear as his mouth left hers and his lips and tongue wetly worked their way down her throat towards her chest.

"Yes…" he murmured against her skin, making her shiver before he urged her backwards towards the bed.

When her legs hit the bed she stopped, pulling him up short. She eased away from him, her eyes catching his as she shimmied her shoulders and let her shirt fall to the floor, leaving her clad only in her bra. His eyes broke from hers to rake across her skin, drinking in her body as he started for her once more. Then his gaze lighted on the four circular scars along her left shoulder and upper arm and froze his jaw clenching and his eyes slamming shut.

Six inches to the right he thought as his breath caught in his chest… just that small distance and Misery would have impaled her heart and Kim would have been dead out there on the grass, just like Kat.

He felt her hands come up and capture his face between them, startling him back into the moment. Swallowing hard, he opened his eyes to see the understanding look on her face, barely supplanting the want that had been raging between them only moments before.

"Don't," she admonished him, leaning forward to kiss him before puling back, her fingers leaving his face to trail along his neck and down his bare chest. "I'm here, and so are you. And right now all I want is to be with you."

"I love you Kim," he said softly, the tenderness in his voice expressing his affection for her even as he felt his cock jump as her small hands made their way to his belt buckle and proceeded to swiftly unlatch it and start on his jeans button and zipper.

Her sure hands on his crotch flipped the switch in his emotions once again, and the lust he'd let be suppressed by the fear he'd felt moments ago roared to life once more. His hands fell to her waist and pulled on the button at the top of her pants, popping it open and pulling her zipper down. He heard rather than saw her slide her feet out of her shoes.

She grumbled slightly as she fought with her socks and he smiled slightly. Stepping back he let her pull the offending articles of clothing off before she shucked her pants as well. While she did that he shoved his own jeans off and pulled loose the boots and socks he had on, leaving him in only a pair of dark boxers. Once he was done he looked up to find her standing before him in white lace bikini underwear and his mouth went dry.

While he watched she backed up and slid across the mattress, her arms and the cradle of her thighs left open in an obvious invitation.

He wasn't stupid enough to hesitate in taking her up on her unspoken request.

Once their nearly naked bodies met, they both let loose near silent sighs. Had things been different they would have been here so many years ago. Luckily fate had given them a second chance and this time neither of them planned to let it go to waste.

Tommy let his hands make their way back to her breasts, still clad in the lace bra and caressed the supple mounds causing Kim to groan and arch into his grasp, her own hands clinging to his hips, fingers slipping under the waistband of his boxers. The light touch of her fingertips stoked the fire raging in him even further and he dropped his head to capture her mouth with his in a heated kiss.

"We still have too many clothes on," he remarked with a rough voice as he broke from her lips, his palms tingling at the feel of her hard nipples against them through the fabric of her bra.

"I can fix that."

Leaning forward Kim slid one hand behind her and with a flick of her wrist popped the hooks on her bra, releasing the garment and letting the straps slide ever so slightly off her shoulders.

Hooking his fingers into the cups he pulled the bra down and then tossed it carelessly aside as his eyes clung to her bared breasts. His hands moved to cover the exposed flesh, a tremor running through his body at the feel of her skin against the palms of his hands. Then he pulled one hand away so he could replace it with his mouth and tongue, causing her to gasp and arch into his chest.

"God… you are so beautiful…" he whispered against her flesh as he licked his way around her nipple before taking it between his lips once more.

"Tommy, please…" she moaned, her fingers digging into his shoulders as her hips rocked against his stomach, sending a jolt to his already aching cock.

Slow and steady wasn't what they needed… the near death experience they'd had so recently on top of the years they'd suppressed their feelings for one another needed a more explosive coming together. Feeling her desperation to feel all of him allowed him to give in to his own passionate needs. He pulled away and slid his fingers in her underwear and tugged, feeling her hips rise so he could pull the scrap of fabric off and away. His eyes once again settled on her newly bared skin and he felt his heart stutter and then speed up at the way she lay before him - nude and anxious for him.

Her hands reached up to settle on his hips, her fingers brushing the sensitive skin of his abs. She looked at him, then his boxers and then back up to his chocolate gaze. The heat radiating from her touch spoke of want and need and he reached down to shove the boxers down and off.

Once he was bare she slid a hand between then and grasped the steel-hard flesh of his cock in her soft, warm grip. She stroked her warm hand around his shaft a few times before he groaned and closed his eyes, his left hand convulsively gripping the bedclothes while his right held her bare hip. Her touch was killing him… but he needed to be inside her before he lost control, so he caught her hand in his and stilled it.

"I want to be inside you when I… when we come," he said raggedly, his control long gone in the face of the incredibly sexy and beautiful woman whom he loved and who loved and wanted him below him.

She nodded, her breath coming in gulps as she took in his words. Tommy leaned over her, his hips coming closer to her center as she directed his cock ever closer to her core. He felt the wet heat of her brush faintly against the tip of his cock as she lined him up against her center. His tongue slipped out to wet his suddenly dry lips as he fought the urge to pull away from her grasp and bury his head between her legs and partake of her hot, wet core.

Yet her pleading eyes and tight grip around his manhood guiding him to her made him table the instinct… he planned to have years more to touch and taste and experience her in every way possible. For now they both needed this one simple act to assure themselves that they were there and together like this, finally.

"Now…" she whispered in a commanding yet anxious tone, her hand squeezing his intimate anatomy ever so slightly to get her point across before she let him go.

Even though he desperately wanted to take his time, between her impassioned request, his own passion-filled lust for her and the heat from her center against the tip of his erection it was all too much to handle, and with a single, quick thrust he sheathed himself fully into her, causing her to call out his name and arch into him, her hands gripping his biceps at the sudden sensation.

He closed his eyes as he let out a groan and tried to center himself as the sensation of being buried in Kimberly threatened to undo him right then and there. It was overwhelming and glorious and everything he'd ever expected sex would be and never had been. And he'd yet to even make a single stroke out.

Below him Kim fought to catch her breath, the feeling of him embedded in her yielding flesh was mind blowing and had her needing more of him. She needed him to move more than she needed her next breath. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she forced her head upwards to capture his lips with hers, teasing his mouth open as she plunged her tongue within it, ratcheting up the heat between them even more. When he only kissed her back, his arms braced to either side of her she groaned and broke the kiss, needing to tell him what she wanted from him.

"Tommy, please… I need you to move, I need you."

At her plea he felt his veins fill with liquid fire and eased his hips back, nearly leaving her before he stroked forward and sunk into her again as far as he could and felt her shiver as his cock hit home. And once he'd made that one simple stroke inside her velvetly wet heat he found his hips had taken over for his brain and he couldn't stop; they pistoned of their own accord, his body falling into a heated rhythm as he plunged in and out of her slick passage.

The tension was building in Kimberly and she let herself moan with the feeling of the man she loved… had always loved thrusting into her, his pace increasing at her silent cues – her nails biting into his shoulder and back, her head shifting from side to side as her hair flowed around her and her eyes shut tightly at the sensations rushing through her. But she needed more, needed to come and make Tommy come with her.

She suddenly rolled her hips upward into his next down stroke, making Tommy moan, "Kim… God, beautiful I can't even…"

Tommy groaned again as she ran her hands along his sides, her fingernails scraping lightly along his skin, the feeling sending up sparks through his body. He pushed into her again and again, increasing the tempo and force of his thrusts to accommodate her wishes and his burning desire knowing that it would push them even faster towards the edge that was fast approaching for them both.

"Love you… so much," she said on a gasp following another deep thrust, fire dancing along her nerve endings.

"I love you… I never want to be without you ever," he answered, his voice hoarse even as he struggled to take in a deep breath at the need he had to express his feelings on top of the how the way her body was responding beneath his made him light headed.

Tommy sped up his hips even more, bucking harder into her welcoming body as he pulled her hips up with one of his arms beneath them, causing his strokes to delve deeper and changing the angle to make her gasp. Beside her head his other hand held his weight, his fingers dug into the blanket as he reveled in the feel of being inside her.

Kim threw her head back and cried out his name as she felt her climax crest and then crash into her, the waves of it pulsing through her center and throughout every nerve ending in her body, her muscles clenching and releasing in spasms.

Feeling her coming around him made Tommy even more lightheaded than he'd already been and with one more powerful thrust into her undulating walls he barked out a yell, his own orgasm wringing his muscles and sinew into tight contractions. He shallowly thrust into his pleasure as his release spilled from him until he was spent, his head falling forward to rest against Kim's before he slowly moved to kiss her. Neither of them could move right that moment and that was fine with them. Too soon the reality that waited outside their door would force them to leave this bed and one another's embrace, and do what it took to save the world.

Even if right now they could care less.


Rocky had been feeling worn out from all the strain he was putting on his healing leg and stomach, so he'd let Aisha convince him to go lay down after Tommy had dismissed them all. When he came out of his room after about an hour or so of resting, he looked around to see the living area empty and only Aisha at the command center console.

"Aisha," he called out as he moved towards her, and she waved him off, pointing to the couches.

He redirected his route and sat at one end of the shorter of the couches, stretching out his left leg to keep it from cramping up on him like it had once or twice since the injury. He watched intently as his friend of so many years and girlfriend for considerably less than that did something at the console and then turned to meet him in the living area. As she walked towards him he felt his heart constrict with affection and felt a wave of relief fill him as he thought about how she was going to be by his side, here in the command center when things with Blood went down with the active team.

"I'm glad you're going to be here and not out there," Rocky blurted out as Aisha moved to sit beside him on the sofa in the living area.

"Because you're worried about them taking on Blood again or because you would be more worried if I was with them?" she asked, watching intently as Rocky's hand brushed along the sealed cut on his stomach through his shirt unconsciously.

"Both?" he replied with some hesitation as she laid a hand on his knee and then leaned in with a smile before she turned his head with her other hand so she could kiss him tenderly on the lips.

"I understand. I'm so glad you're here with me too."

He nodded before wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer to him, letting her tuck her head under his chin as they curled into one another.

"Where's everyone?" Rocky asked quietly, not wanting to disturb their comfortable position but still curious where everyone had gone to.

"Adam and Jason are in the hangar bay checking one last time on the zords. Billy is working on the final prep on the cloaking device in his room and Tanya and Trini went to the police department to deal with…Kat…"

Rocky tightened his hold on her as they took comfort in the fact that they both were alive and well. They'd allow themselves to fully mourn Katherine when this was all over. Once he pulled back, Rocky noted the omission of two of the team from Aisha's 'report'.

"And Tommy and Kim?"

Aisha eased her head out from under his chin and smirked at him before throwing a knowing glance upstairs before leveling her gaze back at her boyfriend as she said, "Where do you think…"

"But…" he started to stammer, shocked at Aisha's implications.

"What, sending your man off to battle after having screwed him senseless… not a new phenomenon."

"Still, will he be able to walk afterwards?" he asked in a snarkish tone.

Aisha rolled her eyes at Rocky but refrained from hitting him like she would have normally. "Kim knows he has to be in working order. I think more than anything else they wanted the time alone before… which I can't fault them for."

Rocky nodded before pulling Aisha back into his chest, knowing that the next hour would be gone way too fast before their friends would have to put their lives in jeopardy as they went back out to save the world… again.

– End Ch 14 –

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