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Chapter 1

The Cat's Meow

Snow glistened as the sun shined through the trees. Most of the forest animals were hibernating in their homes and the cold wind blew through the whole forest. The only thing in the forest that wasn't hibernating was an old man and a wolfdog. The old man wore a big coat that covered almost all of his body except his feet, hands, and head. He had boots that were stable even on the most slippery of ice. His face was very wrinkled but it had an aura of kindness surrounding. His eyes were a pale blue that would explore everything in the forest. His hair was white with some silver shining in the light. The wolfdog was completely white like the snow itself; its sharp golden eyes piercing through anything it sees. The two were wondering through the forest in hope that they would find something to hunt like a rabbit or even better deer, but unfortunately, there was not an animal in sight. And it was impossible to go fishing with the cold. So the old man and his wolfdog decided to go to town for food.

"I know you don't like store bought foods, boy." said the old man "But it's the only way we'll get grub in our stomachs."

The wolfdog grunted. He prefered to hunt for his food then have it just laid out for him. He is more wolf than dog. But there was nothing he could do about it. There was no food in sight. They headed to the bridge that connected the forest to town. That way, anyone living in the forest wouldn't have to worry of finding a way around the big river around the forest. The man and wolfdog were crossing the bridge until the wolfdog caught a scent of something good to eat nearby. The man noticed his wolfdog's halt and stopped as well.

"Yuki? What is it? What is it boy?" he asked the wolfdog. The wolfdog did not listen. He was too focused on what would become his lunch. Without a second thought, he rushed to where he could smell his lunch; the old man followed him. They came to a cardboard box leaning against the bridge. The wolfdog was about to eat what was inside until the old man got to it and pulled whatever it was away. He was fast for an old man. The old man looked at what his wolfdog was trying to eat and his eyes widened with pain.

It was a tiny beige colored kitten no bigger than a rat. The poor thing was shivering in the old man's hands. It was a miracle it didn't die from staying in there for the winter. But the old man figured it wouldn't survive to the spring if it stayed in the cold. So, the old man decided to take the kitten home with him. He headed back to the bridge and went back into the forest. The wolfdog followed hoping that his master was taking the cat home to be chopped up and served to him on a plate. They came to a wooden cottage deep into the forest where the old man and the wolfdog lived. The old man tried to take off his things without dropping the kitten and went to find a tiny blanket and the bottle he always kept in case he needed to nurse tiny animals. After finding the bottle and blanket, he wrapped the tiny blanket around the kitten and went to the kitchen. Having learned how to take care of animals, he went to make a formula for the kitten to drink. After he made the formula, he pourred in into the bottle. Then he sat down on his rocking chair; placing the kitten on his lap and feeding the fomula with the bottle. The kitten drank until it couldn't drink anyomre and the old man set the bottle down. The wolfdog looked up at his master; hoping that the only reason why he was feeding the kitten was because he didn't want to give him a meal that's sick. The old man knew that look on the wolfdog's face.

"No Yuki." said the master "You do not eat the kitten. You will not eat this kitten."

The wolfdog, Yuki, growled at not getting to eat the kitchen. He was starving. His master noticed this, put the kitten down in the chair and put his coat and boots on.

"I'll be back with some food Yuki." he said "If I see that that kitten has magically disappeared from the house, you will not get any food for a month." And with that said, he went out.

Yuki walked over to the kitten and looked at it. He was hungry enough to eat it, but if he did his master wouldn't give him anything for a month. He growled at the kitten. He could've already ate if that kitten weren't there at the bridge. Suddenly, he saw the kitten open its eyes at Yuki; revealing a nice violet color.

"Hello." said the kitten "My name is... well, I don't have a name, but it's nice to meet you. What's your name?"

"I don't think that's any of your business." said Yuki "You'll be given to someone else anyway. Damn cat."

Before the kitten could say anything else, Yuki walked into the darkness. The kitten got out of the blanket and followed him. When Yuki got to his destination, he laid down. But he felt something else's body heat. He saw the kitten resting beside him.

"Leave me alone you damn cat!" barked Yuki "Can't you see I want to be alone?"

"Why?" asked the kitten.

"I just do. Not go back to the chair and leave me alone."

The kitten did not listen. Instead he snuggled closer to Yuki. The said wolfdog picked the kitten up with his teeth and carried it back to the chair. Yuki was going to walk away until...

"Will you play with me?" the kitten asked.

"Absolutely not!" Yuki growled "All I want is to wait for Master to come home with some food, eat, then go to sleep. You've already eaten so I suggest you shut up and go to sleep you damn cat." And so he walked away.

After the old man returned from town, Yuki did exactly what he said he would. He ate some raw meat then tried to go to sleep. It would've been successful too if his master wasn't talking to the kitten while he was trying to sleep.

"It is a miracle that a tiny thing like you had survived the cold." said the old man or Master as Yuki refered him as "Whoever had put you in that box is a cruel bastard. It's a good thing Yuki sniffed you out or you would've died. Right, Yuki?"

Said wolfdog grunted at his master. Master only laughed. "He's always been grumpy. Even as a little pup." he continued "I guess he gets it from his wolf parent. You see, Yuki is a wolfdog; part dog, part wolf. He was abandoned just like you. I found him deep in the forest with a sprained ankle and had kept him with me ever since. It takes away the feeling of loneliness. No one wants to be alone. People may say they do but it's a lie. The truth is that they are afraid of getting hurt. I once had a family but... a fire killed them. I'm the only one of my family left. But I'm not alone now. I've had Yuki around, and now I'm welcoming you little kitten."

Yuki looked up in disbelief. Was his master really going to take in an annoying kitten? A kitten wouldn't be able to survive in the forest. Master looked at the kitten and found out it was male. All he had to do was give the kitten a name. But what? The kitten started meowing for Master to pet it.

"You really like a lot of attention don't you little one?" Master asked the kitten "It's like when a lord wants attention from his loyal subjects. Wait! Little one, lord. That's it! Your name will be Little Lord!"

The kitten hissed. "I guess you don't like that, don't you? Hmm. Well, meow if you like any of the names I come up with. Um... Akiyoshi... Beigi... Choukichi... Haru... Hikaru... Kazuaki... Kei... Koichi... Makoto... Masao... Naoya... Ozamu... Ryoji... Seiki... Shinya... Shuichi..."

The kitten meowed the moment he heard Shuichi. "Shuichi?" Master asked "You like the name Shuichi?" The kitten meowed again. "Shuichi. I like it. And it means one lord so I wasn't off with calling you Little Lord, but Shuichi sounds better." He looked over at the wolfdog. "Hey Yuki. Meet your new friend Shuichi."

Yuki groaned when he heard that. Living with what could've been his dinner. And it has a name. Something told him his life was going to become a living hell.

Pinkshuchan: That was the first chapter. With this chapter I had to do lots of researching to get some of the things said here. For example, what is best to give orphaned kittens and what Shuichi actually meant. Well, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of this cute little animal story. Read and Review everyone!