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Chapter One

"You're bullying toe rag, James!" Lily snapped angrily at the twelve year old boy with black hair and glasses, who was grinning ear to ear.

Severus, Lily's best friend, had shaggy black hair and dark, usually sad eyes. James was usually the reason why. Now he was being tripped down the grassy slope by James' jinx, as he attempted to run away from him, falling flat on his face, and after getting up, he sobbed, only to plummet towards the ground again.

"Stop it! The jinx is really hurting him!" the girl demanded. James laughed obnoxiously.

"But it's funny."

"No, it's HORRIBLE!"





Meanwhile, Severus had given up on running only to collapse every time he stood up, so he decided to drag himself army-style to where Lily and James were arguing violently.

"If you don't quit being so rude, I'll tell Professor Dumbledore!"

At this, he looked worried for a moment. However, he regained his confidence put on what some like to call the "Gryffindor Happy Smirk".

"As if he'll believe you. You tell on everyone, Lily! Besides, he never does anything to the Gryffindors!" James said haughtily.

Severus finally made it, and heard James' reply. Fury rose inside him like a wildfire, and at that moment, he lost all good judgment.

Neither of the other two children had seen Severus lying helplessly on the ground, for the jinx was still in tact. Fortunately, just before Lily said a comeback, she heard a loud chomp coming from below.

"OUUUUUUUUCH!" James screeched in pain, no, excruciating pain.

They both looked down to see Severus biting into the other boy's ankle ferociously, his eyes like the eyes of a killer, as James' wand flew out of his hand, and the jinx was disabled. However, Severus never lessened his grip.

"Ouuuuch! Peter! Peter, help me!" cried James.

A chubby boy with beady eyes, greasy light brown hair, and a smell that made Lily gag came trotting up the hill, doing his very best to help his friend as quickly as possible but, because of his discouraging weight, he could only get there so fast.


Peter didn't know what to do exactly, so he threw himself upon Severus hastily, knocking the winds out of him.

"Don't tackle him! HELP ME!" It was too late though.

Now James was standing there experiencing pain almost as awful as the Cruciatus Curse, with Severus on the ground, his teeth digging into James' ankle, and he couldn't breathe with Peter flopped upon him, who wasn't even sure what was going on, but he was glad to help a friend.

Lily was speechless, at the same time amused, and for a moment, she even giggled because of how ridiculous the situation had become. Finally, she ran off into the castle to find Madame Pomfry, and along the way she asked Remus to get Dumbledore.

Well, thought Lily, grinning. He certainly got what he deserved.