It's about four in the morning Ralph and Bill are standing on the doorstep of Ralph and Pam's house Ralph looks at Bill as he unlocks the door "Six hours of staking out a warehouse four hours of trying to find and stop a military bomb before that and a whole day of teaching before that I'm wiped" he rubs his eyes and lets out a yawn

Bill pats him on the shoulder "Well go on and get some sleep you've deserved it and I know you need it" he notices that Ralph is a little paler then usual "you feel ok kid ?"

Ralph looks at him "Yea I'm fine outside of needing sleep"

Bill starts to walk towards his car "I'll see you later"

Ralph looks at him from where he already has the door slightly open "Good Night Bill" he walks in the door covering his mouth as he yawns again he walks in he notices Pam asleep on the couch there's a light on and the TV's on he turns the TV off walks over and kisses Pam on the head as he covers her up deciding to leave her where she is he then turns off the lamp and heads toward the bedroom

Pam wakes up a little after Ralph's collapsed on the bed still wearing the red suit and an undone Collared shirt over that "Ralph ?" she sits up a little noticing the lamp is now off "Ralph ?" she says a little louder there's no response she then decides to get up and investigate she walks into her and Ralph's bedroom and notices a skinny figure laying on Ralph's side of the bed she grins a little before going over and lays down next to him and puts her arms around his chest "Honey"

Ralph puts his hand on his head trying to wake up a little as he rolls over to face Pam "huh"

Pam moves closer to him as he swings his arm around her "Are you just getting home ?"

Ralph adjusts his head over hers "yea"

Pam looks at him "This is the third night this week you've got here after four"

Ralph continues to rest his head on hers "I know"

Pam looks at him "Honey you must be exhausted"

Ralph rolls his head of Pam's and rubs his forehead "Believe me I am…very exhausted"

Pam looks at him "Well lets just get some sleep" there's no response "Ralph ?" she looks over where Ralph is asleep and still has his arm around her she lays her head on his chest as the scene ends

The scene changes to the next morning the alarm clock goes off that is on Ralph's side of the bed Pam reach's over "Ralph" she rubs his back he just turns over in his sleep now facing her she lets out a sigh "Oh honey" She reach's over Ralph and hit's the alarm clock she then starts to get up she hears Ralph let out a groan "Pam" he says weakly with his eyes still closed

She looks at him from where she standing looking in their closet "Yea honey"

Ralph continues to lay where he is "What time is it ?"

Pam looks at him "about 6:45"

Ralph urges himself to sit up on the side of the bed as he rubs his eyes "I better start going and getting ready" he pulls himself up and walks over into the closet thinking it the bathroom

Pam sees him from where she's now standing over by the bed "Ralph" she walks over and pulls him around as he looks back at the closet "That wasn't the bathroom"

Pam looks at him concerned "Honey why don't you stay home today"

Ralph looks at her "What about my class ?"

Pam looks at him "I'll take care of that now why don't you go and change out of the suit and go back to bed I have a meeting this morning and then ill come home and take care of everything"

Ralph looks at her through sleepy eyes "Thanks honey have I ever told you how incredible you are ?" he gives her a kiss on the cheek

Pam smiles at him and playfully push's him "Go get ready for bed"

Ralph grabs some clothes out of one of his drawers and starts to walk over to a wall Pam turns him around "bathrooms that way" she points out the door

Ralph looks at her "Right" he walks out the door