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Chapter 1: Alone

Dang, I really hate this place. Aaron thought as she walked down the street, her dark gray hair getting frizzy, her glasses getting foggy from the cold. And it was snowing. Her pale skin stuck out more than she liked it to. And her cat yellow eyes glowed as the snow gently fell to the streets.

Her coat was big and heavy, it made her feel fat. But truth be told, she was a little twig. Her leggings stuck to her legs tightly. She pulled her glasses off for the third time in ten minutes and wiped the fog off, and stuck them back on her face.

"Hey! Ugly duckling!" yelled a voice behind her. She turned around to see a group of kids from her school snickering and jeering at her. She spun on her heel and ran down the street, her black army boots getting slick and wet from the snow, she slid into an alley as the group was looking for her. God, she hated preps. They were a terror not awakened quite yet.

She sighed in relief and walked away as the group left her. She wiped her wet eyes and her glasses clattered to the ground. She cursed under her breath and bent over to pick them up. She shoved them onto her face and straightened up again. She caught a glimpse of a yellow hummer out of the corner of her eye. Nice car, the teenager thought and walked away.

Ratchet watched the girl walk away. Primus she was so cute...why was he thinking this? He drove away in an attempt to forget the kid.


"Mom...I'm home." Aaron shouted into the house.

"She's not home dear." said a old woman's voice. Aaron cringed at the voice. Oh god, not grandma, she thought sourly as she walked into the living room to find her grandma and her sewing circle with her. Aaron, creepingly, plastered a fake smile on her face with a small eye twitch that wasn't noticeable. Her grandma smiled.

"Come join us sweetie." she insisted, patting the spot on the couch next to her.

" thanks, got homework to do." Aaron said as she took off her coat, showing she was wearing a Green mini dress with black strips and black leggings with black army boots and her dads dog tags. Her grandma sighed and shook her head.

"You shouldn't dress like that you know." she said.

"So?" Aaron shrugged her shoulders. "Mom and Dad don't care." she said.

"But I do." she said slyly and placed a bony hand on her chest with a smile. This made Aaron shiver. She was never fond of her grandmother because of her thoughts and opinions of Aaron. Aaron shook her head and ran up the stairs and slammed her door shut.

"Your granddaughter is so...rebellious." one of the women said.

"Don't worry, I intend to make her a proper young lady." she said as she sipped her tea. (who drinks tea anymore?)


Aaron couldn't concentrate on her math homework. How could she? Math wasn't exactly her strong point in school. (Hey, I'm not the only one anymore! :D) Aaron slammed the book closed and smothered her face into the pillows on her bed and sighed.

Life sucked.

Her mom was away a lot for business. And her dad was quiet a lot so you couldn't hold a decent conversation with him for even two minutes. She felt alone.


Alone: Away from other people; Single; Solitary; Excluding anyone or anything else; With nothing further; sole; only; unaccompanied by others...

Aaron reeled the definitions of the word alone through her mind numerous times. It was like a bad memory to her. She sobbed into her pillow as she listened to the old women's conversation downstairs.

"Yes...No!...And then my granddaughter...Really?" Aaron spat into the trashcan. She wouldn't be like those frilly fancy old people when she was old. She'd be cool, play with her grand kids...if she had any that is.

She drifted in and out of sleep as she stared out the window from the comfort of her bed.


Aaron woke up, she stood in the middle of the road, the houses around her were quiet and dark. Only a single light pole was on, it was on above her, she felt stranded. A pair of headlights turned on as a car's engine revved and came closer to her.

"...Who...who's there?" she asked. The car gave off a loud siren. A police siren. It got closer to her and transformed. She tried to scream.

Nothing came out.

A clawed hand grabbed her. It smirked at her.

"You're mine now human." it said. She struggled and silently screamed as darkness shrouded around her.


Aaron opened her eyes and sat up. She sighed and wiped the cold sweat from her brows and got up and changed into an old shirt and pajama pants and slipped back into bed and watched the snow drift to the ground. At least it isn't dark, she thought and fell back asleep.

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