Black: Ok… this is VERY different to what I usually write… sure it's still romance, and it's still Judai x Johan, but I've never written gender bending before… this will feel weird… and I KNOW that I should be working on my other stories, but I had an idea for this one for AGES! And I didn't want to forget it, and I couldn't incorporate it into another story!

Judai: … Just who's gender are you gonna bend?

Black: I'm not telling! You'll have to wait and see!

Johan: But why not! I wanna know! PLEASE!

Black: No

Johan & Judai: PLEASE!

Black: NO!

Johan & Judai: Fine… *mutters angrily*

Black: Anyway, could you say the disclaimer Judai?

Judai: Why should I?

Black: I'll give you three plates of fried shrimp if you do…

Judai: *eyes light up* Black doesn't own Yugioh GX… now can I have my shrimp?

Black: After I do this, ok? I need to wait for the oil to heat up anyway.

Judai: … Fine… *pouts*

Pairings: Spiritshipping (Johan x Judai), Dark Spiritshipping (Haou x Jehu)

Side Pairings: Fossilshipping (Kenzan x Jim), Proshipping (Edo x Ryo)

Chapter 1 - Black Magic

Things have been quiet at Duel Academy ever since we got back from the Dark Realm, but it's been almost TOO quiet… not that I'm complaining. However, if you consider everything that's happened here in the last 3 years, this sudden peace is reason for suspicion.

I've been tense, so cautious, not letting anyone too close to me, trying to keep everyone safe by staying away. I haven't talked to any of my friends in weeks, except for one. One that I just can't keep away from, no matter how hard I try. I try not to think of him, but he haunts my mind, my dreams, my very consciousness. My heart cries for him when he's not near me. I feel empty without him here. But I can't let him close to my heart. If something happens again, if I become the cause of something horrible again, I couldn't bare it if he got hurt because of me. It has happened before, and I don't want to see it happen again. I care for him and can't imagine a life without him there.

Right now, I'm in my dorm room, laying on my bed, staring at the wall. I have been trying to sleep for quite some time, but I just can't. I feel something near, something's coming. I sit up and glance around my room, reaching for my duel disk and deck. A dark hole hovers in the middle of my room, a portal to the Dark Realm. A shadow appears in the portal's purple depths, slowly growing as the shadow's owner approaches. A hand appears from within, followed by an arm, then the rest of the person. I narrow my eyes and stand, duel disk on and my deck ready for a fight. Before me stands a strange creature unlike any I've ever seen before.

It's a man, taller than me by a head with shoulder-length, flaming red hair with black ends, pointed ears and angular purple eyes. He is lithe and strong, with broad shoulders from which sprout large red-orange wings which could easily reach a 20ft wingspan if there was room for them to spread, each feather looks like a small flame is trapped within. He is wearing a black top under a long, black trench coat, black pants and dark, knee high boots.

"Who are you?" I hiss, keeping a hand poised over my deck. "What do you want to come into this realm!"

"What do I want?" the creature repeats in a melodious voice, a voice that attempts to hide the true malice of the creature. But it can't hide it from me. "I want you to writhe in pain, to see blood flow from your body and anguish in your eyes, but not yet. For you and I are both not ready yet. I need more preparation, and you are in my way. So, today I come to delay you, for now." With that, the winged creature takes a step forward and touches my forehead, right between my eyes. I feel a pain shoot through my head, travelling down my spine to my feet and back again. I fall to my knees, hugging my shoulders and curling in on myself. I feel my body changing, but I am blinded by pain, I can't see, can't feel anything.

"And one more thing," I hear my attacker say. "My name is… Raiden…"

I barely see him fade back through the portal as a fresh wave of pain rushes through me. I fall forward, lying flat on the floor. My vision flashes a blinding white, then goes black. The last thing I hear is a piercing scream before I fall into unconsciousness.

A pain-filled scream echoed over the island, coming from the direction of the Osiris dorm, where I was heading. There was only one person there, so that scream could only come from that person, Judai. I broke into a sprint, worry for my friend lending me speed. I hear the others behind me, also running toward the source of the scream.

I reached the Osiris dorm well before the others, but I didn't wait for them to catch up, I just kept going. I jumped the steps three at a time and rushed to Judai's room. Finding the door unlocked, I opened the door to be almost blinded by white light. I held my hand over my eyes and slowly stepped inside. The light dimmed rapidly, until it was just a faint glow coming from the body lying in the middle of the room. My eyes widened as I recognised the person slumped on the floor.

"JUDAI!" I rushed to my friends side, touching his shoulder as I fell to my knees beside him. I heard Judai groan and I frowned, it sounded different… sounded feminine. I saw Judai's eyes open and he managed to push himself up until he was on his hands and knees. That's when I realised. Judai's body…

"What happened?" Judai asked, still with that female voice. Judai froze. "I… what… how?" Judai looked down taking in his… her new body. Judai looked at me in shock. I stared back, just as much shock in my face as his… hers.

"J…Judai…" I murmured, taking in her new appearance. She looked just the same as when she had a male body, even wearing the same clothes, though there were the obvious differences concerning body shape. Her hair had grown longer at the front until it reached her chest, while the back was still short and slightly spiked up. "W…what happened?" I asked, my hand still on her shoulder.

Judai frowned and shook her head. "I don't know… someone came… used a portal to get to our realm… from the Dark Realm I think…"

"JUDAI! Are you ok!" the rest of the gang burst into the small dorm room. Judai peaked around me. I had accidentally sat in a position that hid her from our friends.

"I'm fine… almost…" she crawled out into the open and sat on the floor. Everyone gaped.

"What… what happened, Judai?" Asuka asked, kneeling in front of Judai.

"I… don't quite know… someone came… possibly from the Dark Realm… and did this to me… but, why? What's the point of this? How will this delay me?"

Everyone just continued to stare. Judai slowly stood, her body shaking hard, but couldn't stay upright. She fell, landing sprawled in my lap. I blushed, and I thought I saw red on Judai's face as well when she pushed herself back to her hands and knees. Suddenly, she slumped back into my lap, falling into a dead faint.

Random Note 1:

About Raiden… he is actually based on a character that Starling-Night and I both thought up, without actually talking to each other about it… so basically we both thought up a person who looked exactly the same in both our imaginations… but both at different times and when we were no where near each other and no way to contact each other. Though he didn't have the pointed ears and black in his hair like he does here, I just added those in for this.

Random Note 2:

Everyone will go by their Japanese names except Evil Johan, who I'm calling Jehu.

Black: Ok… you happy now?

Judai: *munching on fried shrimp* More or less… why did I have to be the one to turn into a girl! And WHY a girl!

Black: You'll have to wait and see, now just eat your shrimp before it gets cold!

Judai: *continues munching* … fine…

Black: Please Review! *steals a shrimp*

Judai: HEY!

Black: I made them, I have the right to at least one!

Judai: … fine… *mutters angrily*