Hello everyone! I finally got going on my second story Savior's Calling. What's funny is that I was writing this story long before I started New Leaf to Turn. Don't worry, I'll still be writing New Leaf to Turn, but I did want to test the water's with this story as well. Since this story is a little more intense, I definitely won't be able to update everyday. I will however try to update every week or so (keyword try). But let me know what you all think of this Universe/Dimension hopping fic!


If ever silence was threatening or menacing, it would have been deep in the dungeons of Castle Slytherin. The dungeons were once used as the common room and dormitories for the Slytherin house back when the castle was a school. But that was before the rise of the Serpent King. Now the dungeons, now known as the Adder's Lair, acted as an archive of all magic, kept away from anyone except the Kings followers. Shelves and shelves of books on runes, potions, curses and countless unknown magic filled the rooms that made up the Adder's Lair, most never seen by witch or wizard.

But at that moment, the Adder's Lair echoed with the sounds of footsteps and the occasional rustle of a cloak as a lone figure moved quickly through the aisles of lost magic. A pale hand gently brushed the spines of each book, muttering the titles under his breath as he quickly scanned each and every shelf. Finally the figure paused, almost stunned, just staring at a massive red tome. The faint glow from his wand cast an eerie glow onto the pale face of Draco Malfoy.

"By Merlin…It does exist…" The words fell from thin lips, his grey eyes fixed on the volume. After a moment of silence, the hand not holding his wand reached up and grabbed the text, pulling it from the shelf. Unfortunately, the volume weighed more than Draco's single hand could handle. Making a quick descent to the floor, the tome filled the Adder's Lair with a dull thud and caused several smaller books to fall from their perches on the higher shelves. Draco shielded himself as best he could from the rain of texts, but one particular leather-bound volume managed to catch his shoulder. Biting his lip in frustration, Draco gripped his sore shoulder.

"Damnit…of all the times to be clumsy…" But there was no time to waste cursing his own awkwardness, all the books that had fallen had to be put back into place, lest someone notice his presence there that night. As each book was placed back on the shelves, Draco's heart beat faster and harder, as though every moment wasted in that chamber could be the moment that could end his life. In a way, he was right. As he held the last book, that blasted leather-bound monstrosity, preparing to put it back in place, the doors to the Adder's Lair began to open. Draco began to panic, the book belonged on the top shelf, if he tried to put it back he could lose the precious time he needed to escape with the book he needed, making his mission absolutely pointless. But if he took it…

It was barely and instant before Draco made his decision, shoving the small text into an enchanted bag. The footsteps were getting closer, from what Draco could hear. Perhaps only four, maybe five aisles away from where he was hiding. The blonde's heart beat frantically in his chest as he tried to lift the book from the floor.

Three aisles. Draco struggled to hold the tome and open the enchanted bag. To his horror, the pale man discovered that the massive tome was larger than the mouth of the bad. Frantically, Draco tried to force the book into the bag.

Two aisles. The seam of the bag popped under the force of Draco's struggle, damaging the magic of the bag. But Draco was relieved to find that the book slid into the damaged bad. Unfortunately, while the bag would appear to be as empty as before, the damaged spell could no longer conceal the weight of the two books.

One aisle. With much effort, Draco was able to move the bag onto his shoulder, trying not to be effected by the extra weight. He had his prize, now all he had to do was escape. If only he could-

"Who goes there?" A harsh voice commanded Draco. Draco turned ever so slowly to face Deatheater, lowering his wand as he did so. The guard had his lit wand merely inches from Draco's face. With a sigh, Draco removed his hood.

"Could you get your filthy wand out of my face?" The blonde said with a sneer. The Deatheater seemed startled by Draco's bold statement.

"Young Lord!" The guard exclaimed, making a hasty bow. "What are you doing down in the Lair?"

Draco's eyes narrowed, "I don't believe that is any of your business what I do in this castle."

"Oh no! Of course not. I was just curious…"

"It is not your place to be curious."

"N-no it's not…"

"Good, now that that issue is settled, I have better things to do than waste my precious time blathering with you." Draco drawled, making his way out of the Adder's Lair. The blonde grit his teeth in effort to keep from showing the weighted of the stolen books.

To Draco's dismay, the Deatheater flunky followed him out into the hallways, "Young Lord, I should warn you that there has been a break-in and the intruder has yet to be caught."

'Curses…' "And you expect me to be worried by this news?" Draco arched an eyebrow in mock amusement.

The guard quickly tried to amend his error, "No! I just thought that you should know…"

Draco let out a cruel laugh, making the harden Deatheater cringe, "Why don't you do something useful," The blonde sneered, "and focus on catching the intruder and stop following me like a lost puppy." With that, Draco turned and, leaving the Deatheater guard rooted on the spot, quickly made his war down the hall.

'I have to get out of here fast!' Draco's heart was once again was racing as he turned the various corridors of Castle Slytherin, rushing to make his way to the main hall. 'It's only a matter of time before-'

Draco's train of thought was abruptly stopped as he turned into the entry hall of Castle Slytherin, only to come face to face with none other than Draco Malfoy- the real Draco Malfoy.

Time seemed to stop as the two Draco's stared at each other, one dressed in the finest black robes with delicate silver trim and embroidery while the other wore a threadbare black cloak. One wore an emerald pendant around his neck, the other had a damaged bag hanging from his shoulder. One was Draco Malfoy, heir of the Serpent King, known to his enemies as The Taipan; but the other was an imposter, the intruder.

The observation felt like it lasted for an eternity although in the harsh reality of the imposter, all this information took only a moment to process. And it was in that next moment that both Draco's made their moves.

The princely Draco opened his mouth, "G-!"

"Stupify!" In a flash of red, pampered heir fell stunned to the marble floor. The strict training and constant paranoia of the imposter had gained him precious time, time he intended on using to the fullest. The blonde prince had barely hit the floor before the intruder was running out of the massive double doors, clutching his stolen goods close to his chest. It was only a matter of time now, even if the heir hadn't been able to call the guards, the fact that he had been stunned would arouse alarm, and with the castle already on high alert, security would be much harder getting out than getting in. That is, if the fake Draco had planned on using the front gate.

The weight of the books was quickly tiring the imposter, but there was no time to try and rest. Already, he could hear the entire assembly of Deatheaters gathering to find him, some already on his trail. As if to confirm his suspicions, a flash of green whizzed past the intruders shoulder, illustrating just how close he was to death. But he couldn't worry about the spells being fired in his direction, all he could focus on was making it to his exit, one of the only things that not even the Serpent King had managed to destroy when he made Hogwarts Castle into Castle Slytherin.

He could see the branches of the willow as he turned the last turn, making a dead sprint to the tree despite the dead weight of his bounty. The Whomping Willow twitched, aware of the Chaos approaching it. If the willow so desired, it could easily kill the intruder as well as every Deatheater present with one bone crushing swing of any of its boughs. The fake Draco was quite aware of the tree's capabilities, but refused to let himself worry about that. He just needed to get to the tree. Less than 10 feet to go…

"Avada Kedavra!" A voice behind him bellowed. The intruder knew he only had a split second to react, and he did. The spell hadn't even been completed before he made a mad lunge for the tree, or more importantly, the tunnel at the base of the tree.

The jump would have been good if it hadn't been for the massive weight of the stolen books. The intruder hit the ground with a sickening thud, but it was enough to avoid certain death and he was close enough to make a mad crawl into the tunnel as the killing curse hit the trunk of the willow. As the Draco imposter looked back towards the entrance to see if he had been followed, the sounds of chaos and the crunching of branches reached his ears.


Knowing that no one would be able to follow him, the fake Draco was able to move at a less urgent pace. His mission was still not complete, but at least he was out of immediate danger.

'I wouldn't have even been in danger at all if I hadn't met the blasted Taipan…' The imposter winced as the strap to his bag cut into his shoulder, 'But it's alright…I got what I needed, now all I have to do is get it back to the others.'

The tunnel led to a pile of rubble on the outskirts of Hogsmeade. In years previous, there had been a house standing in its place, but that had been many years ago, before the rise of the Serpent King. Now what was once a house was nothing more than a pile of broken wood and glass.

Pulling himself from the rubble, the rebel spy took a quick look around before breathing a sigh of relief. A breath breathed too soon, as not one, but two wands pointed at the blonde's throat.

"State your name." A hooded man demanded, pressing the tip of his wand to the fake Draco's Adams apple.

Surprisingly, instead of panicing, the rebel relaxed at the demand. Deatheaters would never ask a question before firing a curse, meaning these men were comrades.

"Mirage." The Draco imposter stated simply, looking up to the faces of the hooded men.

The other man only responded with another demand, "If you are Mirage, then drop your disguise."

The Draco imposter, otherwise known as Mirage, nodded as best he could. Soon the platinum blonde hair of the Taipan faded to a mousy brown, his sharp features became the softer features of a woman and the piecing gray eyes of the Serpent King's successor became dark. In short, Mirage was revealed to be not a him, but one Nymphadora Tonks.

"Am I allowed to ask who is meeting me here?" Tonks, Mirage, asked quietly as the wands were lowered from her throat.



The answers were short, but they told Mirage everything she needed to know as she stood up, clutching her bag close to her body.

"Did you get it?" Prodigal asked before he could help himself.

Eclipse was quick to shush his comrade, "Not here! We have to get back to Sweets before we can talk more." The other two rebels nodded in agreement as Eclipse's hand receded into the pocket of his cloak. As the hand returned into view, Prodigal and Mirage were able to see a single feather.

A phoenix feather.

"Take hold." The command was simple, but neither Mirage nor Prodigal said a word, only obeying Eclipse.

The three stood for almost a minute, just holding onto the feather. Not a word was shared, no movements were made, the three rebels just stood perfectly still, clinging to the feather, waiting.

Finally, as the third minute began to tick by, a familiar tug from behind each of their navels was felt and the rebels vanished from the pile of rubble.


Tonks hit the ground hard when they landed; thrown off by the heavy books she stole as she toppled sideways. She was only able to break her fall with one hand, afraid to let go of her precious cargo.

Eclipse knelt beside her, "Are you alright?"

Tonks nodded, "I will be once we get inside…come on." The only woman in the group made her way to the door of their hideout, Eclipse and Prodigal following close behind.

As the three stood in front of the massive wooden door, a feminine voice could be heard on the other side. A small peephole opened, and a single eye stared at the three of them.

"State your names." The demand was the same, and so were the answers.




There was a long pause as the eye peered at each of them individually, trying to see if they were lying. Finding no fault in their answers, the eye asked them another question, "Now who am I?"

The three rebels standing at the door smiled, "You're Mama." They replied in almost unison.

The eye behind the door twinkled slightly before the peephole shut. After a few moments of locks clicking and handles turning, the door opened slowly to reveal a disheveled Molly Weasley, otherwise known as 'Mama'. "Well don't just stand out there you three, hurry in."

Tonks smiled softly at Molly. Even in the middle of a war, she could scold anyone for standing outside in the cold too long. The three were barely inside when Molly shut the door behind them, reactivating the wards.

Eclipse nodded to the Weasley witch, "Thank you Mama."

Molly rolled her eyes, "Really Remus, we're safe in here, you can just call me Molly for Merlin's sake."

Remus Lupin, codename Eclipse, removed his cloak, hanging it with the others, "My apologies Molly, but it's better to be safe than sorry."

Prodigal nodded, "Not to sound rude or anything, but I want to hear about my cousin's happy adventure in Castle Slytherin."

Tonks hit her cousin in the shoulder, "Knock it off Sirius. You know we have to wait for Sweets before I say anything about my mission."

"Oh come off it Tonks, of course I know." Sirius Black, otherwise known as Prodigal, replied as he hung his cloak next to Remus'.

"You sure don't seem like it." A new voice added. The four in the entry way turned their attention to the man at the stairway.

Sirius chuckled, "You know I'm only playing James."

James Potter only nodded, his one good eye watching Tonks, "Sweets wants all of us in his study now."

Even Molly Weasley didn't argue as the five made their way up the stairs and into the largest room in their makeshift headquarters. As the newcomers entered the room, they saw that they were not the only ones that had been requested. The room was filled with people, men, women and even a few that some would have classified as children. Some were young, some were old, and some were terribly scared like James, whose left eye would be forever covered by a patch, while some looked like they had only just begun to fight. But regardless of who they were, they were all members of the Order of the Phoenix.

And all declared outlaws by the Serpent King.

At the center of the room, sitting in a ragged arm chair, sat none other than Albus Dumbledore, better known to Order members as 'Sweets'. He was by far the oldest among them (although no one would ever go so far as to ask him his age) and he was at the top of the Serpent King's wanted list.

So naturally he was their leader.

Tonks made her way towards Dumbledore, aware that all eyes were on her. She could see Sirius and Remus standing next to James, who had his arm around his wife Lily. Across from the Potters stood Frank and Alice Longbottom; and beside them stood the entire Weasley clan, excluding the younger children of course. Moody and Kingsley stood at Dumbledore's left and right hand, almost daring Tonks to be a traitor or spy.

But Tonks was neither, and she made that clear as she stood in front of Dumbledore, tired and shaken from her near death experience. Dumbledore gazed into Tonks' eyes, his once twinkling eyes now only searching. The younger rebel didn't fight the aged wizard's Legilimency, there would have been no point. Instead she let Dumbledore probe where he needed to.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Dumbledore's eyes began to twinkle again, "I'm glad you're safe Nymphadora." The old man steepled his fingers, "I trust you were able to recover the text?"

The young woman nodded, holding up her heavy burden, "Of course, but it wasn't easy."

"You weren't hurt were you?" Alice Longbottom said in alarm. Tonks shook her head.

"No, I was able to get away…but I did run into the Taipan." Tonks added this last bit of information reluctantly. The entire room soon was in a giant uproar, some amazed, some taken aback and some absolutely terrified.

Molly Weasley let out an exaggerated gasp, "Nymphadora! I told you it was too dangerous! Albus, how could you send her on such a terrible mission?"

Albus Dumbledore simply took the massive tome from Tonks' bag. The room began to quiet as the old man flipped through the crumbling yellow pages, "This, Molly, is why I sent Nymphadora into Castle Slytherin." With some effort, Dumbledore showed the text to the entire room.

It was an old spell to be sure. Hell, Tonk's didn't even understand a word of it, the entire text had been written in Latin. But she did see several complex looking diagrams, some with incantations and some without, but as to what it did, Tonk's had no idea.

James was the first to speak after Dumbledore unveiled the spell to the Order, his one eye staring at the spell, "Albus, I understand that you are very knowledgeable about spells and everything, but…how is this spell important to us?"

Albus Dumbledore stood, causing the entire assembly to take a step back, "My dear James, this spell could very well save us all."

There you have it! The first chapter of Savior's Calling! Please give me some imput. I will warn you in advance, there will be slash. Nothing heavy, just kissing at most. My "main" pairing will be Harry/Draco, but if any of you have and idea's for some secondary pairings, I'm willing to listen! Until next time!