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The time has come. Waiting is over, with a huge blast of their angelic energy. Yuda and Ruka had finally broken through and are now free. However, they won't return to heaven just yet. The two exiled angels have people to visit and plans to execute.

Over the years of his imprisonment, Yuda noticed a slight change in Shin's music. Had he been locked away for so long that the aqua-haired angel has slowly forgotten him? Shin's music used to be lonely and now it's slowly becaming joyous and happy, like it used to be.

Did Shin forget about him? Did Shin decide to move on and carrying on with his life without Yuda in his thoughts? Yuda couldn't even imagine Shin not thinking about him at least a minute a day. He couldn't lose the one being that kept him sane during his long term imprisonment.

Right now, Yuda had other business to attend too. Ruka needed his help, and Yuda wasn't the type of person to abandon a close friend to cope with his own needs. He'll just have to deal with Shin later on.

The heaven's night air was the same as every night, cool with a shallow breeze.

Shin traveled to his usual spot near the spring. He felt a need to play after a long while, after returning from earth. He needed to calm his wildly beating heart.

Shin saw, with both eyes, Yuda; who was supposed to be locked away in hell. Shin didn't know how he'd escaped, but Yuda was there on earth.

Shin wasn't sure how he should feel. People expect his feelings to be hatred and weariness towards the angel that betrayed heaven. But he feels relief and slight happiness with the knowledge that Yuda is free. Yet his heart felt a sharp pain watching Yuda leave again off to somewhere Shin did not know.

The restlessness and anxiousness Shin once felt in the past that slowly dissipated over time, returned stronger then before. Shin was lost at what to do, except to play what was buried within his heart that no one can understand.

Shin could feel his feelings tearing itself from his heart onto the wings of the music for all those close to hear. This night it was different, the music flowed but so did tears. They slowly rolled down his smooth face. He wondered why? Out of all the times why now?

Shin stopped to wipe the salty liquid away, they constricted his vision. He felt hot with embarrassment. He never cried before, not even when he was in greatest pain. He bared the pain and try not show he was weaker than he already is.

Shin needed to cool down. So he removed his sweaty clothing, while wiping away what was left of the tears, and slowly drove into the cool water of the spring.

It' was peaceful in the clear night with it diamond studded midnight sky. Shin dunked his head underwater, to lock the world around him away. He felt the absolute silence encased all around. His mind became clearer again.

Shin surfaced after a few minutes, he realized he forgotten to remove the ribbon in his hair. The ribbon felt heavier being soaked in water. Shin untied the ribbon feeling disappointed; he liked the ribbon very much.

"You still look best with you hair down," a voice sounded behind Shin.

Shin hadn't recognized another presence, but he knew that deep strong voice. Shin whipped around to see that angel.

"Yuda!" Shin gasped in astonishment.

It took awhile for Shin to process that the angel in front of him was real, that he failed to notice Yuda was in the water nearing towards him.

Yuda caught Shin by the arm before he ran away. Yuda brought the frightened angel closer to him. He wanted to feel Shin's skin again after such a long time.

Shin couldn't resist. Feeling the warmth of Yuda's strong arms brought a wave of calmness. Shin felt so relaxed he couldn't fight. He had no will too. Yuda hugged Shin around the waist very tightly. He was afraid that Shin will slip away forever.

"I heard your music while imprisoned in hell," said Yuda squeezing Shin tighter, "I could hear sadness and loneliness or was it all just a dream?"

Shin adverted not to look Yuda straight in the eye. He was too embarrassed to answer. Yuda turned Shin's head by the chin to face eye to eye.

"Is it a yes?" asked Yuda and he got his answer by how red Shin's cheeks turned.

Shin felt drawn to those dark blue-eyes that seem to glitter like the night sky. His logic piece by piece slipped away, sucked in by those lovely blue-eyes.

Shin didn't know he hardly enough strength to stand. He wanted to just collapse and feel those muscular arms hold him up. Shin tried to push Yuda away. He knew it was wrong for the red-haired angel to be here.

"Why are you here?" asked Shin shyly squirming to get out his prison embrace.

Yuda kept a firm hold on Shin. He glided a palm on the blue-hair angel's lower back and drew hem even more closer, that they both can hear each other's breath.

"What are you talking about?" said Yuda softly resting his chin on Shin's shoulder burring himself in the tangles of damp blue hair strands, "You called me here."

Shin's heart beat so fast, it hurts. They were so close. Yuda must have felt Shin's heart beating. It felt it could burst in any moment.

"How did Yuda know I was calling?" Shin thought. He couldn't answer Yuda. It was true he wanted Yuda to come but it never accord to him that Yuda would really come.

Shin shuddered having felt Yuda's warm breath breathing on his wet skin. It felt wonderful and so did those warm arms wrapped around his naked body.

Shin suddenly felt something soft and moist softly pushing against his neck. It was Yuda's lips placing a soft butterfly kiss. Then those lips touched Shin's lips before Shin realized. Shin's strength grew less with each tongue twirl, lick and each minute that past that their lips were connected.

Shin's knees buckled and was saved by those strong arms. He blushed furiously. He didn't know he was that weak. Yuda just smiled, admiring the beauty of Shin's flawless white skin. This was the first time he'd seen Shin's unveiled body, and he liked it. Yuda wanted to touch more, feel it more.

A bird chirped in the early morning, disturbing the angels locked within their own world. In just few seconds, they were brought back to reality of their situation.

Sorrowfully they had to depart, but not without realizing their hearts were connected by a string unseen to the naked eye except to themselves.

The end . !

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