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Summary: As Harry arrives to the resting place of his lost love, after the final battle, he feels that there is nothing to live for, but two unlikely people will keep him alive for a little longer, till he truly believes that life isn't worth to be part of anymore....or till he sees that the person who he loves can be returned to to tell him how he truly feels about him.

Pairings:Severus x Harry, Balise x Draco, Remus x Lily x Sirius, Rabastan x Narcissa, Rodolphus x Bellatrix, Lucius x James

Warnings: Slash, M-preg, time travel, character deaths, kidnapping, abuse (Child) and bashing of bad guys.

Title: Second chance to tell him 'I love you'


The battlefield was lit with a fiendfyre as it started to spread through the battle ground. Sparks of red, blue, gold, green, orange, black and many more colors shot over head and static from each spell, curse, and jinx trickled across the skin and down the spine. Bodies fell on the ground, some looking to be in their early teens or tweens to as elderly as 90 or more! Blood spilled and screams filled the air. Creatures felt, fought, screamed, and indulged in the battle. Werewolves, vampires, veelas, incubus/ succubus, trolls, giants, goblins, centaurs, pixies, hippogriffs, dragons and other creatures were fighting each other and even their own kind, trying to claim this battle a win for their side so they could rule the land. On a hill a bolt of light was casting itself between two characters, both highly powerful by what the static feeling was telling the others.

The characters were ones that no one dared to touch through out the battle. A few concerned faces looked out of the corner of their eyes, still focused on not being killed by their foes. Looking closer you could see that one was just a boy, no older than seventeen with dark unruly black hair that was tied in the back by a band. His eyes were a piercing dark emerald color, though beautiful, you could plainly see the danger that promised death if you neared. It you looked further into those eyes you could see pain of loosing people that he cared for and the pain of being forced to fight with no real reason other than being part of a prophecy and also the pain of having to kill a man who didn't really have anything to do with him, other than killing his parents when he was a baby, but the boy didn't really want revenge against the man. Sure he was a mad man, but that was just because of his disembodied soul wondering for over thirteen years. If you turned to the other you'd see a few things as well.

The man, compared to the boy, was tall and strong yet slim with a small workout body. He didn't look that old, maybe around late twenties early thirties, but in reality he was in his seventies. His dark brown hair, almost black, swished in the moonlight as he dodged a crucio and Locomotor Mortis that was casted from the opponents wand. His red eyes stared down the boy and he hissed in his strange language on the boy seemed to understand.

"You won't live through this night POTTER!" He hissed. The boy, presumed Potter, didn't react as he casted more curses then out of no where ran forward, dodging a Avada Kadavra on his way. From behind a small elf like creature popped into the battle only for a moment, to throw something towards Potter. Catching it Potter had swung the item around, showing that it was a sword, one made of pure silver, gold hilted engraved with rubies. Along the fuller of the sword was a name that read 'Gryffindor'. The sliver sword was a sight in the glare of the moon that bounced off the tip and sort of held a halo over Potter's head. The others stopped fighting, every single creature and human alike watched the sight as Potter landed on the man across from him with the sword in his hands, the tip pointed at the mans throat.

"Rest now....Tom" Potter said then buried the tip into the man, Tom's, throat, killing him instantly as his head rolled to the side. Potter closed his eyes, not trusting his sight as he lifted himself, blood pouring down his face from Tom's throat and missing head. The opponents from either side didn't move as Potter stepped off the hill and down to the lower ground they were on. Most were frightened by the sight of the boy who was their friend, colleague and leader. A few of the elder fighters watched in pride of what they boy did, but more were sad to see what the boy had done, for the sake of letting them live. Potter looked forward after opening his eyes, they were darker then before and held such sadness, pain and sorrow. He ignored everyone and went to a forest that was nearby, many of the creatures followed him as it was their home he headed to and also Potter was their savior so they had to follow him.

Following Potter wasn't easy as the boy would disappear into the shadows from time to time. As the night wore on the creatures dispersed as they arrived to their home territory, but Potter wore on the path that wasn't visible to most eyes, but his saw the trail as clear as day. By the time he arrived to his destination, he was completely alone, but he didn't care as he was used to it from his whole life. Darkness closed around him, but in the middle of the clearing he arrived to, a single ray of light stretched over what looked like a grave. Potter's eyes never strayed from the spot of the flurry of vines and pitch black roses that grew in only this area in the part of the country. Potter walked up to the stone that had in elegant scrawl 'Severus Tobias Snape' engraved into the stone. He removed the vines that crisscrossed over Severus' name and smiled as Potter pictured the man that was buried here.

"Hey Sev...It's me Harry" Potter said. He could easily hear the snarky comments that would be coming out of Severus' mouth and smacking his head in annoyance, but that's what made Severus, Severus. He sat next to Severus' grave and remembered the blacked haired, onyx eyed snarky man he knew and loved. Yes he fell for a older MALE wizard from his time. Sighing he remembered the potion classes when he was younger, not that long ago if you really think about it, and blowing things up because of Malfoy Jr., Draco, and the other petty things that happened in that class. His smiled slightly faltered when he remembered what happened that fateful night, the one that to Severus away from him....tears escaped his eyes.

He really had nothing left to live for as everyone he loved was gone. Hermione committed suicide when news that Ron and Ginny had been killed by death eaters right in the open. Luna and Nevile suddenly vanished one day, never to be seen again. Fred and George...well no one knew what happened to them. The other Weasley's sort of disbursed over the globe never looking back. Dean, Seamus and other Gryffindors' had been killed when he was training under Moody. Don't even get him started on the Order and Moody, he shuddered at the screams that came from Tonks when she saw Moody in a bloody pile on the ground, no flesh what so ever and his eye, his glass eye, rolled over the floor toward her, messing with her brain so much that she was in St. Mungo's with Frank and Alice Longbottom. Remus, aw the werewolf, left when he lost Sirius, no word had come from him, Harry suspected he joined Fenrir when he defected from Tom. Minerva had left the country to live with her family in Finland and Dumbledore was killed by Severus, but thanks to the memories that Severus gave Harry before he died cleared up things.

So here he was no, sitting alone by Severus' grave, with nothing left in the world, only the light as company and no will to keep on. Picking up his wand, Harry turned it towards him and with a trembling hand started to say the words to the spell that would end it all.

"Avada Kada-" he didn't finish as at that moment a deep voice shouted Expelliamus sending his wand away from him. He turned his head and chocked at the sight of Draco Malfoy and Balise Zabini, Balise pointing his wand at Harry. Draco ran forward to Harry, dropping to his knees, ignoring the grass that would get on it, and put Harry's face into his hands.

"You dumb-ass DOLT! You cannot die, not now!" Draco shouted at him. Harry just stared at him then pulled his face back. His eyes were a little brighter when anger flashed through him. How dare Draco tell him that he couldn't die! He had nothing left!

"You're the dumb-ass DRACO! I have NOTHING left in this WORLD! So why SOULD I keep myself ALIVE? Voldemort is DEAD and the prophecy is fulfilled! Now I want is rest so I can be with my FAMILY I never HAD!" He roared at the white-blonde haired boy in front of him. Draco stared at him, he did sympathized with Harry, loosing so much in his life and always giving everything with nothing being returned to him. Looking at the grave, Draco knew more than he let on about Harry and his feelings towards his deceased Godfather. He turned back to the raging raven and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"There is one thing I and Balise can do" He said softly making Harry stop the fit he would have thrown. Looking at the blonde, Harry gave a confused look then felt Balise walk up behind him. The brown skinned boy placed his hands on Harry's shoulders, keeping him still. Draco sighed and looked at Balise then seeing him nod turned back to Harry.

"I knew you loved my Godfather, Harry" he said. Over the years they got a sort of stable relationship when Lucius was chopped off as a traitor for the dark, both him and Narcissa, so after a while of letting Draco vent and grieve in the private quarters of Severus' rooms', Draco and Harry put their differences aside. So having Draco tell him that he knew that Harry loved Severus was sort of a shock. Harry knew he hid it so well from the others, no one knew, only he he thought.

"You did hide it well Harry, but I could see it in your eyes when no one else was looking at you....seeing you fight inner demons, struggling to keep smiling and not fall down after having the weight of our world on your shoulders" Draco started talking. Harry watched him as he continued to speak.

"I did see one thing, if it wasn't the normal feeling, I had seen that uncle Sev. did have feeling for you as well....he just couldn't voice as you couldn't Harry" he said, staring into the beautiful emerald gem eyes of his friend. Tears leaked out of Harry's eyes and down his face making him seem like a crying angel on the forest floor. Draco pulled Harry towards his body, letting him cry out the pain he had kept inside for merlin knew how long. Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's body and cried for everyone he lost, for not being able to save the people he cared for, for letting his parents down and for himself, for not letting him have a childhood. Draco looked at Balise, who just watched and his brown eyes held sadness in them as well seeing the small raven cry like he hadn't cried since the day he was born.

When Harry did calm down he's eyes were red and puffy, he had a head ache and he was tired as he could ever be. His eyes were closing as he heard Draco speak to him in a soft loving tone, such as a mother would do to a infant, it was calming and then he heard a lullaby being sung into his ear(1). Draco felt Harry relax in his grasp and laid him down on the ground. Quickly cleaning up his shirt, Draco turned to Balise and sighed. This was going to be hard, but if they could do this one thing for the boy wonder then maybe everything would be happy once more.

"Vicis curatio totus vulnus pro illa quisnam lost totus"(2) Draco chanted into the air and the three were engulfed in a light of blue, no sooner had the light appeared the three disappeared from the world of shadow, allowing it to heal once more with out them. They appeared at the same spot in the forest, but there was no grave, but thousands of black roses, with mixes of violet and crimson ones as well, bloomed all over. Draco looked at Balise and smiled, they were in their new home...hopefully fate will let them stay and heal the old wounds.

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(1)- Was listening to the Apocalyptica version of 'The Unforgiven' when that popped in my head

(2)- (Latin) Time healing all wounds for these who lost all