(A/N): I'm sorry this is so short! The rest will be much longer, I promise.

1:00 AM

(Hour theme: wholeness of self and the banishing of shadows)

Hakkai stared out the window of another nameless inn, into another average dark night, surrounded by the usual silence. He was working very hard at not thinking about anything.

"Are you familiar with the expression, to get back on the horse that threw you?"

Hakkai didn't jump. He hadn't been aware Sanzo was awake; hadn't even heard him stir. "I am."

"And do you know the origin of the word nightmare?"

Hakkai blinked; then he smiled. "I do."

"Then go back to sleep."

(A/N 1): "Mare" is actually an old English word for demon, but a "nightmare" is often depicted as a demonic horse sitting on a sleeper's chest.