Let's skip straight to the story for once!

James POV


James rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating or something.

How could he begin to describe the guy he used to call "oily git".

Severus strutted on by, looking bored and cool. He cut his hair. It was now short, and he now had bangs, which stuck up in spikes with gel. His sleeves were rolled up in a rebel kind of way, and his pants were baggier than usual. His face looked less oily and he even removed some of his awful acne.

And most unusual of all, two twin girls stuck to either side of him. Pretty twins. In fact, they looked like models.

Twins? Really? Thought James as he passed.

Suddenly, Severus turned and noticed James. He looked him up and down with a snobby expression on his face.

"Er," said Professor McGonagall, clearing her throat. "Mr. Snape, Why aren't you in class? Where is your robe? Is that haircut allowed in school? Roll down your sleeves," she scolded.

Before he could answer, Lily walked out and saw Severus. Her eyes widened.

"Sev?" she said in utter shock.

"Hey," said Severus, in a voice much deeper than usual.

"Y-you look…" Lily couldn't find the words.

"Good?" replied Severus, raising one eyebrow.


Professor McGonagall interrupted. "Hush! Now, Lily, what are you doing here?"

"I needed to use the ladies' room," she lied. James knew she wanted to know what was going on.

"Go, then." Lily hesitantly left.

"As for you, Mr. Potter, because we are being interrupted, meet me in my office at noon. For now, escort these," she paused, "young ladies to their classrooms. Their professor can deal with them."

James grinned, "Gladly. So, what's your first class?" he asked them, walking away.

Now only Severus was left.

"Severus…" Professor McGonagall sighed. "Never mind. Come with me."

Severus followed, wondering if Lucius was wrong after all…

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