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Chapter 1: The Challenge!

"And so, we shall select a new leader based upon a challenge to all the current members and newcomers," Pein read off a sheet.

Pein was set to graduate the following year, so now they needed to select a new leader to take over when that time comes. No one in the group could decide by a vote (because they all voted for themselves), so they came up with a contest of sorts.

"So wait, the whole contest is to see how many girls we can get to sleep with us before the new school year? That sounds boring, hm." The blonde played with clay, molding it into little animals.

"What if I don't want to sleep with the girl? Do blowjobs count?" Hidan spoke up near the back.

"Yes, they can count."

"What if a girl sleeps with more than one of us?" Kakazu peered at the current leader with eerie eyes.

"It counts as well, but only as a half of a point to the second one she sleeps wish."

Snickers about the room; sloppy seconds.

The current members were Hidan, Kakazu, Zetsu, Tobi, Deidara, Sasori, Kisame and Itachi. The newcomers were Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke leaned his chair back and propped his feet on the desk, displaying a cool devil-may-care attitude. Regardless of being a newbie, he was not going to lose to his brother, his blood boiled at the thought.

"No fair, Itachi and Sasuke are good-looking and have their own fanclub; they will be the only real two contenders." Deidara finish molding the clay animal, went over to the window and chucked it out.

A resounding boom followed by smoke and screaming made the blonde male grin with satisfaction.

"Hey!" A group of girls were yelling at pointing at him.

"Ah, gomen!" He didn't sound sorry.

Shutting the window (which they were on the fifth floor), he crossed his arms. All the members were decked out in a dark suit (going against school rules), with a red cloud on both sleeves and one the back. Itachi of course replaced the cloud on the back with the Uchiha clan symbol, in which Sasuke followed suit.

"Then Deidara, you and everyone else will just have to try harder." Pein answered him after the little bomb incident.

"Ne, what if we don't want to be leader?" Naruto scratched the back of his head and looked carefree.

"Then there is no need to participate." Pein rubbed one of his facial piercings and turned to his long time girlfriend, Konan.

Unbeknownst to most of the group, this contest was held before and Pein won the leadership. During the sexual escapades to win the spot, he came across Konan and fell in love. She didn't agree with this contest, but if it didn't happen, she would have never met and fallen in love with Pein. She bit her lip gently, she knew many broken hearts would come out of this.

"Come my love," Pein gathered her close and eyed everyone with a glare, "Don't you guys have classes to go too?"

With a bunch of Tch's and grunts, everyone filed out.

"Will you be okay Sakura-san?" The gentle Hinata asked while the limo was driving them to school.

Sakura nodded, her mouth dry.

"I'm so glad you'll be staying with us! Our family just moved here too, it's my first day as well." Hinata fidgeted with her bow tie.

"We'll be fine Hinata-chan," Sakura pushed up her glasses as a nervous gesture.

Haruno Sakura, age 16, breasts: nonexistent, butt: flat as a board, forehead: huge. Instead of making herself look pretty and being a girl, she stuck her nose in books and became one of the top students in the country. Sakura's mother recently died and her father was a businessman who was always away from home. He decided it was best to place her in the care of his business partner, knowing she'd have another girl her age to bond with and make a friendship.

Sakura was envious of Hinata's generous bust even at their young age, she also had silky smooth hair and a china doll face. Sliding down in the comfy seat more she despaired.

I'll never be one of those pretty girls... this is as good as I'm going to look.... Sakura patted her hair, trying in vain to get the frizz to stop poking out in odd places.

"Ah! We are here!" Hinata spoke excitedly and waited for the driver to open the door.

"Ready Sakura-san?" Her soft voice broke Sakura's train of thought.

"Yes." No.

"I hope you give both girls a warm welcome," Kakashi started to call them in.

Hinata came in first, which she received catcalls and sly comments. She blushed and looked down, not knowing how to deal with it. Finding her seat, she settled down and looked to the people sitting beside her. A handsome face, nice grin, and piercing blue eyes greeted her.

"Hi, I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" All Naruto could think of was how beautiful this new student was and how he could get closer to her.

"H-hinata H-hyuga." He grabbed her hands with his and shook them.

His hands are so warm.... Hinata turned a cherry tomato red, and promptly collapsed head first onto the desk.

"Ehh? Hinata-chan?" Naruto said worriedly.

"Naruto, are you harassing the new student already?" Kakashi asked, sighing.

"No! She just fainted."

A round of chuckles echoed about the room.

"And for the other student," Kakashi's lazy eye went to the door, "Please come in."

Sakura nervously stepped into the room, a hushed silence followed.

"Sit next to..." Kakashi scanned for an empty desk, "Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke raise your hand."

A dark haired boy raised his hand in boredom.

Sakura quickly made her way over and sat down.

Whispers started up,

"That ugly wench, sitting next to our Sasuke-kun..." (from fangirls)

"They call that a girl?" (from a male)

Sakura flushed an ugly purple color, she wished she could disappear.

Sneaking a glance to the boy that sat next to her, she scanned his form. My was he handsome! It took all of Sakura's willpower not to gape and orgasm in awe. Silky dark bangs (with a slight blue tint), veiled him from her; he never once stole a peek. Sakura's green eyes fell to her hands in her lap.

Of course he wouldn't look at me... I wouldn't even look at me...

Sakura fought the tears back.

"Now class today we will be talking about-"

Kakashi started to drone.

A wadded ball fell onto Sasuke's desk, Sakura followed it with her eyes. He opened it, smirked, and wrote a reply. Making sure Kakashi wasn't looking, he tossed it back to a blonde haired guy. This continued through out the class period. Sakura tried not to be too distracted by the paper that was flying back and forth. With a sinking feeling in her gut, she thought it was about her, in which she was right.

As the bell rang to go to the next class, she saw the ball of paper drop from Naruto's desk. Now was her chance! Hoping no one else would see the balled up note, she waited until the class emptied. Cautiously coming over, she leaned down to grab the note when someone behind her spoke up.

"What are you doing?" Sasuke spoke in an almost biting term.

"I-I was just cleaning up." Sakura picked up the balled wad.

"We have certain people assigned to clean up the classroom, it's not your turn yet," Sasuke held out his hand, "give me the paper."

He wasn't asking, but demanding.

"Why should I?" Sakura answered, anger rising up within her.

"It's really not your business is it?" Sasuke went to grab the balled up paper from her hand, but she dodged.

"For the last time, give me the paper!" Sasuke lunged, Sakura let out a squeal. They landed against the window, pressed up against each other. Sakura cracked open one eyelid to see the handsome boy glaring murderously at her, she whimpered.

Peeling the ball from her fingers, he stashed it in his pocket.

"Hn." He turned away and left the classroom.

Sakura finally found the ability to breathe again.

During lunch, Sakura found a secluded place to eat in peace. The bench was hard and bit into her back a bit, but the shade was nice as well as the pleasant breeze.

Sadly, her peaceful world didn't last very long.

"So we got some new students, hmm?" She could hear a male voice come from behind the building.

"Yeah, two girls."

It was Naruto's voice!

Sakura placed down her bento and crept closer.

"Hinata-chan is really pretty." Naruto again.

"Does that mean she's off limits to us?" A voice filled with amusement.

"Hell yes, she's going to be my girl." Naruto kicked a can.

"What about the other girl, hmm?"

"She's--...eer..." Naruto was at a loss for words.

"A total geek, I doubt she can see anything past her coke bottle glasses, she is as flat as a board on both sides, and her hair is a mess. If anyone tried to do anything sexual with her, it would be akin to humping concrete." It was Sasuke's voice.

Sakura's heart stung, how could he say those awful things?

"Come now little brother, don't put someone down when you don't know them or give them a chance." There was a silky smooth dark tenor voice that entered her ears.

"Che, if I had to fuck her, she'd be last on my list," Sasuke tapped on a cigarette packet. Slipping one slender cigarette out, he lighted it and took a deep puff.

The smoke snaked around the building and filled her nostrils.



All the members turned to the source of the sound.

"Who's there?" Hidan yelled out.

Sakura pushed off from the building wall and ran as fast as she could away, even forgetting her own lunch.

"Hmm we have a little spy," Deidara could only see the trail of smoke left in Sakura's wake.

"Did you get a look at the spy?" Hidan asked.

"No, but who ever it was left their lunch." Deidara picked up the bento and drooled.

"It smells ok," He took a tentative bite.

"So good!" Deidara helped himself to another mouthful.

"Hey! We want to try some too." Kakuzu, greedy by his nature, tried to steal the food.

And thus, the members of the gang called Akatsuki fought over Sakura's lunch.

Sakura's stomach rumbled unhappily, but she ignored it. She ignored everything except for the pain in her heart. Not only did she take a liking to this mysterious dark Uchiha Sasuke, she wanted to be with him more than anything.

I'm such a stupid girl...

A tear slipped down her cheek.

"Sakura-san!" Hinata came running up with a smile, "Ready to go home?"


End Chapter