It was strange for Luke, packing everything up when it felt like just yesterday he'd been pulling the same items from their boxes and placing them throughout the office. He smiled, his thumb sliding over the glass that covered the photo of him and Reid before placing it into one of the many boxes littering his floor. There were other pictures as well, including updated pictures of Thanksgiving, which both Luke and Reid had been in attendance for, and a few more recent photos of Luke and Reid together. He smiled at them as he closed and taped the box shut, labeling it simply with the word "desk" in black marker and hoisting the smaller package under his arm. He glanced inside at the room he'd come to think of as a home away from home, a bittersweet smile coming over his face. This time tomorrow the rest of the boxes would be gone and the office would no longer be his.

"Ready to go?"

Luke turned around, smiling as Reid casually strolled toward him down the hall, swinging his key ring around his index finger.

"As I'll ever be," he answered. Reid smiled and stepped up to him, a hand finding the small of Luke's back as he led the way out of the building for the last time.

The spent the evening in what was their home for only a few more hours. It didn't look like home at the moment, though. Just like with Luke's office, there were boxes everywhere, waiting to be picked up and shipped in the morning. All that remained were the main pieces of furniture, most of which wasn't traveling with them. Reid's desk, which he'd had for years and refused to give up, had been carefully disassembled and shipped the day before. So had their bed. They ate take out on paper plates with plastic forks before changing into clothes from their already packed duffel bags. They curled up together, laying on a few layers of blankets spread out in the nearly empty living room. It wasn't the most comfortable way to sleep, but as the thought of tomorrow filled their heads, both men found themselves smiling and laughing together as they talked about what was to come. Amazingly, they slept quite well that night.

Saying goodbye to their friends, their home, and their life in Dallas in general, had been hard for both of them, but when their plane landed in Oakdale and they were greeted at the airport by a slew of familiar faces, they knew things would be alright. The Snyder Clan was front and center, Lily stealing Luke into a hug instantly before handing him off to Holden and Lucinda and making a beeline for Reid. He awkwardly accepted the affection but was grateful when Holden simply shook his hand and Lucinda opted for giving him a once over and a pat on the shoulder versus anything overly physical.

Dinner of course was at the farm. All the Snyders, including the extended, almost, and honorary Snyders, were present. Casey and Allison were there, Katie and Chris, even Barbara and Henry along with Kim and Bob. Reid sat between Luke and Bob at dinner, chatting constantly about the new wing.

"Guys, you've been talking every day for a year about this wing. The opening is next week, there's not much more you should have to talk about," joked Luke, leaning forward and smiling at both men. Reid wiggled his brows.

"You're just jealous that I love the new wing more than I love you," he grinned. Luke made a face and laughed. Reid kissed him on the temple and returned to his conversation with Bob. Luke rolled his eyes but didn't complain, allowing himself to get pulled into other conversations of his own.

It was nearly midnight by the time Reid and Luke managed to escape the farm and hit the road. It was a twenty minute drive to the Kensington Court apartments on the other side of town. They were only five minutes from the hospital and at least fifteen from any and all of Luke's family members. The location alone had been enough to sell Reid.

They'd done some browsing over Christmas and had come down again two months ago around Easter to finalize things. They were pleased to find mini mountains of boxes scattered throughout the main room when they came inside. Reid dropped his bag in the doorway and headed straight for his study. He returned with a wide smile on his face.

"You're desk?" Luke asked, dragging their bags to a less hazardous part of the room. Reid nodded.

"She's back in one piece," he grinned, stepping up and taking Luke by the waist.

"The bed's here, too," said Luke with a coy smile. Reid narrowed his eyes playfully.

"Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Snyder?"

"I don't know. Is it working?"

They both laughed.

"Yes, and therein lies the problem," teased Reid, kissing Luke lazily on the mouth. "We should get some sleep," he continued in a more serious tone. Luke nodded. Tomorrow would be another long day, full of unpacking both at home and in their new offices. More than likely there would also be friends and family demanding their time, which Reid knew Luke would annoyingly agree to.

The two fell apart long enough to get dressed, Luke in his shorts and t-shirt, Reid in his flannel pants, before turning out the lights and slipping into the bedroom. It was empty for everything but the bed and they quickly pulled on the sheets and blankets before sliding between the covers and molding against each other. Reid wrapped his arms around Luke, hands finding hands. He buried his face in the crook of Luke's neck, kissing him softly. Luke sighed pleasantly, fingers locking with Reid's and smiling at the sensation of cool metal on his skin, absently noting the small clinking sound that accompanied it.

"Can you believe we're finally here?" Luke whispered into the darkness.

"Nope," replied Reid simply. Luke's stomach rumbled gently with laughter. "I love you," Reid added in a whisper. He could feel Luke melt into him.

"I love you, too," whispered Luke. The talking ceased and sleep came quickly, and with sleep came a new morning, one full of the promise of adventure, and more importantly, hope.