The New Day Begins

The beach stretches on further than the eye can see. Its pebbled shores seem to sparkle under the sunlight that is cast down from behind the few clouds above. Birds call out as they swoop past the waves, lapping gently at the shore.

Her feet press down softly on the stones and feel their smooth surfaces, feel their cool sides. A sigh escapes her lips.

Behind her, her hair flies out. Bound by no ties and left to survive in the wind, it is a wild mess, a tangle. It feels so much more natural than having it presented at the back of her head in a bun or loose ponytail.

She licks the salt water spray from her lips and takes another step across the pebbles. Her dress flutters around her legs, the brilliant red colour contrasting with the blue of the ocean. Off in the distance, the peak of a jagged rock peers out from the waves.

In a moment of impulsiveness, she walks out to the water's edge. She pauses only for second before she steps in and then stops again, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of the water over her feet. When she opens her eyes again, she glances back towards the grassy area where Serenity lies, sleeping. She turns back to the ocean.

The wind picks up and a strand of hair flies across her face. She swipes it away with the back of her hand. Water splashes around her legs. The sun pelts down. She steps further into the water, smiling, as the new day begins.