Chapter 5: Potions class mishap

Minerva enter the class a few short minutes after Harry and the others arrived, the warning bell had gone off a little before Harry and the other three had arrived. She saw Barty sitting next to Harry and was about to give him a talking about being in her class when he should be in his own. Harry removed Barty from Minerva's attention when she started speaking to him about being in a different class.

"He was helping me find the room and since he didn't have a class I asked him to stay is it wrong to have a student in another class in their free hour Professor?" Harry asked her using his Slytherin side to wiggle Barty out of attention, seeing as he didn't like it. Minerva gave him a once over before turning a leaving the two to the table. Harry smirked to himself as she assigned them to turn a squirrel into a flint, what was with this woman and turning animals into something else?

Harry easily did the assigned task; so did Severus, Draco and Blaise, Barty did it as well since he had nothing better to do, and waited for Minerva to come around and evaluate what she saw. Harry looked at Severus and saw the shy man covering his face with his hair and scribbling notes down that were on the board. Harry reached out and moved the hair out of Severus' eyes, not entirely out of his face, but enough so he could at least see. He felt his knuckle bump ever so softly against Severus' cheek as he did so, it felt like Teddy's skin when he was a baby, an ache flew through him as he remembered his godson, but didn't let it show on his face.

Severus jumped a little at the action before looking at Harry. Harry smiled at him before turning to start copying the notes down. Severus felt heat rising up to his cheeks as he turned back to his notes, he put his hair behind his ear so he could see more. His hand glided over the spot that Harry touched and had a secret smile to himself as he had felt Harry's knuckle touch his cheek softly; he doubted Harry noticed, but he felt it. A sort of calming warmth circled it's way through his body as class wore on.

Minerva had came to their table by the end of class and nodded at their results, even rewarded them 5 points each at the result that it caught fire; Harry felt bad for the squirrel after it was turned back as it was doing a slight whimper like noise for it's fur was scorched rather badly and it's back had been burned from Minerva's fire.

Harry whispered a healing spell and healed it, not letting people other than Severus; Barty was busy with turning his Flint back into a squirrel, Blaise and Draco as they were the closet to him. He looked at the squirrel as it looked at him, it gave a little squirrel chirp before bounding up Harry's arm and staying on his shoulder. Harry smiled at the squirrel before deciding to leave it alone as it wasn't harming anyone or disturbing him in anyway and started to gather his school things.

Severus watched Harry as he smiled at the over-sized rodent. Severus didn't know why Harry had healed the squirrel or why he even had even thought about doing it, but Severus turn back his thoughts to the moments before he healed the animal, the slight sadness he saw in Harry's large green eyes when he looked at the injured squirrel. The sadness that didn't show on his face, just his eyes, had gave a pang to Severus' heart as he didn't want to see that in those eyes at all. He resisted the temptation to reach out and touch Harry so he could watch Harry heal the squirrel.

'Why did I feel such a pull towards you at that moment Palimous? Why?' Severus asked himself, but let it move to the back of his mind as the bell rang and he slithered out of the room through the shadows. He headed for potions, his favorite class as it was where he felt comfortable, while barely anyone was in the halls. He saw Nicolai placing the ingredients out while a piece of chalk wrote what they were to do that class. He slid into his normal seat closet to the front of the class without actually being in front and pulled out his things then started writing on a piece of parchment, copying down real quickly what was to be done for the potion.

Harry, Draco and Blaise bid Barty a goodbye; as he had Charms this hour with his year and Slytherin of his year, then headed on down the hall to the dungeons for potions. They passed several Gryffindor students that were lolly-gagging around before the bell and saw Lilly Evans sitting in the hall reading a book on Siberian hog-headed mountain tigers* and their breeding habits. Harry felt his throat close as he saw his mother for the first time; alive for which he could remember, he took in her features and saw that he did look like her, but he had his fathers colouring; except for his eyes which where his alone. Her fire red hair shined nearly gold in the sunlight that filtered above her, bright leafy green eyes sparked the intelligence that only he saw in Hermione's large brown eyes.

He blinked and hurried when he saw Draco and Blaise waiting for him just a few steps away, others didn't seem interested in watching him gawk at a girl. He saw Draco giving him a sympathetic look and put him in between him and Blaise, who put a hand on his shoulder for a few seconds, before they started down to the Potions room again. They didn't see four pairs of eyes watch them, more specifically Harry, as they left the area. Two looked angry; one of those pair was holding jealousy, one was curious while the final one held confusion as they watched the other three pairs of eyes then down the hall.

Severus looked up as he heard the stool screech and, just like in Transfiguration, saw Harry sitting down next to him, smiling lightly to him silently giving him again. Severus gave a shy smile this times and went back to his notes, he didn't see Harry's eyes light up at the smile. Severus didn't look back at Harry until class began, seeing as they were doing a partner potion, and saw Harry get up to get the ingredients, not looking at the board for what was needed, but got all ingredients without missing one. Severus blinked as he knew that people usually looked at the board at least once or twice too see if they got them all, but not Harry; he got all of them with confidence as it showed in his step. Severus cleared his throat and looked at what was first, separating slim from root-rout slugs** and then slicing up the slugs. He opened his mouth, but closed it as Harry handed him a turnip to grate. It seemed that Harry was taking care of the slugs which Severus was grateful for, he didn't want to mess with slugs before lunch.

The two worked in silence, corresponding silently and adding the ingredients carefully then stirring in the slug slim in last after all the ingredients were completely mixed together. Severus watched Harry pour in the slim a little at a time; which was usually needed for this type of potion, but most didn't know that, while he stirred. As the slim was set to boil Harry and Severus went over the notes to see if they needed to anything else, not seeing that on the Gryffindor side a cauldron was overflowing with a mess of sickly yellow goo; not the necessary dark blue colour that the potion called for. Harry felt his "danger" sense tingling and looked around for what was causing it. His eyes widened as he saw the goo hitting the table, which was covered in miss-chopped ingredients, and quickly set a stasis spell and a repellent charm over the potion and quickly pulled Severus down.

"HIT THE DECK!" He yelled just as the potion hit a highly reactant ingredient. Sparks flew as most of the students and Nicolai hit the ground. They heard a couple of screams of pain and shock coming from the people who were the owners of the goo. Smoke covered the upper half of the class, and the other potions, which was highly toxic to anyone who breathed it. Other potions started going off, making the students beneath the table scream at the noise that it made, and the air grew more toxic from the mixed fumes.

"Videlicet Aer!" Nicolai shouted and the smoke disappeared as he got up off the ground.

"Tersus Venenum!" Was the next spell shouted by the Slytherin potion master and head of house. He glared at the two who had caused the accident. They were still withering in pain as boils were sizzling against their skin. He growled and stormed over to them and cleared up the goo that still laid upon them, adding to the boils, then had a levitation spell casted on them.

"Class dismissed!" He shouted and took the two students out of them room. Harry got up off the ground and Severus since he landed on him. Severus was silent and Harry looked down to see what was wrong and saw that he was straddling his hips. Harry blushed and got off him, holding his hand out after he got up. He blushed the whole time and looked at Severus to see what he was doing. Severus was staring at him, a blush was evident on his cheeks as well as he tried to hide it. Draco looked to the side and saw Draco chuckling to himself and Blaise was packing up their things and putting the potion in the vial. He sighed and gathered his things, letting Severus take care of the potion, seeing as he wasn't going to say anything to him.

"Um" Harry coughed and looked at Severus, blushing just as badly as he was. Severus looked at him out of the corner of his eye, showing that he was listening. Harry looked down then back up at the dark pair of eyes that were looking at him.

"I-I about that" Harry said shyly then looked down as Severus turned to look at him fully. Severus for the matter was shocked that someone apologized to him, no one did seeing as he wasn't a social person. He smiled lightly at the blushing male and closed his eyes.

"It's alright Harry" he said lightly, though it came out deep and silky to Harry. Harry shivered at the voice and looked up at Severus and saw him smiling at him, his eyes closed. Harry saw a gorgeous man smiling at him for the first time in his life, as well as say his first name without venom or being his last name, and this was just a warm feeling that boiled up inside him and he returned the smile to Severus. No one else saw these two smiling, other than Draco and Blaise; they were smiling at them as well, and this continued until they had to leave for the bell rang for release of other classes. They didn't see two pairs of eyes watching them, one curious as it was when it first saw Harry, the other held happiness for seeing Severus happy for the first time in a long time.

Me: Wooo! Hope you liked and Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Oh here is somethings you need to know!

* - Made this up, obviously.

** - Same as above.

Videlicet Aer – Clear Air

Tersus Venenum – Clean Potion/Drug