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Chapter 5: Truth Revealed and the Sunny Miracle!


Naruto sat in front of the Nine-Tails cell with his head resting in between his knees covered by his arms, crying quietly. He had the scene of Hinata being killing right in front playing repeatedly in his head. Why…? Why did it have to play out like this? He thought to himself. Why did she have to die for me?

The Nine-Tails was about to said something to her devastated Jinchūriki when a figure she never wanted to see for a couple of years walked in. She recognized the man that walked in as the person that freed her and forced her to attack Konoha, which led to her imprisonment in her former host's offspring.

"YOU!" She growled with fury that caused Naruto to snap back into reality. "Naruto, mourn later. WE have an uninvited guest."

Naruto slowly looked the fox then turned around as he stood up. In front of them was a man that bore long, spiky shoulder-length black hair with a blue tint. On his face, he wore an orange mask with a flame pattern across it and an eyehole on the left side.

"Hello Naruto Uzumaki. You can call me Tobi," The man said as he looked from Naruto to the Nine-Tails then back, "I see the Nine-Tails has taken a liking to you. Don't get used to it brat, as she IS mine and I WILL reclaim what was taken from me by your father."

The demon fox snarled at him and let out a roar with a tail slamming against the bars of the cell before yelling angrily, "WHY YOU ARROGANT LITTLE BASTARD, IF I WASN'T LOCKED BEHIND THIS GATE, I WOULD BE MARCHING OVER THERE AND RIPPING YOU TO PIECES! As much as I hate the Fourth for sealing me again, in a child no less, you are on the top of my list of people I loathe with a passion, second to Madara Uchiha!"

Naruto was in shock. Tobi said that his father sealed the Nine-Tails inside of him and the Nine-Tails confirmed it by say the Fourth. The Fourth Hokage… is my father.

Looking to the Nine-Tails, Naruto asked, "Is it true? The Fourth Hokage is my father and he was the one who sealed you inside me?"

The Nine-Tails looked back at Naruto with a stern look, which softened before she said with a sigh, "Yes Naruto. He is your father. You are the son of Konoha's Yellow Flash and also the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze and the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero, Kushina Uzumaki, my former jinchūriki."

At first, he was astonished, but was then filled with happiness and started to cry tears of joy. He was a little angry that his father caused him so much pain and suffering.

"We will meet again someday. And do not forget, I will be watching you Naruto. And the Nine-Tails will be mine again," Tobi stated as his body faded away and retreated from the boy's mind.

When Tobi left, Nine-Tails turned to Naruto and said, "By the way Naruto, my real name is Kurama, given to me by the Six Paths Sage. You can stop calling me Nine-Tails in front of me."

Naruto nodded sadly. Kurama saw this and said calmly, "Hey cheer up, brat. There is a possibility that Hinata might still be alive."

Naruto snapped his glance back at Kurama as she continued, "In the meantime, let's started your training for the time being."

Naruto's eyes widened before he smirked and nodded to that.

(End of Mindscape)

Tobi now existed Naruto's mind and noticed the gathering Konoha-nin and the Third Hokage himself. He now realized that he had overstayed his welcome. He originally didn't plan to return to Konoha after his failed attempt to capture the Nine-Tails and destroy Konoha so soon or expose himself as much as he did. However, when he heard about the recent events involving the new Nine-Tails jinchūriki from Zetsu, he thought that this could be another chance to capture the Nine-Tails and came to see it for himself. He had to admit this was worth coming out in the open. With the boy now, knowing truth of the Nine-Tails Attack on Konoha and the responsible for it, he will eventually come on seek him out. He turned his gaze back to Naruto and chuckled a bit.

"Well, it's been fun kid, but it's time for me to go. One day, we will return and take the Nine-Tails from you. See ya," He said as he raised his left hand and waved of his hand around his body, vanished from existence.

Naruto gaped in surprise as he vanished and leaped to the spot he once was, searching for him. Snaring out of frustration, he lowered his head with a sneer on his face before let of a roar of anger. Zetsu however remained where he was recording the whole fight.

Lowering his head, Naruto then sat down with his tails up in the air waving behind him, as he no longer had a reason to fight anymore. He squinted in anger and let lose another bellowing roar out to the village. The shockwave it created shock the surrounding area.

Hiruzen knew he had to do something about Naruto but the question is what. In this state, he would most likely behave just like the Nine-Tails, attacking anyone or anything he considers a threat –– friend and foe alike. Hiruzen then noticed Sakura, Sasuke, and more importantly Nariko hiding next to a destroyed building. Shit! What in hell are they doing here in a time like this?

Just then, Sakura place her hand and the slightly damaged wall causing a small part of it the crash to the ground. Hiruzen cursed as Nine-Tails Naruto heard the crash and turned his head towards the source with a startled growl. He then spotted the trio and turned towards them with growl of malevolence.

By the time Nariko, Sakura, and Sasuke realized they are spotted: Naruto had vanished from their sights only to reappear before them then wrapping them with one tail each and slamming them into the wall. All three cried out in pain from the Nine-Tails chakra that was burning their skin. Naruto growled with exhilaration and started constricting them slowly and painfully.

"Naruto no!" The Hokage cried out as he raced towards them to try to intervene.

The Anbu at the scene launched shuriken and kunai at Naruto only for him to turn towards them and repelled them with a Tailed Beast Sonic Roar. Sasuke somehow managed to wiggle his arms free and went through a series of hand seals. He then inhaled a large amount of air and compressed it with chakra in his chest.

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!"

A training ball-size fireball was launched at Naruto who was knocked away by it and was very pissed about it. Naruto turned his gaze back towards Sasuke with annoyance and grabbed him with one of his tails, squeezing him harder and at a faster pace than he originally planned. Sasuke winced at the increasingly tightening squeeze. Naruto growled with a smirk.

"Let go of Sasuke-kun!" Sakura screamed as she and Nariko charged at the tailed beast in human form. Seeing this, Naruto swung a fist at her sending her crashing into rubble. However, Nariko dodged the tail which was meant for her and swung a punch at him, nailed him right in the face much to everyone's shock. Naruto cried out in pain from the unexpected punch which left no injury. Infuriated by this, Naruto tossed Sasuke aside and attacked Nariko with a chakra-enhanced punch to the face. Nariko cried out in pain and crashed into the remains of a wall of a building.

She was then punched in the abdomen caused her to cough up blood. Naruto then pinned her to it raised his arm along with the arm bones of the Nine-Tails connected to it and swung his fist at her. Nariko's eyes widen in complete terror as time slowed down as she watch arm coming at her.

She thought this was the end when she heard the creature pause with its fist inches from her face. It lowered it and looked at her closely, which caused the aging Hokage to stop along with everyone else. He studied her for a moment and said something at caused everyone who heard it to freeze with widened eyes.

"I-I...mō…to?" The deep voice of chakra-covered Naruto asked in a stutter of confusion and curiosity. This caused Nariko's eyes to widen in shock. Was this her brother in front of her?

Soon he heard someone call out along with everyone, which caused the aging Hokage to look.

"Wood Release Technique!"

Wooden beams shot out of the ground and started restraining Nine-Tails Naruto who was caught off guard and roared in surprise and confusion. Releasing a strained roar, Naruto was forced to release Nariko who was still in shock about what it said. This allowed Hiruzen and two Anbu to go in, retrieve the trio, and get them to safety.

Once they were a few yards away, the old Hokage and his Anbu released the children. Hiruzen breath out a sigh of relief that the children weren't harmed then turned to the Anbu who trying to keep Naruto restraint.

"You got here in the nick of time, Tenzō. Nice work," Hiruzen said with a thankful smile.

The man named Tenzō was standing at 5'10 in height and had short brown hair and black eyes, which were hidden by his mask. He wore the standard outfit of a member of the Anbu, with a sword strapped to his back and a cat's mask covered in green and red markings; however, he lacks the signature spiral tattoo of the Anbu on either one of his shoulders.

"Thanks Hokage-sama, but we have to do something about Naruto," Tenzō said in a strained voice with his hands in the Snake seal as Nine-Tails Naruto struggled to free himself from his bindings, "I can't hold him for long. Besides that, he's a threat to everyone around him due to the Nine-Tails influence."

"Understood. Try to hold him for as long as you can until we can think of something to help Naruto," Hiruzen ordered as he turned to the children behind him. It is bad enough that Nariko is here, but what are Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno doing here in a place like this?

"Alright, what are you children doing here? Do you know what kind of danger you put yourselves in?" Hiruzen asked in a serious tone as he scolded them. The trio lowered their gaze with guilt on their face except Sasuke who had a scowl on his face and gazed to his left.

Sakura then explained that they heard some villagers talking about the Nine-Tails followed the explosion they all felt and explained to him that they just wanted to see what happened. She then mentioned that they learned at Nariko was Naruto's twin sister and where looking for him, too believing he was the middle of all this.

Hiruzen sighed, as he did not expect all this to happen like this or so soon for that matter. He hoped that in a few years he would tell Naruto about Nariko who was is twin sister and Kushina his mother who is in a coma since the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha. However, with everything that has happened had forced his hand on the matter.

"But Hokage-sama, what is that creature?" Sakura with dirty and torn clothes asked pointing at unknowingly to them, Naruto who was in Nine-Tails Form Version 2. "It looks somewhat like… a demon fox. Is that… the Nine-Tails?"

With a sigh, Hiruzen looked back at Naruto restrained by Tenzō's Wood Release and said sadly, "Not quite. The creature you see in front of you is actually Naruto Uzumaki containing the Nine-Tails' power in humanoid form."

All three of the children stared at the Third Hokage then back at Naruto in stunned and horrified looks on their faces.

"That creature… is Niichan?" a distressed Nariko asked with shock and horror.

"But, how did he end up like this?" a shaking Sakura asked with tears in her eyes.

"That's what we want to know," a male's voice called out startling Nariko, Sakura, and Sasuke while Hiruzen looked behind them as more chūnin and jōnin-level shinobi arrived on the scene including his former teammates, Homura and Koharu, all in battle outfits like his. Hiruzen sighed with annoyance, as he knew another headache was coming. When Homura and Koharu saw Nine-Tails Naruto, they turned to Hiruzen with scowl on their faces from what has happened.

"Hiruzen, what is the meaning of this. You told us that you had Naruto under control," Koharu yelled at her former teammate as Homura continued for her, "You say you had assigned Hinata to watch over him and in case he was provoked, calm and control him along with Kakashi watching them both from afar. How could this have happened?"

"It happened because someone stopped me from interfering with the fight that broke out," a voice answered causing Hiruzen, Homura, and Koharu to turn to see Kakashi being supported by an Anbu. Homura and Koharu stared at him blinking.

"A Fight?" The two advisors both asked.

"Yes. Naruto was on his way here to study with Hinata when a mob attacked him," Hiashi spoke as he took his spot next to Hokage and looked back to the restrained Naruto.

"A mob was organized by that chūnin there," Hiashi said as he pointed to the unconscious Ruisu, lying on the ground.

Hiruzen, Homura, and Koharu looked at him and gasped in surprised before narrowing their eyes, "Ruisu Hasegawa."

Hiashi and Kakashi turned to trio and asked, "You know him?"

"Yes, he is a former jōnin, now chūnin-level shinobi that spoke out about Naruto and the Nine-Tails. For speaking out about the topic and almost beating the boy, his punishment was being demoted to chūnin. He is currently an Academy Instructor," Hiruzen stated in a low tone, "He lost his wife in the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha. Unable to handle the lost, he has been blaming Naruto for it and taking it out on him ever since. He just wouldn't let it go even after being demoted."

"Apparently, he created a mob made up of several villagers and chūnin who hated the Nine-Tails inside Naruto. They confronted and attacked him outside the gate. After severely beating him, they prepared to kill him to avenge their fallen friends and family from that night," Hiashi then turned to his daughter who was being healed, "That was when Hinata joined the fight and tried to save Naruto. She fought with all her strength but she was no match for them. Ruisu then stabbed her in the chest purposely missing her heart. Naruto, believing she was died, exploded into the demon fox shroud with four tails."

They all stared to the wounded Hinata. Many were shocked that she could cause this to happen to Naruto. Hinata, her classmates thought with sadness.

"So then, that was the trigger for his transformation," Homura stated.

Hiashi and Hiruzen nodded and turned back to the fight.

"Naruto then fought and killed some if not all but Ruisu. Naruto was about to kill him and half of the village with a blast of condensed chakra when I stepped in and repelled it away from the village. Then a masked man appeared behind him with a space-time ninjutsu."

"What? space-time ninjutsu?" The new Anbu, Kakashi, and Hiruzen's advisors yelled in shock along with confusion.

Hiashi nodded and continued. "Yes and upon seeing him, Naruto attacked him with ferocity, but was outmaneuvered and knock into a building. Anger even more, he grew two more tails and the skeleton of the Nine-Tails. After that, they have been battling it out. They both are evenly matched in strength and skill. The masked shinobi then noticed us and vanished after speaking a few words to Naruto."

They all stared at the struggling Nine-Tails Naruto who was currently trying to get out of Tenzō's wood bindings.

"Hiruzen, we must find a way to suppress the Nine-Tails' influence over the boy before he goes all the way," Koharu stated with seriousness.

Hiruzen sighed and spoke, "I know, but the question is how? Tenzō is not strong enough to suppress it like Hashirama-sama could."

Suddenly there was a spike in the Nine-Tails' chakra and Tenzō cried, "Damn it! I cannot hold him! He's breaking free!"

Everyone looked at Naruto in surprise. Another tail sprouted behind him, now giving him seven tails and the skeleton became complete with tailbones before it vanished into the chakra shroud, becoming barely visible from the outside. And to make matters worse, Naruto had grown in size. He was now as tall as the Nine-Tails was after the Fourth sealed half its chakra. He was now a giant shroud version of the Nine-Tails. (See Naruto's Seven-Tailed Transformation image from Narutopedia to get a better picture of what he looks like.) He was thrashing violently against the wood bindings, causing them to crack due to his increased size. After a few moments of struggling, Naruto roared at he broke free from Tenzō's Wood Release bindings. He then set his sights on Tenzō and with a roar, he send a clawed hand down at him. Hiruzen was prepared an Earth Release technique to stop him when a dark-blue blur that ran past them and everyone heard someone cry, "Hinata-sama!"

The blur stopped in front of Nine-Tails Naruto who paused, the claw on his index finger was inches from… Hinata's face. Hinata who was healed by the medic moments ago heard and saw what just happened. Despite the medic and a Hyūga's protest, Hinata raced in front of Tenzō and acted as a human shield to stop Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, stop please! Snap out of it! I am all right! You don't need to do this anymore!" Hinata cried with a brave face and hot tears running down her face.

Nine-Tails Naruto moved his hand away and moved his giant face down to her. He squinted at her for a moment with a low growl before his eyes widen in shock and disbelief as he stuttered, "H-Hinata…"

Those words made Hinata's heart gasped and smiled in happiness and everyone else to sigh with relief. She got through to him. She did the impossible and was able to bring him back to his senses. Even Homura and Koharu were now beginning to see why Hiruzen had choice Hinata to stay by his side.

The chakra and bones of the Nine-Tails began to evaporate from existence to the point that they can see that inside the giant fox shroud was Naruto still in Version 2 form. Slowly but surely, he returned to the Version 1 of the demon fox shroud and was dropping tails as one by one, they were withering away. Unknown to them, Ruisu awakened and saw what was happening. He believed this was his chance to eliminate the Nine-Tails finally. Jumping into action, he retrieved a sword from one of his fallen accomplices and changed at the two, hell bent on killing the demon fox. It was not until Nariko saw the man get up and charged at them, that she cried, "Niichan, look out!" alerting everyone on what was going on.

Naruto's eyes widen in shock before setting into a glare and asked Kurama telepathically, Kurama I need some of your chakra for a moment.

Naruto still in the Version 1 demon fox shroud with now two tails stabilized the shroud, narrowed his eyes with a growl, and eyed the charged Ruisu from the corner of his eyes before turning to face him. The two tails then wrapped around him his body transforming him into Version 2, creating a crater underneath him as he stood there in a slouched stance with his arms spread outward from his sides.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Naruto shouted before he roared as he leaped at Ruisu and appeared before him in a blink of an eye. Before he could react, Naruto ducked under him, kicking his into the air, appeared above him, clamped his hands together, and slammed him into the ruins of a building. Naruto then landed gracefully in a crouch.

"You just couldn't stay down, could you?" Naruto asked with fury as he dropped to a crouch and growled with a smirk. Go for it Naruto, Kurama said to him with a grin.

Naruto then sat, raised his back up so it was diagonal to the sky, and raised his head with his two tails above it. From the tails came out orbs of light blue negative chakra and black red positive chakra and gathered into a grapefruit-sized dark purple ball in front of Naruto's mouth.

"Tailed Beast Ball!" He shouted through his open mouth as he then launched it at Ruisu as he stood up in the rubble.

The orb of chakra hit him dead center and exploded in a small but powerful wave explosion. When the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of Ruisu to even identify he was there in the more completely destroyed building. Everyone but the elders was shocked that Naruto just blow that person away. The elders and the Hokage were thankful that Naruto just removed a troublesome thorn from their side. Kurama smirked and said, Nice work Naruto.

"Humph! Good riddance!" Naruto said coldly with a sneer as he stood up and dropped the demon fox shroud at last which returned into his body. Naruto then turned back to Hinata with a thankful smile before walking over to her and hugged her.

"I glad you're okay Hinata ttebayo," Naruto said in a relieved voice with a tear running down his cheek.

Hinata was surprised by the hug but she quickly returned it with tears of joy, "And I you, Naruto-kun."

Naruto then released the hug and turned to the others. He was surprised that not only was the Hokage here, but Sasuke, Sasuke, and a girl his age with a description similar to his mother. He and Hinata then walked over to them and stared at the Hokage coldly, which confused him.

"So dead-last, you're the host of the Nine-Tails, hun?" Sasuke asked with a neutral look on his face.

"Yeah… I am. Didn't know about until recently though," Naruto stated looked at Sakura with a glare. Sakura trembled under his glance and tone of voice about the event.

"N-Naruto… I–" Sakura tried to say until Naruto silenced her.

"Save it, Sakura! I don't want to hear it right now. Maybe some other time," Naruto said in a cold manner as he closed his eyes and struggled to contain his emotions. Feeling horrible, Sakura dropped her head with silent tears and nodded.

Naruto then look the other person there. The girl had crimson hair that went down to her lower back, violet eyes, a round face which sported whisker marks just like him, and fair skin. She wore a yellow kimono with a short-sleeved mesh shirt with a green obi dark blue shorts and brown standard shinobi sandals.

The girl in front of him was looking at her brother for the first time. He had spiky blond hair, blue eyes, whisker marks on his face, and fair skin. He wore a blue shirt under a sleeveless hooded orange jacket with a red whirlpool spiral on the back, green cargo pants, and blue sandals, which all were slightly damaged from the previous fight. She also noticed along with everyone else that there was a freshly healed scar over his right eye running from the cheek to just above the eyebrow line.

"And who are you?" Naruto asked in a gentler tone.

"I'm Nariko Uzumaki, your twin sister Niichan," Nariko answered with tears in her eyes as Naruto's widened in surprise. "And you should also know that Kāchan is still alive."

Hinata was just as surprised as Naruto. To Naruto, the whole world just suddenly slowed to a crawl. He had… a sister. I have a twin sister. And my mother is still alive? But how can that be, He asked in shock. The Hokage told me that… Naruto then narrowed his eyes and fixed his gaze at Hiruzen as his eyes turned red with a slit. The Hokage! He lied to me again!

Hiruzen knew that gaze and understood the reason for it. It pained him for Naruto to stare at him like that, but he did kept his sister and mother away from him even if it was to protect him. However, with what has happen, it was clear that Naruto can take care of himself now.

Naruto's thoughts were interrupted by Nariko hugging him tightly and cried into his chest, "Please Niichan, don't rejected me! I just found out today that you were my twin brother when I ran into Sasuke-san and Sakura-san! After they told me about you and describing you, I intently knew you were my brother! The Hokage told me that you died the night Tōchan died fighting the Nine-Tails! So please, don't abandon me dattebassu Niichan!"

Naruto stood there shocked in his sister's embrace. His sister was after that he would reject her. His eyes softened with a tender smile, as he knew what it felt like to be rejected. He then wrapped his arms around his sister, which surprised her.

"Don't worry Imōto. I would never reject you. You were deceived as much as I was," Naruto said kindly to his twin sister. Nariko's eyes filled up with more tears and cried again into his chest with relief.

After her cries calmed down he said, "I myself just learned that I am the son of the Fourth Hokage and you are his daughter as well."

Nariko and the others had their eyes widened at those words. Hiruzen was a little shocked that he found out, but with what had just happened, he should be surprised that he would find out.

He sighed and asked, "How did you find out?"

"That masked man who called himself Tobi mentioned it and the Nine-Tails confirmed it was true," Naruto said as he released his sister and stared at Hiruzen then at Sasuke. "He also happens to be the Uchiha that released the Nine-Tails from Kāchan and forced her to attack Konoha until Tōchan released her from his control before sealing her in me. I also believe he helped your older brother wiped out your clan Sasuke."

Everyone on the scene was left with shock and horror, especially the elders, the Hokage, and Sasuke. That man was the one behind the Nine-Tails attack on their village and helping in the Uchiha Clan Massacre. In addition, it did not help the fact that he was after Naruto and… her?

"Her? What do you mean "her?" Sakura asked with was on everyone's mind.

Naruto's smirked upon hearing that question, "The Nine-Tails happens to be female. Shocking, isn't it? This is straight from the horse's mouth, or in this case, the vixen's mouth."

This caught everyone's attention, except Hiruzen who already knew the Nine-Tails actually was female. They all thought the Nine-Tails was a male.

"And Tobi stated that one day; he will return to take the Nine-Tails from me and destroy Konoha. She and I are determined to not let that happen," Naruto stated as he turned away towards the Hyūga's compound.

"Hokage-sama, I understand you want to keep me safe that you didn't tell be that I'm the Fourth's son, but it hurts to know that you kept this from me. I need some time to cool off. When I do, can I see Kāchan?" Naruto asked looking at Hiruzen from the corner of her eye.

Hiruzen sighed but nodded in agreement, "I suppose I owe you that much Naruto. If you need to talk, stop by my office."

Naruto replied softly, "Thanks Jiji. Hinata let us do the studying we promised to do before all this happened. Nariko you're welcome to join us if you want."

"Sure Niichan. I need some help anyway," She answered with glee.

And with that, Naruto, Nariko, and Hinata went inside as Hiruzen thought with a smile. It is good to see that the old you is still there, Naruto. I hope to make amendments for keeping the truth from you.

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Imōto – Little Sister

Niichan – Casual way of saying "Big Brother" or also "a young gentleman," expresses a higher level of closeness or reverence, respectively

Tōchan – Casual way of saying "Father," expresses a higher level of closeness or reverence, respectively