"Hey, Aeris, guess what?"

Aeris looked up from her laptop to Leo who was playing New Super Mario Bros on the Wii. He was currently trying to dodge goombas on the first level. Though she really didn't feel like it, she decided to bite. The search for fanfiction was going a little slow for her.

"What, Leo?"

Mario squashed a goomba.

"I had a thought."

Aeris then began to clap mockingly, yet inwardly trying not to get her hopes up. Most of the stuff that came out of Leo's head was basically asinine drivel. Sometimes she even wondered how Leo managed to live and not die of a stupid, yet slightly hilarious death.

"Way to go Leo. Remind me to put cookies on the grocery list."

Mario hopped on a koopa, and then used its shell to bowl over more goombas.

"Oh come on Aeris!Trust me on this! This thought is pure gold!"

Aeris sighed.

"Fine, but if it's about my gender's fascination with vampires, I'm going to hurt you."

"I'm still curious about why vampires are so popular, but…"

Leo began to change the subject hearing Aeris' knuckles crack.

"Well, you know how Princess Peach is always getting kidnapped by Bowser?"

"Um… Yeah?"

"And the fact that the koopalings just seemed to come out of nowhere?"

"Ye…" Aeris' brain began to work until…

"Leo, what the heck? I can't believe you! Of all the idiotic ideas..."

Leo threw his remote into the air, leaped onto his feet, and pointed his finger at Aeris. Aeris didn't move though inwardly, she was willing herself not to piss herself.

"You cannot deny it, Aeris! It explains everything! Nintendo has been lying to you, to me, to US! Everything we know is a lie! The rescues, the paternity reports, the cake! IT'S ALL A LIE!"

Aeris had now poked her head out from under the table.

"Are you done yet?"

Leo began to take a few deep breaths, then dumbly grinned.

"Yeah, I'm done."

Aeris sighed, as she stood up straight and began to dust herself off.

"You have officially challenged my belief in Nintendo."

Leo could only chuckle.

"Now if only I could challenge your belief in something else..."

Meanwhile, a toad was seating on a desk, organizing his papers. After adjusting his tie, he pointed a thumbs up to the cameraman.

"This' just in: a huge F shaped cloud has appeared in the area where eyewitnesses say that where Bowser's castle was located. Despite the seriousness of the situation, no one was hurt in the blast. Though authorities are investing this incident, this reporter suspects that Mario, Mushroom kingdom's 'hero' and part time plumber, has discovered Princess Peach and Bowser's relationship. How Mario managed to miss all the OBIVOUS SIGNS, will probably remain a mystery. Details at eleven."

Author's note:


Hmm, yeah, not the best work, I'll admit. It's just so hard to write an idea, that's in character (as much as you can make them) then force them not to use language. Go ahead, I dare you!

Anyways, help keep up the VG presence here alive everyone!