In A Ship Falling To Pieces

Fire. An explosion. No gas. Limited air.

Captain Malcolm Reynolds is in bad shape, in a ship falling to pieces and there's nothing he can do but sit around and look around at the destruction and wait.


He can barely feel his fingers. The blanket around him barely holds off the biting cold temperature. His breathing is laboured. Each breath stings. Too cold. Not enough air. Dizzy.

He can feel his eyes flutter open and closed at their own accord. It's amazing how real it all feels, this image in his mind, so life-like and sharp. It's nearly the end – he can feel it. He feels weak, like he is slipping, fading away.

There's a burst of static over the intercom…

…and then he wakes up when he becomes aware of Alexis shaking him.

Rick. Rick Castle. Not Malcolm Reynolds. Not in danger. Safe.

He heaves out a sigh of relief.