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"Yo, Echizen!" Ryoma turned around to meet his old best friend, Momo-senpai, biking towards him.

"Morning, Momo-senpai," he replied, stifling a yawn. Momo laughed.

"Still sleeping in, eh," he said jokingly, slowing down his bike. "Want a ride?"

"I'll walk..." Ryoma rubbed his eyes. It had been three days since he returned to Japan, and it was the first day of school at Seigaku. Now everybody was off to high school except for Momo and Kaidou-senpai. Ryoma himself was a second year now. He randomly wondered if their tennis team was ever going to be the same.

"Well, that's a new one," Momo answered, genuinely surprised. Momo was happy to be with his little buddy again. He knew that he was feeling lonely ever since Tezuka-buchou and the rest went off for high school. The only companion of his was Mamushi, AKA Kaidou, and he wasn't good for conversation. But at least they got along better now.

"Oi, Ryoma-kun!" Ryoma froze at the sound of his name. Momo blinked and turned back. He had never heard the voice before, but it said Ryoma's name so familiarly.

"Sheesh, don't leave without me!" A girl with pitch black hair tied up in a pony tail suddenly appeared beside the two. She was on roller skates. Her skin was pale, and her eyes were different colors. Momo noticed that her right eye matched Ryoma's eye color and her left eye was the color of Eiji-senpai's. How bizarre, he thought.

"Gonna introduce me, Echizen?" he asked, half-teasingly. Ryoma let out a small sigh and took the girl aside, giving Momo a look that very clearly said, "Go away." Momo snickered and biked onwards towards the school, returning a glance that said, "I'll bother you later."

"What are you doing here?" Ryoma said, nearly hissing. The girl shrugged with an easy-going smile on her face.

"I thought it'd be nice if I visited your school," she said. "It was Nanjirou-san's idea," she added on as an afterthought.

Of course, he thought, gritting his teeth. Everything is his idea. That irresponsible...

"Aren't you going be late?" Sayuki asked suddenly, checking her watch.

"Dammit, today is not a good day," Ryoma muttered as he ran off. Sayuki grinned and skated after him.

"Wah, Echizen, aren't you usually calm?" Momo said with a nervous look on his face. He had never seen the kid so agitated or annoyed. Or pissed off.

"Yeah, until my idiot of a dad made one of his stupid decisions again!" Ryoma nearly spat out the words, his teeth clenched together like it was all he could to from punching something.

"Wasn't it his decision to send you here? And to teach you to play tennis?" Momo said pointedly, trying to calm down his friend. He had no idea what had happened, but the Echizen he knew did not go around calling people idiots. Or looking like he wanted to punch things.

"Gah, I give up!" Ryoma said with an exasperated sigh. "It's too tiring trying to keep up with all of my dad's little whims." Relieved that Ryoma seemed to have calmed down a bit, Momo could only wonder what had made him so angry in the first place.

"Eh... So what happened?" he asked tentatively. Ryoma shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Then the usual arrogant smirk appeared.

"Nope, I'm not going to tell you," he said. "I'm going to make you suffer in ignorance." With that elegant parting comment, Ryoma stood up and walked away with his now-empty lunch box.

"E-chi-zen!" Momo shouted. Ryoma merely waved his hand without turning back, making Momo even more annoyed. Momo took deep breaths and a grin appeared on his face. He was going to bother Ryoma until he got a straight answer.

Later after school at the boys' tennis team, Ryoma was feeling the burn.

"Who is she? What got you so angry? Why did your personality change so much?" It was like Momo had a never-ending stream of questions.

"He just come back from America and you already start bothering him," said a gruff voice. "As expected of you." Kaidou was wearing a red headband, contrary to his usual green one. The green one was being washed, so he had no choice.

"Mamushi, don't slack off on your captain's duties," Momo said teasingly. He spied some second years standing around talking. He recognized them as Horio, Kachirou, and Katsuo, Ryoma's former classmates.

"Hey, you three!" he shouted, immediately going to boss-mode. "Quit slacking off!"

"You're not even the captain..." Horio muttered. Kadiou was suddenly towering over them.

"Do you want to run ten laps?" he asked menacingly. The trio meeped and ran off.

Meanwhile, Ryoma was nervously glancing around him, making sure that Sayuki was nowhere nearby. He nearly jumped when Momo came behind him and asked, "Looking for your girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend?" Horio was suddenly very interested in Ryoma's business. Ryoma shot Momo a black glare and stalked off the courts.

"Where are you going Echizen?" Kaidou asked. "You just got here and you haven't done anything."

"Bathroom," Ryoma muttered. He turned to the left, but remembered that the bathrooms were to the right. He made an abrupt turn and crashed into someone.

"Wah, Ochibi! It's been forever!" Ryoma grimaced inwardly as he rubbed his face. That voice could only mean...

"Eiji, be more careful," Oishi said. "Are you alright, Ryoma?"

"Fine," he said, trying to get past.

"Echizen, how have you been doing?" Ryoma looked up at Fuji.

"Great, now I need to go to the bathroom," he said hurriedly. He ran past Fuji to where he knew the bathrooms were. If Eiji, Oishi, and Fuji were here, that meant that Taka, Inui, and Tezuka-buchou were around too. But where? If possible, he had to escape them until he found Sayuki. Momo was certain to tell them of their meeting this morning...

"Ah, Ryoma-kun!" He looked up. Sayuki was grinning and waving. He put a finger to his lips, trying to get her to be quiet.

"Get over here and be quiet!" he said quickly. Taking her wrist, he dragged her to the grove of trees nearby the tennis courts.

"Your school is so big, I thought I was lost," Sayuki said as Ryoma dropped her wrist.

"Don't you have school?" Ryoma asked. Sayuki shook her head.

"Home schooled," she said simply. "I'd join the girls' tennis team if I could find it though."

"It'd be boring for you," Ryoma said quietly. Quickly he changed the subject. "I'm going to have to introduce you to my senpai. Be good and don't say anything until I let you."

"Do I get a signal or do I have to ask verbal permission?" she asked sarcastically. Ryoma had to remind himself that she was the same person she had been a minute ago. He could never get used to her split personality. It seemed that her two personalities were as different as the colors of her eyes.

"I'll give you the OK glance," he replied. "Come on." He took her hand again and walked out onto the courts where the former regulars had already gathered, along with Momo and Kaidou.

"Ochibi's back from the bathroom!" Eiji announced.

"And he has a girl with him," Oishi added. His tone was amazed, as though he thought that whatever he heard Momo say was false. Apparently, it was not so.

"Interesting data," Inui mumbled, scribbling in his notebook and adjusting his glasses.

"Echizen, you have a girlfriend?" Taka asked ever-so-innocently. Momo gave Kaidou an exasperated look, as though he had already explained this many times over. Kaidou didn't even look at Momo. He was watching Ryoma with a disbelieving and confused look on his face. Fuji laughed, carefree.

"We would like an explanation, Echizen," Tezuka stated clearly, all business as usual. Ryoma gave a small sigh and sat down on a bench.

"Long story," he said.

"We have time."

"Long enough to take up all of practice." Ryoma gave a hopeful look at Tezuka, hoping that Tezuka's duty to practicing tennis would win out over his curiosity.

"After practice then," he said. "Eiji's treat. And bring the girl too."

"Now there's an offer I can't refuse," Ryoma said with a grin. "Hope you had a big allowance this month."

"Tezuka, that's not fair!" Eiji whined. "You have no idea how much these guys eat!"

"I know exactly how much they eat," Tezuka said. "That's why it's your treat, not mine."

Sayuki smiled. She knew she was going to like these guys.

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