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Chapter 14

True Friends

Yuki and Tatsuha continued to look through the entire forest in search of Shuichi. They looked in every place the wolfdog knew Shuichi would hide. But in every single place they looked, there was no sign of the little beige kitten. Tatsuha kept assuring his half brother that everything was alright and that Shuichi was safe, but he wasn't quite sure himself. There are so many creatures that would want to have him as a meal; mainly bears and wolves. There may even be a possibility that Shuichi might've already been eaten. But knowing his half brother, he won't stop until he knows for sure.

So they continued looking everywhere for the adorable little kitten. They searched from high in the trees to deep in the mole's holes. And yet everywhere they looked, there was no sign of him. But Yuki wasn't going to give up, dispite his half brother's whining to stop.

Suddenly, they heard a rustle in the bushes. Yuki knew it couldn't be Shuichi. After what happened, it didn't seem like he would want to get close to the wolfdog. He figured it had to be an enemy. He lowered himself ready to attack whatever was coming and when he was sure he would catch whatever it was in his paws, he pounced. He caught the trespasser. And it had a familiar voice. "No! Don't eat me! I don't taste very good." it cried. Yuki raised his one paw and looked at it.

It was Ryuichi.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Yuki growled as he got off the rabbit.

Ryuichi looked up at him and sighed in relief. "I'm glad it's you. We've been looking all over for you."

Tatsuha raised an eyebrow at what the rabbit just said. "We?" he asked his brother.

Yuki glanced at him. "He has an invisible friend," he whispered before looking back at Ryuichi, "Why were you looking all over for me?"

Ryuichi began to panic. "There's trouble!" he screamed, "Shuichi... I was with him... he was upset because of you nanoda... he was upset because he was sad that you wouldn't want to be his friend... but then... but then as I left... wildest of wolves came... they went after Shuichi. YOU HAVE TO HELP HIM OR HE'LL BE EATEN!"

Yuki couldn't believe it. Shuichi was in trouble again? Why did he not see this coming? He remembered what the leader of the wildest of wolves said to Shuichi. But he figured that as long as Shuichi wasn't in the other side of the forest... Wait!

"Was Shuichi in the other side of the forest?" he asked Ryuichi.

"No he wasn't," Ryuichi replied, "I would know. I was right there with him, nanoda. And if we were in the other side of the forest, I would've been attacked by them too."

"But then that means...!" Oh no! The wildest of wolves had broken the rules of the forest. The rules of the forest clearly stated that the wildest of wolves weren't allowed to leave their half of the forest by any means neccessary. They must be that determined to get rid of Shuichi. Not that that was a good thing. "Where did you last see him?" Ryuichi pointed in the direction he came from. "Then I'm off."

"But wait!" Ryuichi called out, "You can't take care of all of them yourself. There's too many of them."

"I've taken care of fifty of them by myself. How many are there now?"

"Five hundred, nanoda."

"Well then, I've lived a good life."

"Woah Bro!" it was Tatsuha's turn, "Are you seriously going to take care of all of them yourself? You'll get killed."

"What choice do I have? Shuichi is in danger and I'm the one responsible for it. I have to do this Tatsuha. It's me or Shuichi's life on the line and it's not going to be Shuichi's." And then he ran off, leaving Tatsuha and Ryuichi behind.

Tatsuha looked over at the rabbit. "You know, you're really cute." he said randomly.

Ryuichi looked up at him. "Although I think it's nice you called me cute, Shuichi's in danger. Even if Mr. Wolfdog goes off against the wildest of wolves and sacrifices himself, Shuichi will be dinner. How can we save him?"

Tatsuha just sat there thinking about it himself. It wasn't long until he had an idea and whispered it into the rabbit's ear. Ryuichi brightened up. "That might actually work."

"Great!" said Tatsuha, "You put the plan into action and I'll help Bro before he gets himself killed." They seperated themselves to begin the plan that could save both Shuichi and Yuki. Tatsuha ran after Yuki to keep an eye on him. They ran in the direction that Ryuichi pointed until they heard a familiar meow. They hurried to the direction of the meow to see Shuichi stuck in a tree with the five hundred wildest of wolves surrounding it.

They had him trapped.

Without thinking, Yuki pounced and attacked some of the wildest of wolves. Tatsuha followed after him and also began to fight. Shuichi watched as Yuki was fighting for him. Could what Ryuichi had said be true? Did Yuki really care about him? He watched as the wolfdog took care of some of the wildest of wolves with Tatsuha but they knew they couldn't hold on for long.

But then, they heard a familiar voice yelling "Charge!" It was Ryuichi and there accompanying him was Sakano, Ayaka, Reiji, Noriko, and K and Judy. They also joined the battle. Sakano got his enemies by spraying them; causing them to run away, Ayaka used her hind legs and her head to attack and smack them into the trees, Reiji would jump down on her enemies and blind them until they ran into a tree or a rock, Noriko let hers chase her until she went through a small hole; letting them put their paws in and then bite them, and K and Judy led theirs to human traps to get their paws caught.

It appeared that the wildest of wolves were losing. There was just one main battle left to determine the fate of a certain kitten; Yuki versus Taki. The white wolfdog and the black wolf circled around each other while growling. "Why the hell would you try to protect that brat of a cat?" Taki growled at the wolfdog, "Is it because he's supposed to be your meal?"

"You're wrong!" Yuki growled back, "Shuichi is not my meal. He's more than that. He's my only friend. And I will do anything to protect him from mutts like you."

Shuichi felt like he was ready to cry. He told Yuki that he hated him even though it wasn't true and yet the wolfdog still wanted to protect him. The kitten wanted to wrap his paws around the wolfdog and lick him until he would forgive him. But he knew it wasn't such a good idea to do so for there was a battle still going on.

Both canines jumped at each other and began to bite at each other while clawing at each other with their paws. The battle continued on until Taki fell with his fur covered in blood. He wouldn't move and he didn't seem to be breathing. That had to mean that Taki was defeated and Shuichi was saved. But when Shuichi got down the tree, he noticed that Yuki was lying on the ground too. He ran to his side as quickly as he could. He could easily see red staining through white fur. He knew full well what that meant.

"No! Yuki!" Shuichi meowed, "I'm sorry for what happened. Please don't die! I love you."

Yuki looked up at him. "Shuichi... I'm glad you're safe..."

The kitten snuggled himself against his friend. "Please Yuki! You're going to live. Please live! I don't want to live my life without you. I've already lost Master after he saved me from the cold. I don't want to lose you too."


"Please Yuki!" Tears were falling from the kitten's eyes; soaking his beige fur. "You're my most treasured friend. If you die I die."

Shuichi continued to meow for his beloved friend until the latter closed his eyes. But even then he wouldn't stop crying. Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes. Hiro and Suguru came with a human following them. Shuichi guessed that he was Hiro and Suguru's master. He looked like he was in his 20's with messy jet black hair and kind brown eyes. He saw the dying wolfdog on the ground and the little kitten crying for him and walked over to them.

"This wolfdog," he spoke up as he looked at Yuki, "This was the old man's wolfdog before he passed away," He looked over at Shuichi and brought his hand close to him to pet him. "And you must be the kitten he took in. Were you two forced to live out here after your master died?" With all his strength, the human picked Yuki up and walked away. Hiro gestured at Shuichi to follow them and they ended up at another cottage similar to Master's.

For days, Shuichi didn't eat or sleep as he was worried about Yuki's condition. Hiro and Suguru told him that their master was a veterinarian; a person that took care of animals and made sure that they were healthy and able to survive. Although it calmed him down a bit, it didn't help how he was feeling. He wasn't even sure if Yuki was going to make it or not.

But then one day, the human walked over to Shuichi and picked him up to the room where Yuki was resting. He put the kitten on the table with the wolfdog and smiled. "It looks like he's going to be ok little fella," he told the feline, "The injuries weren't serious enough to kill him and he'll be back to normal in a couple of days. In the meantime, he's not allowed to speak or move until the medicine I've given him goes to full effect and he won't be able to feel any pain."

Shuichi looked over at Yuki to see that his eyes were open and smiling at him. The kitten was filled with so much joy and he snuggled his head against the wolfdog's as gently as possible. Although he couldn't speak, Shuichi could tell what he was trying to say in his eyes. It was a look that said 'I'm glad to see you'. And it was the same way Shuichi felt. He snuggled against the wolfdog and gave him a tiny lick on the nose. They were together once again.

The days had passed and Yuki was back to his old self. The human wanted to keep the two of them with him to make sure nothing else happened to them, but he knew that they would be ok on their own. And so, he let them go back to the forest. Side by side, the little beige kitten and the big white wolfdog walked deep into the forest; the place where they belonged together.

The End