I have always held strong feelings for Kuki ever since we first met, but always hid those feelings from her. I don't know how these feelings started or why I even had them for her but I do. She just so beautiful, funny, smart, and she knows how to make a guy smile. I can't blame her for my sleepless nights, headaches, or depression but lately I have been avoiding her. I turned soft when she looks at me or even says my name. I just have to tell her how I feel but how can I do that without her stalker interfering.

Her stalker is Hoagie's stupid pen pal Harold Blake, and he can't seem to get the fact that she doesn't like him that way. I almost fought with him over her because he said that she was too easy. When he tried to play innocent card when Kuki caught us on the verge of fighting, she didn't buy it. She said the words I was hoping to hear from her:

"Wally is my best friend and I know him the longest! You on the other hand are annoying and always want to be near me even when I just want some privacy! So leave my Wally alone and get back to work!"

She made my heart skip a beat just by saying 'my Wally' and I am not going to admit that just yet but I will tell her how I feel. That is a promise I am willing to keep even if the guys start teasing me afterwards. I will just ignore them and focus on my love instead even if kills me. I just have to keep Harold away from her long enough to tell her.

Kuki's POV

I can't believe that Hoagie's pen pal has an obsession with me. Let alone tried to make my Wally look like he started that stupid fight. Then again the look on his face when I said 'my Wally' was worth seeing but nothing compared to Wally's look. I was hoping he wouldn't catch that but I am glad he did since it shows he likes me a little. I love Wally and there are three reasons why I do; three even though he acts all tough he still cares for everyone, two he is so handsome especially when he is confused, and one he is always knows how to treat a girl.

I always told Harold that Wally is my true love and he can never be replaced. However no matter what I say he doesn't listen. We almost got caught by Father because he has to play hero when I was fighting him, Wally was suppose to be with me and he was suppose to be with Fanny at the time. I guess Wally is taking so long to tell me he loves me because he is scared of what might happen to me after he says the words I have been longing to hear from him. I just wish he knew how much I love him and that he would tell me what he wants to tell for the past two weeks.

Harold came to visit Hoagie two full weeks early and has been driving everyone crazy ever since. Abby has kick him out of the tree house for trying to walk in while I'm getting dressed in my room, Nigel has yelled at Harold for trying to make out with me, Hoagie practically shunning him for making suggestions in front of the rest. I couldn't help but notice we all agree on one note Harold is absolutely crazy.

Nigel's POV

It has been two weeks since that menace decided to show up. Everyone knows that Kuki doesn't love him but Harold just doesn't get it. Kuki's pen pal showed up and thankfully helps her hide from Harold. Her pen pal Stella just so happens to hint that I have a crush on Rachel and decommissioning age has been raised to twenty years of age. Which I do but how do I tell her without Lizzie wanting me back? Anyway back to the matter at hand, Harold.

Harold has been harassing Kuki ever since he showed up at school. Thanks to Wally though Harold hasn't gotten what he wants from Kuki. I can tell he won't stop until he achieves that goal though, and I hope Kuki can defend herself from what he has planned. Kuki is a very strong girl but Harold always carries a gun with him. This causes me to yell at him when he tries to force Kuki into loving him. He is even worse than Lizzie and that is saying a lot based off the experience. I can only guess what a pervert like Harold would want, seeing that we are all teenagers.

Abby's POV

Normally I talk in third person but ever since Harold started to harass Kuki I started trying to talk in first person. This boy just won't quit and that is scary considering how Lizzie was embarrassing to Nigel when they were together. Harold is like the major road block in Kuki's love life. I know she loves Wally and Harold doesn't like us reminding him. I just hope Wally can tell her before its too late.

Hoagie's POV

I'm so ashamed of what Harold has been doing. He sounded like a nice guy and not the crazy type. I told him countless times that his visit was almost over and his parents have to drag him out. No matter how many times I say it he always tells me 'Not without my sexy Kuki's kiss. She is so into me and I want to be her first kiss.' I can tell you now to get a restraining order against him but it would do us no good.

I did some research on Harold and turns out he is wanted for rape, murder, kidnapping, theft, drug smuggling, and busting out of jail. I told this to everyone in the Teens Next Door and Kids Next Door causing everyone to be on high alert. I have shunned him for making sexual suggestion in front of everyone to Kuki, and started training in martial arts. Kuki has already started training in that and cross country. I just hope Harold turns to a new leaf and lets her go.

Normal POV

It was a beautiful day in the city and everyone in sector TV took the day off. Kuki woke up at dawn to sneak out of the tree house only to find Wally already awake in the kitchen. She blushes a very deep red when he catches her leaving in a tom boy outfit.

"What's with the outfit, Kuki? I thought you were the girly type." Wally asked in a playful tone making sure not to wake the others

"The outfit is to get past Harold and start my new job at Terrence Café. If you want to come with me……that's ok." Kuki replied in a soft whisper that was loud enough for Wally

"Of course I want to go with you. Just give me a few seconds to finish up." He replied putting his plate away.

Once they left Wally and Kuki started talking about how good it was not to be bothered by Harold and how much they missed hanging out like this. They kept talking until they reached the Café and the owner turned out to be the same age as her but dressed in a medieval war uniform that was black and blue patterns going down to the waist.

"I was expecting you to bring someone, Kuki. However I wasn't expecting you until noon. What brings you here so early?" the owner asked

"Harold would follow me here and cause problems on the shift." She replied shivering at the very thought

"Harold Blake is obsessed over you? I wouldn't be surprised you are a very beautiful young lass but what amazes me is why he hasn't killed anyone yet. He usually kills someone by the end of the second week." The owner replied going into deep thought.

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