Once Harold and Greg got there, they were immediately sent to jail. Due to the fact the he was a fugitive on death roll. He was furious that he was tricked into leaving that he shouted:


He wasn't planning on giving up just yet, but the cops had expected him to try to fight so they shot him with a dart gun. Once he was out the sent him to the nut house. Once he woke up, the doctors were running this entire test and making him feel like an animal. He was so deranged that the doctors actually thought that this was a life sentence for him. He kept on shouting:


While Harold was getting his punishment, Kuki and Wally were getting ready to go to the workers reunion ball in Greece. Her boss did after all pay for the flight, but she wanted to tell Wally just how much she loves him. She knew that her job wouldn't allow it though; her boss wasn't old enough to allow it. She saw Wally talking to Nigel, and thought:

'What am I scared of? I'm the toughest in the GFFND for crying out loud. He loves me and I love him. So what is stopping me?'

She waited for Wally to come and ask her:

"Ya ready, Kooks?"

"Yes, but I need to tell you something though." She replied causing Wally to sit down

"Ok, what's on your mind?" he replied trying to sound calm

"I….I love…I am in love with you." She replied causing Wally to smile

"I love ya, too. You have no idea how happy I am right now!" he shouted hugging her and spinning her round

She was so happy that Wally felt the same way that she held him closer. She didn't notice that her old apprentice watched them full of complete envy. She didn't even care if someone was watching her; she kissed Wally full on the lips.

While Kuki and Wally shared their first kiss, the apprentice sat there and watched full of jealousy. He stayed well hidden so he wouldn't get caught and he said to himself:

"This is how you repay me, Kuki Sanban? We could have had something special. You will pay for rejecting me." Before he left

Melissa's POV

I couldn't hide the truth from Kuki any longer. I couldn't keep her away from her destiny or her past much longer. I wipe her memory clean when she turned five and only left her parents in her memory. She wasn't the combat to combat specialist in the GFFND; she was one of the Elite Generals of the GFFND. Her apprentice Darwin Calloway betrayed her, and nearly kills her parents before Mushi was born. I couldn't bear the very thought of her remembering all the pain that was given to her while she was in the clan.

I cared for her deeply, like sister would care. She was going to be killed if she remembered what Harold knew. He tried to get Kuki affections before she was a KND operative, and failed to do so. He vowed vengeance on her and if she remembered then the KND and TND would be in grave danger. Abby would have been killed and every girl from Japan and France would have been either raped or murder.

I sighed as my most trusted advisor came into the room. Stella was my most trusted advisor and Sammie was captain of my personal guard. I always called them both in for advice seeing as I am the Leader of the Resistance. The job was already stressful as is, but there is always a punk causing trouble. No matter where I go or who I help there is always a new job waiting for me. I just hope that Kuki can get her memories at the ball because it is going to be murder to tell her on my own.

"Status report, Electra Whirlwind." I order taking in a deep breath

Me: Thats a wrap

Wally: Review Mate

Kuki: Thundra501 does not own Codename Kids Next Door

Can Kuki get her memories back? Can the KND, TND, and GFFND keep Kuki safe?