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Chapter 4 – Doggy grins

Classes had just ended for the day, the students rushing from the building as quickly as they could at the promise of food. I left just as quickly, though for a reason completely different than that of everyone else, allowing me to race for the Osiris dorms when the others were preoccupied.

Judai was lolling around on the second floor landing, soaking up the fading sunlight and almost half asleep. His ears pricked up as I got nearer, his jaws opening in a wide yawn as he blinked rapidly to shake away the sleep. I grinned, crouching by his side to run my fingers through the fur behind his ears.

"Hey Judai! Had a good day?"

Judai's tongue lolled out, mouth opening into a doggy grin.

"Yeah yeah." I got to my feet, swiping dust off my pants before turning and opening the door to Judai's dorm room. "Well, my day wasn't nearly as good, so I'm going to go and flop for a bit before dinner, kay?"

Judai just wuffed, padding into the room after me with his bushy tail wagging a mile a minute. He reminded me a lot of an excited golden retriever puppy whose master had just returned from a long day at work. He sat in the middle of the room while I dumped my bag on the desk, shucking my vest and shoes and flopping onto the bottom bunk with my eyes closed.

A whining drew my attention back to Judai, who was looking at me with big, heartbroken eyes.


The eyes got bigger.

"What!? I didn't do anything!"

A whine was added.



"Are you hungry?"

The tail started moving again.

I groaned, smacking my palm against my forehead.

"Of course you're hungry! You haven't eaten all day and you have a monster metabolism as a human…"

Judai grinned.

"Fine! Let's go get dinner. An early meal is better for you anyway…"





"Johan! Where's Judai!?" I groaned and rolled my eyes as Judai's friends burst into the dorm room several hours later. The sun had set some time ago and dinner had long since been served and concluded.

"He's there," I sighed, pointing at Judai from my place on the bed. Judai had curled up in a ball on the rug, comfortably full and fast asleep. "Leave him alone, he's just eaten and is aslee-'

"Aniki!" Shou cried, cutting me off and running to Judai. I face-palmed.

"Why do I bother…?" I asked no one in particular.

"Beats me." Manjoume answered anyway.

"Aniki! Are you okay? Why are you a dog?" Shou continued yelling, waking him up as human collided with canine.

Judai let out a furious snarling growl, quickly unfurling his wings to smack the 'unfortunate' Obelisk boy off him. Shou went flying back, slamming straight into Manjoume, who in turn fell on his butt.

"Why me?" Manjoume asked, rubbing the back of his head.

"Beats me." I smirked as he glared at me. I turned my attention back to Judai, who had moved to a sitting position and was swiping a paw over his ear. "Judai, you okay?"

Judai stopped his paw-swiping, looking at me with a doggy grin. He then went to Shou and touched his nose to the other's hand in an apology. Shou petted him, pouting as Judai shook the other's hand off his head. Judai then moved to sit beside me.

"So, now that Judai has been found, don't you think we should go to sleep?" I asked, lacing my fingers through Judai's long fur and running my free hand down one ruby wing.

"But what happened to Judai! Why is he like this!?" Rei asked frantically. "We have to get him back to normal! What if he'll be li-"

"Johan's right." Asuka said, cutting the other girl off. "Let's all head back to our dorms."

"Night Aniki, Johan." Jim said, dragging the more reluctant members of the group out of the room.

"So, Judai, do you want to go sleep in my room at the Obelisk dorms?" I asked, getting up from the bed and walking to the door. "The bed is much bigger than this one, so we can share instead of you sleeping on the floor."

Judai barked, following me to the door and nudging it open.

"I take that as a yes."




It was still dark when I was jerked out of sleep. At first I thought it had been a nightmare, but then I was too calm and sweat-free for that… so what…?

I felt something prodding my side and I rolled over, coming nose to snout with my fluffy friend. I yelped and jumped backwards, falling off the bed in an inelegant sprawl. Judai sighed and hopped down beside me, uncharacteristically calm and composed, especially as a dog.

I freed myself from my blankets and glanced at him, my eyes widening and fear taking over as those eyes stared straight into me and brought painful memories to the forefront of my mind.

Golden eyes glowed as Judai, no Haou, stepped forward, pushing me onto my back with one paw and touching my forehead with the other. I gasped as I felt something enter my mind, pushing the memories aside as a voice echoed through my head.


"H… Haou?" I stammered in reply.

Johan, I don't have much time. You have to see what you can do about finding out who this 'Raiden' is. These transformations are warping Judai's emotional state, dragging normally repressed or abnormal emotions and characteristics to the front and pushing the others aside. They're also altering his genetic structure, as seen by the different forms of the transformations. I fear that something bad will come up soon, and you will need help eventually when some of the emotions come to the front.

"What do you mean?"

Judai carries an abnormal amount of hatred and anger in his heart from his past, it's suppressed for now but I fear that it will be pulled to the front very soon. Mixing that with whatever form he happens to take could be disastrous for everyone around him. Johan, I need your help to separate from Judai.

"But, what can I do?" I tilted my head in confusion under the paw. Why would Judai hold so much hatred? And how could Haou separate from his host?

It's a spell of sorts I suppose. I'll be using my power over the Dark Realm to pull my mind and soul away from Judai's. I can't take his hatred with me, nor can I stop the transformations from happening to the both of us. But I can help you control him to an extent. Or at least attempt to. Anything to hold of the damage that the anger will create.

"But, weren't you created from that anger and hatred?"

No. I am a being that has been with Judai since birth. He is my descendant, reincarnation if you will. You know the story of the Supreme king of old, do you not?


Well, there you go. The hatred and anger from Judai's childhood corrupted me and the accusations made against him in the Dark Realm gave me an opening that my corrupted-self took advantage of. By merging with me during the fight against Yubel, Judai purified me as well as Yubel. Now we both reside within him, so to speak. Yubel can't separate along with me; she must remain behind to hold of the more negative emotions from the transformations as long as she can.

"Okay then. I'll help you. What do I need to do?"

First off, hold Judai down while he's transforming. My splitting will be painful for him and he may hurt himself. Then, do you remember when Yubel possessed you?

It was a time in my life that I'd rather not remember, but I hummed my assent anyway.

See if you can find that darkness within you. Bring it up and use it to call me. It will help speed the process up and I'd rather cause Judai pain for as little time as possible. The split will still work if you can't, or don't, but it will hurt Judai more if you don't.

"Okay, I understand."

Good. Johan, I'm out of time. Keep Judai safe for me.

"I will."

Gold eyes returned to their normal brown as Haou withdrew from my mind, pulling his paw from my head as he did. Judai blinked and looked down at me, his head tilted in confusion as to why we were on the floor.

"Come on, Judai. Let me up!" I grinned, pushing lightly at the wolf's chest. "You're heavy!"




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