Oh lord, I can't even apologize for how late this is. T^T. But just a quick thing before I start- I'm going by the BOOK description of Laurent in this story, not the movie. Just sayin'.

Jacob's POV


The name sounded familiar. I'd heard it before. Where and when, I couldn't remember, but it rang a bell.

"That's impossible." Said Rose, "Bella, you said he was dead."

"And he is!" Bella responded, "or was, or... I don't know."

There was a lot of uncomfortable shifting- something I didn't see too often.

Edward sat at the table we surrounded, writing a letter a mile long about one name. but our focus was elsewhere. The name hung in the air in front of us, a mystery because- as a constant refrain reminded us- it couldn't be right.

"Are you sure this wasn't just a-"

"A fluke? A coincidence?" Edward offered, still writing at the speed of light and his eyes still stuck on the paper. I wondered how he could think two different trains of thought at the same time, "I thought about that, too, but It's highly unlikely."

"But there is a chance." Said Alice, "I mean, Renesmee never knew about him. So she never would have known his name. Maybe your eyes were playing tricks on you or-"

"That's even less likely." Edward interrupted.

Finally he finished, signing the letter. He stuffed it with a sigh into the envelope and sealed it closed. He slumped in the chair and rested his head back, muttering to himself more than anyone else, "You said it yourself. She never knew about him, so she wouldn't know his name. How could that be the one name she pulls out of her memory if there's no memory of it? No. It's too... wrong. Mind you, it could be a different Laurent, but as I said, very unlikely."

Edward straightened up and put his head into his hands.

"Uh, who's Laurent?" I finally asked.

All eight of their heads turned toward me slowly like I had just asked the most ridiculous question they had ever heard. Their stares made me shift uncomfortably where I stood, adding to the already restless feeling inside of me.

"You don't remember?" Bella asked. Her expression screamed disbelief.

"Oh, the irony." Emmett said quietly. It was the closest he had dared come to humour considering the circumstances lately.

"Irony?" I repeated, "I don't-"

Rosalie, who had recently showcased her inability to stay quiet for more than ten seconds at a time, decided it was time to speak up again.

"It's no big deal, really." She said, the sarcasm heavy in her voice. "You and your little puppy pals only tore him bit by bit and burned him- you know how it is."

"Wait, what?" That was ridiculous, and I was about to voice that when a face popped into my head. "Oh, sh-"


I remembered him- his dark hair and red crimson eyes that lusted for blood. The way he was ready for attack and the way he almost did. But even more than that, I remembered the takedown- the sweet, sweet takedown.

"Looks like someone changed the light bulb for once."

"Wait- but... no, he's dead! How could he-" I began to protest, when Rosalie cut me off again.

"Thank you, genius, for reiterating my point."

Alice took a seat. "Where do we even go from here?"

It was the question everyone was asking. Where to go. What to do. Such an important piece of information and not one thing we could do with it. Trying to coax an explanation out of her in that state would take forever- not that we didn't have the time- but you know, it would be preferable to get something done soon; to get her out of that state, to get her talking and aliveā€¦

That would be nice.

But, as luck had it, nothing came. Edward, with a final of many sighs, folded the letter and stuffed it unceremoniously into an envelope. It seemed that with everyone, even the most mundane tasks had become a bother; a nuisance. And to think- it was all because of the lack of her presence.

I was confident that I was going to go insane. I was breaking down inside and I don't know how I hadn't cracked. Maybe because I had a feeling she could see and hear everything, like someone trapped in a cage, and I didn't want to break down with her watching. I had to be strong, because wherever she was inside that body of hers, she was being strong too, and I wouldn't let her fight whatever it was alone. Besides, it's better fighting a war with two blind men than one.

I scratched at the scruff on my face; I really needed to shave. I felt homeless, and for all the meaning it had, I pretty much was. Running on reputation, I'd barely gotten any sleep ever since this all started and was relying purely on coffee and a massive headache to keep me awake. I'd sleep when this was all over. Or maybe I wouldn't. I'd just have to see when- if- that time came.

Just thinking about it made the temptation ridiculously hard to ignore. I closed my eyes for a second and had to force them back open.

"You should probably sleep." They were the first words I'd heard Jasper say in a while.

"Yeah, I should," 'But I won't.'

"He has a point, Jacob." Said Edward quietly.

I exhaled loudly. "I couldn't even if I tried. You know that. What if-"

But his attention had been drawn elsewhere. Immediately, like the flick of a switch, his eyes had darted over to the other side of the room where Renesmee was. I followed his gaze and felt my heart either drop or pick up- I was too startled to figure it out.

She was standing, that blank look on her face gone immediate concern taking it's place in her eyes. She seemed to be moving, slowly but still moving, toward the door.

Edward, in a flash, was right by her side. I stood numbly where I was, unable to move as he tried to speak to her with no success. She kept moving, walking right past him. Finally, he saw the direction she was heading in and opened the door. She continued, walking right into the cold winter air.

I unfroze along with the others, following slowly, train style behind her. Of course, there had to be a god damned blizzard outside. Heat wasn't the problem- seeing was.

The cold air bit at my face making it go numb- or maybe that was just my nerves. Either way, my heart was racing double its usual time and I felt like my legs were about to give out. I slowed, walking alone, everyone in front of me.

Where was she going? More importantly, how was she? My mind was on fire, despite the endless sheet of snow outside. I tried to run to catch up, but thought against it when my head started to throb. It would be best not to pass out now.

Surprisingly enough, no one said a word. Not one. They just followed without question- or rather, without voicing their questions.

And then she stopped.

It was quiet- quiet enough to hear their breaths. What were we doing here? Did she take us here for no reason? No. That wasn't it. It couldn't be.

Something about the air was wrong- a cold that when beyond temperature and into my bones themselves. My gaze darted around, looking for anything and everything that might help me out.

Almost as if on cue, he seemed to emerge from the air itself, beside him a shape that seemed vaguely familiar.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" The voice didn't register into my ears, but like he was speaking into my mind. But not only mine, because everybody seemed to have a reaction.

"So it has, Laurent."

That's right...