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Summary: Naruto pushed to the edge by the all the hate directed at him has a mental breakdown. Forced to survive, Dark Naruto comforts and befriends him. They have a talk with the Nine-Tails who becomes his mentor. Now beware Konoha. A real monster has replaced the monster they all thought was the old Naruto and he's out for revenge. A darker Naruto emerges who is cold, emotionless, and vicious to those who hurt him or are against him. The perfect killing machine and ultimate weapon held together by the Nine-Tails' sympathetic to her container. All will fear the Demon of Konohagakure, the hatred will give birth to fear as the go happy ignorant blond idiot will disappeared and a powerful shinobi and jinchūriki will take his place...a smarter and darker Naruto.

The Ultimate Jinchūriki

Chapter 1: The New Naruto Emerges!

A lonely boy was walking down the streets of Konohagakure no Sato. The villagers and some shinobi alike that lost their loved ones in the fight against the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox eight years ago glared at him or whispering about him. The boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki, the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails. He has spiky blond hair, blue eyes, whisker marks on his face, and fair skin. He wore a blue shirt under a sleeveless hooded orange jacket with a red whirlpool spiral on the back, green cargo pants, and blue ninja sandals.

He has does not understand why the villagers and ninja hated him so much and treat him like dirt. He never did anything to them so why are they doing this to him. He has no family for they died the day he was born. He has no friends since many of the children's parents told them to stay away from him. All they will tell them is he is nothing but trouble and a freak. No one wanted him around or cared about him except the Third Hokage, but he does not do much for him, Ayame, and Teuchi-jiji from the Ichiraku Ramen Bar. Some of the villagers would beat him or chase him off, but mostly everyone would just ignore him. He still remembers what the villagers and ninja whisper behind his back or said to him.

"I told you not to talk to that boy!"

"Let's go."

"Oh, there! That's him..."

"Go away!"

"Monster! Monster! Monster...!"

Naruto slowly lifted his face up, revealing sadness and hurt in his eyes as he stared up at the sky, and watched the clouds as he remembered what happened earlier.


Naruto was walking home from the Ninja Academy after classes have ended when he saw a group of some kids around his age playing the park. He walks over to them.

"Hey guys?" He asked.

The kids then stopped playing and looked over to him, staring at him with distrust, disgust, and fear.

"Oh, it's you. Well, what do you want, you freak?" The oldest of the kids asked with hint of annoyance in his voice.

Naruto flinched that this before he lowered his head nervously and asked hoping they would befriend him, "Well, I…was wondering…if I could…play with you?"

The group of kids looked at one another in shook before they all burst out laughing. Naruto stood there stunned and horrified. Soon, tears started to well up in his eyes and a few ran down his face.

"Oh, that's hilarious! Did you hear that boys! The freak wants to play with us!" The older kid said to his friends causing them to laugh harder.

Tears streamed down Naruto's face more and started to make wet spots on the ground. He asked if he could play with them and they spit and laugh in his face. Naruto quickly turned and walked away, sobbing silently not wanting them to see him like this.

Walking down the path, he saw Sasuke Uchiha sit alone at the edge of the dock. He stopped for a moment and stared at him with a sad look. Sasuke soon senses him and turns his face towards him with a look with a scowl. Naruto then glares back at him and was unable to stop the tears from running down his face again. He turns his face away and walks on. Sasuke, shocked by this watches him walk away, but frowned and stared back sadly out to the lake again.

(End of Flashback)

As Naruto's saddened face looks up, he sees the girl of his crush, Sakura Haruno, the smartest and prettiest girl in the Academy walking down the street. She has bright pink hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She wore a short red qipao dress with white circular designs with a black band around her waist, baggy dark red shorts, a red ribbon that held her hair in place, and blue sandals. A ring of hope appears inside Naruto's heart as he then races over to her believing she may give him some company and return his affection.

"Hey, what's up Sakura-chan?"

Sakura looks and scowls at him as he stops in front of her. She was looking for Sasuke after class but he just disappeared. She was hoping she could hang out with him to get to know him better.

"What do you want Naruto," She asked with annoyance in her voice as her emerald green eyes stared at him, annoyed.

"Well, I was wondering if we could hang out with each other and get to know each other," Naruto said with nervousness in his voice. He did not feel like telling her the real reason why he wants to hang out with her.

"Why should I hang out with you?" She replied angrily.

"Well…we're in the same class, so…" Naruto said with a grin.

"You're…annoying," She said with utter hatred.

Naruto stood there stunned. He is…annoying? How is he annoying? He just wanted some company. Sakura turned to leave but Naruto reached out and gently grabbed her arm.

"W-Wait Sakura-chan, how am I annoying?"

A tic mark appeared on her large forehead as she swung around, breaking his grip and slugged him in the face, causing him to fall on his buttock. Many of the commuters stopped to watch the scene unfold.

"Because all you do is bug me! You seem quite at home interfering and enjoying it when I make mistakes! You don't understand one thing about me…! You just annoy me!" Sakura said with angry and sadness.

Shock and stunned from her words, Naruto sat there nursing his wounded cheek.

"B-but that is not true. I don't enjoy making you feel bad… I just…"

"Yes you do! I am only interested in Sasuke-kun and you keep trying to hang out with me and turn my interest away from him!" Sakura shouted with fury and hurt in her eyes.

Naruto's face saddens and lowers his gaze in defeat, as he was unable to counter everything she just said. She turned to leave and started walking away when she stopped midway, turned her head to him, and said with a smirk, "Oh and by the way… Okāsan is right. You are just a freak, a monster."

Excruciating pain filled Naruto's chest as he stared at her with horror-filled eyes. Time seemed to move in slow motion for Naruto as Sakura turned and walked away. Naruto just sat there devastated and broken as Sakura had just crushed his heart and his will.

A female villager asked another, "Is he the one?" and the other replied. "Yeah, he is." The villages that were watching smirked and soon started laughing. Some of the villages muttered things like, "Ha! Serve him right!", "You got that right!", or "Ha ha! A freak like you will never have friends!" Hearing the villager's laughter and whispering, Naruto sheds tears as he silently sobbed his heart out as Sakura's words replayed in his mind and villager's words were adding more to the fire. He dropped to his knees and his hands slowly clawed at the dirt as he sobbed.


Naruto continued to sob until he heard the sound of dripping water. He looked up and suddenly found himself in a concrete hallway with many corridors and cables running along the ceiling and water up to his ankles. Both ends of the endless hallway were dark and shadowed. Sniffling, he slowly got to his feet and looked around before heard a loud growling noise which startled him.


He started looking for the source of the growling, which was coming from a hallway behind him. He then finds the corridor and walks down it. The room was dark with blight light at the end of the hall.

Naruto slowly walked over to the room and the growling grew louder. He then entered to find it to be very large with a gate at the end of the room. On the door to the cage, there is a tag on it with the words "Seal" in Kanji. Where… where am I…?

Naruto then saw a pair of red eyes opened and mouth of white teeth appear behind the bars. The eyes were deep red and the pupils were slitted. Naruto flinch at the sight of the creature, shaking in fear. I-It's huge… What is it?

"Hey kid, come closer!" the creature said with a deep feminine voice.

Naruto slowly approached the bars only jump away with a yell of fright when claws lashed out to hurt him only to be stopped by the bars of the gate.

"I want to eat and kill you, but this gate won't open…," said the creature before narrowing its eyes in annoyance. "Damn fūinjutsu…"

Naruto on his knees stared up at the beast in awe and fright as he realized what this creature is. "Y-You are… the Nine-Tails!"

The Nine-Tails stared intensely at Naruto and said, "For you to approach me… What business brought you here?"

He slowly got up and stared at it in awe. How is the Nine-Tails able to be here? Then again, where is here? "But, the Fourth Hokage defeated you. How are you even here?

The demon fox let out a bellowing laugh before answering. "That is because you are in your subconscious kid, your mind. Your Fourth Hokage sealed me inside you moments after you were born, making you my new jinchūriki. If I ever meet that cursed man again, I'll tear him to pieces for sealing me into a kid like you."

That is when he suddenly realized something about the Nine-Tails. Its voice sounded feminine to him. Which would mean...? His eyes suddenly widened at the assumption.

"Wait… You're a girl?" Naruto asked in shock.

The Nine-Tails leaned in closer to Naruto, showing her whole face and asked deadpanned, "Do you have a problem with that?"

Naruto paled at the intense stare and the look on her face, which said, "Say something stupid and you're dead," and shock his head rapidly.

"That's what I thought," The Nine-Tails said with a smirk on her face before pulled her head back. "Now, as I was saying earlier, what business brought you before me?"

"I-I don't know myself. I feel so lost. I do not know how go on anymore," Naruto whimpered as he garbed his head in depression. "First I tried to make friends again and got laughed at! Then I tried to get Sakura-chan to be my friend and she hits me and calls me a monster! And then the villagers started laughing and making fun of me!"

The Nine-Tails stared lessened as her anger for Konoha started to build more. For her host to be in this state, the villagers must have really done a number on him. This was getting interesting to her. She will need to do something about this because the last thing she needs, is her host trying to injure or kill himself.

"I have watched you since you were born, Naruto. I know you have lived a depressing life. This pathetic village puts all its hatred on you for something that you do not even know about. All humans are all the same. Yet, you dreamed that one day; everyone would acknowledge your existence and respect you, even aiming to become their leader to do it. But now, you questioning if that dream maybe impossible after you're crushed by the one you naively cared the most about. The one called Sakura?"

Tears started to fall from his eyes and drip into the water at his feet. He started absorbing everything she just said and staring down with a saddened look. He knew what she was saying was true. He does not know why the whole village except the Third Hokage, Teuchi-jiji, and his daughter Ayame hated him. He hoped that one day he would become Hokage, so that everyone can acknowledge him. Now, after what Sakura did and how the villagers treated him, he knew that those dreams were just that, a dream. And after learning about the Nine-Tails inside him, it all started to make sense to him about everything that has happened to him.

"So… that's why they all hate me. They all think that I am a beast…some kind of freak. But, they are wrong! I'm not you Nine-Tails!" He said with angry in his voice as he narrowed his eyes and his hands tighten into fists.

"Yes… You're right," a new voice said surprising Naruto. "And we'll make them pay for what they've done to us!"

Naruto turned to see a shadowed figure at the doorway. The figure then walking towards them as the light revealed the figure to be, stunningly, another Naruto. The only difference is that his eyes had a red iris with black sclera.

The Nine-Tails widen her eyes in shock upon his appearance. "You're…"

"…Who are you?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow.

The other Naruto chuckled for a moment before said with an evil smile, "I'm you, the true you. I am the darkness that lies at the bottom of your heart, the pain and hatred that you have been bottling up inside. I am your darkness."

Naruto's eyes widen in surprise. He cannot believe what he is hearing. This Naruto is the darkness that lies deep within his own heart. Does everyone have a dark version of himself or herself? "My–My darkness…?"

"Well… This is interesting," The Nine-Tails smiled at toothy grin with some chuckles as Naruto turned to her with a look of confusion.

Seeing the look, the Nine-Tails decide to explain it for him, "For him to appear before us, you must have had a truly devastating and traumatizing event, kid. Otherwise, you would have to go to a very sacred place for you to see your darkness."

Naruto turned his gaze from the Nine-Tails to Dark Naruto. He then asked in a disheartened and nervous voice, "What do you want? Why are you here?"

Dark Naruto smiled kindly, "Well, to help you for one."

Naruto gasped and stared up at him, "T-To help me?"

Dark Naruto nodded and stared at the Nine-Tails, "Well, not only me. I was planning to convince Nine-Tails here be your sensei."

Naruto blinked for a moment then stared at the Nine-Tails who sighed deeply with a slight nod then asked Dark Naruto, "Really? You're doing that for me?"

"Um-hum," Dark Naruto stated. "That's right."

Naruto then looked away and looked to the floor in shame.

"But, why…? Why are you doing this for me?" Naruto asked.

Dark Naruto chuckled and turned to Naruto, "Well, simply because I want us to get back at those villagers and Sakura. Besides, the Nine-Tails was the one who discovered me. She likes me and wants us to help her get revenge on a certain man."

Naruto turned to him and asked confused, "Who?"

"I'm not sure, but he proclaims to be Madara Uchiha himself," Dark Naruto stated narrowing his eyes.

Naruto blinked, "Who's that?"

"He's the founder of the Konoha's Uchiha clan. Unfortunately, the Madara, I knew, is dead. This man is the one who released me from my previous host and forced me to attack Konoha by controlling me with his cursed Sharingan!" The Nine-Tails said with raging flames in her eyes.

Naruto gasped and asked, "Really? You were forced to attack Konoha?"

"Yes, unfortunately," The Nine-Tails said sadly with nod before her face filled with anger, "The Fourth Hokage was able to free me from his control, but the Konoha-nin kept attacking me. Fueling my hatred by this, they left me no choice but to kill any who dared to approach me. I was just about to finish them off when the Fourth pinned me with a toad summon before teleported me elsewhere."

The Nine-Tails' eyes then darkened dangerously, "Then he used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal my Yin chakra within the Shinigami, before imprisoning me, along with my Yang chakra, within you using the Eight Trigrams Seal!"

She then slammed left fist into the wall beside her out of utter hatred and fury for the Fourth. A look of hurt, anger, and frustration appeared on her face appeared on her face as she moved her hand away for the wall.

"Neither of you know what it's like to be controlled against your will and get sealed away to be used as a weapon or to be keep locked up out of fear of your power. In addition, just when you are trying to escape for some freedom, someone takes control over you again, then get freed from his control, only to be sealed away once again. All you damn humans are alike in every way. You only wish to enslave us tailed beasts and use our power for your own purposes regardless of our own feelings," The Nine-Tails muttered to the two before lying down with her head resting on her crossed arms without sparing them a glance.

"Now Naruto…" Dark Naruto said turning to Naruto who gave him his full attention, "Do you want all the pain, loneliness, and hatred to go away? Do you want revenge on those villagers that shunned and hatred you up till now?"

Naruto with tears in his eyes nodded and said weakly, "Y-yes… But, what should I do?"

"That's simple. Embrace your hatred and your anger and all the pain will go away," said Dark Naruto.

Naruto then embraced Dark Naruto and sobbed. Dark Naruto rubbed his back with a gentle smile, "I'm here for you. I am the only one who understands you. We both suffered and I am going to help you stop it."

Naruto stopped crying and rubbed his tears away before looking at him, "Thank you."

Naruto then turned to the Nine-Tails and said, "Nine-Tails, I know I don't have any right to ask you of this. However, we both have been wronged and treated like things we are not. I hope to gain your trust and someday get back at that man who caused all this to happen. So will you please give me some of your chakra when I need it?"

The Nine-Tails stared into Naruto's eyes for a moment before she smiled sincerely and sat up straight, "Humph! You really are unique human, Naruto. Very well then, I will hold you to that promise. However, you have a long way to go before you completely gain my trust. For now, I will give some of my chakra. I will let you know in a few days time when I can begin your training, my little jinchūriki. Oh and one more thing, try not kill any of the villagers yet. As much as I love you to, now is not the time to draw too much attention."

Naruto was left awestruck. The Nine-Tails give a real kind smile and was being nice. This brought a smile to Naruto's face too.

"Thank you Nine-Tails," Naruto said with a humble bow.

Naruto turned back to Dark Naruto and noticed he was vanishing, "W-Where you going?"

"We will meet again someday. Until then, I bid you farewell, Niichan. Become stronger. And don't forget, I will always be with you," Dark Naruto as his body faded away and retreated to the dark corners of his mind.

(End of Mindscape)

Naruto's sob stopped as he returned from his subconscious. His face formed a frown as he heard the villagers' continuing laughter. He raised his head up and glared at the crowd of villagers' that had gathered.

"Shut up!" Naruto growled lowly but was deep enough for everyone to hear.

The villagers stopped laughing and stared at him. They then laughed a new. They thought it was funny that the brat who was crying a moment ago is now telling them to stop.

"Then why don't you leave!" "Yeah! You don't belong in this village!" "Get lost!" "No one will ever respect someone like you!" "Get lost!" "Get lost!" "Get lost!"

Naruto narrowed his eyes in anger as they chanted, "Get lost! Get lost! Get lost!" repeatedly. He slowly lowered his head as he was grunting with building rage. His hair shadowed over most of his upper face but if you were to look at him carefully, you could his appearance was changing. Although his eyes are closed, his pupils were slitted and his irises that used to be cerulean blue have changed to blood red. He had black rings around his berserk-looking eyes. His nails and canine teeth grow longer and sharper and his blond hair will grow longer and spikier, as it stands on end. The whisker marks on Naruto's face have also widened and thicken, adding to his feral appearance.

"Get lost!" "Get lost!" "Get lost!" "Get lost!" "Get lost and disappear!"

Having enough, Naruto raised his fists to his lowered head as he shock it sided-to-side in rage and annoyance. He then raised his arms up before thrusting it down as he snap his head up and eyes open and shouted in utter fury, "Shut the hell up!"

The villagers stopped taunting and stared at him and his new appearance. Soon, a sound of boiling water could be heard as bubbles of red chakra formed around parts of his body. Naruto soon got on all fours as the chakra enveloped him in a bubbling chakra-construct. The chakra then formed two long pointy ears on top of his head and a single long tail behind him, giving him the appearance of a one-tailed fox.

The villagers that were watching stared in horror as they realized what was happening. Naruto turned to them and growled menacingly at them with killer intent. His single tail whooshed back and forward as he glared at the villagers with fury in his eyes, "I've had enough of you people! I'm tired of you putting all of you hatred on me!"

All of the villagers' faces paled and filled with horror as they slowly backed away from him. Naruto then stood up and shouted, creating at gust of wind that blew away from him, "You will all pay for the pain that you made me suffer through all this time! I am Naruto Uzumaki, not the Nine-Tails dattebayo! REMEMBER THAT!"

With that said and the gust dying down, Naruto yelled and launched a chakra arm at the villagers, which grew to sixteen causing them to scream in horror and flee for their lives. Unfortunately, that did not get some very far as Naruto's sixteen chakra arms caught sixteen of the villagers and started pulling them back towards him to beat them an inch of their lives.

Some chūnin and jōnin that where nearby felt the chakra spike went to investigate the source of it. When they arrived and saw what Naruto was going to do to the villagers, they tried to move in and intervene. That in itself, was a mistake as they were swatted away by a chakra arm that he launched from his free arm. As no one seemed to be left to stop him now, he dragged the villagers the rest of the way back to him. They screamed and cried for mercy as he started to slug and beat them senselessly and indiscriminately, men and women. It didn't matter to him as all of them as they where the reason for his suffering.

In a short while, all the villagers he caught and the chūnin and jōnin that attacked him were lying on the ground moaning and groaning in agony. They were all bruised up and suffered intense chakra burns from the Nine-Tails' chakra. One jōnin lay on the ground dead after he tried stabbed Naruto from behind with a sword. He saw it coming from the corner of his eye and dodged it effortlessly. Seeing that he missed, the man tried to slash him, but the strike was parred by Naruto's chakra tail. Naruto then blasted him away with a chakra roar into a building wall. Ironically, he was killed by his own sword, which the jōnin released from the shock wave. It impaled the wall of a building behind him that he was blown into which driven itself through his chest, straight into his heart.

Naruto then stood up from his last victim, panting with tears of anger and sadness. Naruto pulled his head back and yelled in anger mixed with pain blended with the roar of the Nine-Tails. Naruto's demon fox shroud started to lose shape as he turned to leave when he froze at the sound of something that fell and hit the ground with a "clang" and someone gasped in fear. The chakra shroud quickly regains form as Naruto snarled in surprised, looking down the alley to his right seeing a small shadowed figure. He then leaped at the figure with a yell, knocking down the figure who shrieked in fright. When he was able to see who it was, he froze with his fist in mid-swing.

It was the shy girl from his class, the heiress to the Hyūga clan, Hinata Hyūga. She has dark blue hair, fair skin, and white eyes, with a tinge of lavender. Her hair was in a short, hime-cut style, with chin-length strands framing her face. She wore a tan hooded jacket over a purple T-shirt, black pants, and blue sandals. She trembled from shock and fright with a hint of curiosity. He sensed the fear in her immediately. Not from just his appearance, but from what he did and what he was about to do to her. She never shunned him or treated him like the plague like most of the villagers and children did.

"N-Naruto-kun?" She whimpered in nervousness and slight fear as she stared into his widened slitted crimson eyes. She was afraid of what want he was going to do now until his face changed from a look of rage to horror.

Naruto stared at her in shock, and then to the fist he was going to use to punch her, and back to her. He slowly calmed down causing the demon fox shroud to dissipate, but the feral appearance remained. He lowered his head in shame, shadowing his upper face as he lowered his fist to ground. Seeing this caused Hinata to look back to him with a questionable look.

"Hinata… I'm sorry," he choked out as a few tears landed on Hinata's face.

Hinata gasped in shock at the tears before noticing the pained and regretful expression on his lower face. Before she could say anything, Naruto slowly rose up off her, walked out of the alley, and started to walk away.

"Naruto!" a voice suddenly called out to him.

He stopped and glanced behind him a little to see the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi arriving on the scene. He sensed the demonic chakra a moment ago and decided to investigate it behind him and two Anbu who stood beside the Kage ready to fight if the need arise. He also noticed Hinata who had gotten to her feet hiding against the wall of the building in the alley and continued to stare at him in shock.

The Hokage looked around and stared at the scenery all around him. There were many people severely beaten and burned with a one dead. He knew something bad happened as he stared at Naruto with disbelief. He knew Naruto had done this from what he saw earlier through his viewing orb and decided to find why it happened.

"What happened here Naruto? This is not like you. You never have been like this before. What happen to the go happy, carefree boy who wanted to be Hokage one day?" Hiruzen asked in a serious, but shocked voice.

Naruto turned half way, tilted his head back a little, and stared at him with a cold, emotionless expression before saying with a cold, but pained monotone voice, "He's gone, Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen's eyes widen in shock at Naruto. He was never formal and had that tone of voice. Not only was that different, his cerulean blue eyes that were happy and full of life are gone. Now they were blood red with slitted pupils that were cold and hurt, filled with loneliness, pain, and hatred.

"I am the new "Naruto." I am no longer going to take shit from the villagers or its shinobi or be the go happy, ignorant blond-haired idiot that people can frown or spit on, too. That Naruto died moments ago," Naruto said with a hint of anger and hurt.

Hinata gasped and looked down to the ground sadly, remembering what she saw Sakura said and did to him. She understood what he was feeling right now, as she stared back at him as he continued.

"I won't hesitate to kill if I need to. These people here should be considering themselves lucky that this was all I did to them. Next time, they won't be so lucky and I won't be so merciful. I have had enough of all that I can take with this village. The village has never wanted me around and has not treated me with kindness therefore; I will not do anything for it anymore. I will remain loyal to only you, the Hokage, even if I don't trust you as much as I used to anymore, but nobody else as of now."

"W-What happened to you Naruto? Who did this to you?" Hiruzen asked in shock and disbelief as he stared the new and darker version of the idiotic, spiky, blond-haired boy he knew and loved like another grandson.

Naruto sighed, his feral appearance now faded away to be replaced with a look of hurt and anger. He turned his face to Hinata for a moment before looking away quickly and said, "If you really what to know, ask Hinata. She saw the whole thing so she can fill you in on everything that had happened here. If that is not enough, then go ask Sakura Haruno. I am sure she will tell you what happened, even if hers is slightly different. As for me, I have had enough for the day. I am going home. See you around old man."

With that, the spiky blond-haired boy started walking away towards his apartment. Hinata then came out from the alley and stopped at the side of the street before cried out, "Naruto-kun wait! Come back!"

However, the cry felled on deaf ears as he continued on walking without even a glance. This left all of those that weren't there when the massacre happened to wonder what happened to him and if the old Naruto was really gone for good.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It was a story challenge by Marutectz552 for a dark Naruto fan fiction. I will now finish working on the next chapters from my other stories, including a new story, Jinchūriki Unleashed. After that, I will write the next chapter. Until then, ja na!


Anbu, short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai – Special Assassination and Tactical Squad

Chūnin – Middle Ninja

Fūinjutsu – Sealing Technique

Hokage – Fire Shadow

Jiji – Old Man

Jinchūriki – Power of Human Sacrifice

Jōnin – High Ninja

Konoha – Leaf

Konoha-nin – Leaf Ninja

Konohagakure no Sato – Village Hidden in the Leaves

Niichan – Casual way of saying "Big Brother" or also "a young gentleman," expresses a higher level of closeness or reverence, respectively

Okāsan – Formal way of saying "Mother," expresses a higher level of closeness or reverence, respectively

Sharingan – Copy Wheel Eye

Shinigami – Death God

Shinobi – Another word for Ninja