First Astro and Cora fic...actually, my first ASTRO BOY fic. This is I own nothing aside from my OCs. Blah blah blah.

This'll suck big time. This is based on the 2009 movie...which is TOTALLY AWESOME! It's hard to believe that the money it grossed is under the budget it was to film it. But, still, it was over half. So, it was still popular...right? I know nothing about box office stuff...well, not much, anyways.

Enjoy...or not.

Warning: Characters might seem a little OOC. Remember. First Astro Boy fic. And...there'll be a few flashbacks in this story.

"Dr Tenma, Astro wants to see you in the living room," Orrin announced to his master as he walked – well, hovered – into the scientist's study at his house.

"Thank you, Orrin. I'll talk to him now. I was done anyway," Dr Tenma assured him as he walked out of his study towards his 18-year-old robot son, Astro Boy.

Somehow, ever since he met Cora, he started to be more human that a robot. Doctors Tenma and Elefun thought that it was due to the fact that he has the memories of Tenma's late son, Toby Tenma. It was because of that, with some assistance of the blue core, that his mechanical parts were being replaced with veins, bones and a heart and brain. He even developed a...well, you know, the MAN part. (AN: I phrased it like that because saying it actually creeps me out. I hope you get what I mean, though...) Because of that, Elefun invented him rocket boots and gave him some weapons in case he was attacked.

"You wanted to see me, son?" Dr Tenma asked as he sat on the couch next to Astro.

"Dad, I need some advice," Astro started, as if he was hesitant to ask the following question.

"Go on. I'm not going anywhere," Tenma assured.

"Well, you know how Cora and I have been dating for 3 years now?" Astro asked him.

Tenma just smiled and nodded. He remembered the day Astro told him that he and Cora became boyfriend/girlfriend as if it were yesturday.

"YES! WHOO HOO! YEAH!" 15-year-old Astro Boy yelled as he ran into the house jumping and doing flips of joy and happiness, along with throwing his fist into the air a couple of times.

"Astro, you might want to keep it down. Your father is working in his study and does NOT want to be disturbed," Orrin warned.

"I'm sorry, Orrin. I'm just so happy right now," Astro confessed.

"It's alright, Orrin. I was about to have a break anyway," Dr Tenma assured the robot butler as he walked out of the study towards his disturbingly happy son.

"Dad! You'll never believe what happened today!" Astro shouted, excited.

"Well, might as well tell me. You look like you're gonna explode," Dr Tenma laughed.

"Well, I asked Cora if she wanted to go on a date with me. She said yes. So, we went to the resteraunt and had our date...uninterrupted by a world crisis, of course, and I told her that I'm in love with her. And...SHE LOVES ME BACK! So, I asked her if she would like to be my girlfriend. And...SHE SAID YES! I'M DATING THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS!" Astro shouted to his father at the top of his lungs.

"That's great news, son! I'm so proud of you!" Dr Tenma told his son as he embraced him in a bone-crushing man hug.

"Thanks, Dad!" Astro rasped out, whilst returning the embrace.

Orrin did nothing but congradulate Astro and admire this moment between father and son.
End flasback.

"Dad? Yoo-hoo. Earth to Dad," Astro said as he clicks his fingers in his face.

"Sorry, son. Must have zoned out. Now, what were you saying?" Dr Tenma asked.

"Well, I know we're only 18-years-old, but...I love her so much. In other words...I wanna ask her to marry me," Astro confessed, breathing a sigh of relief after he finished.

"Wow. That's good news, son," Dr Tenma assured him.

"Thanks, Dad. Just one problem: I don't know HOW to propose to her, where I should propose, heck; I don't even have a ring. That's where I need your help," Astro confessed.

"Well, with the ring problem, I got that covered," Dr Tenma assured him as he went to the cabinat.

"You're gonna buy him a ring?" Orrin asked his master, confused.

"How's this one, son?" Dr Tenma asked him, completely ignoring Orrin's confusion, as he showed him the engagement ring. (AN: There'll be a link to the photo of the ring in my profile. The ring's kinda hard to describe, but I can sure tell you its very beautiful and it's a Princess Cut engagement ring. When you see the photo, imagine it's engraved on the inside.)

"Where'd you get this?" Astro gasped as he stared at the ring in awe.

"It belonged to Toby's mother...well, technically, YOUR mother too. If she were alive, she'd love you as if you were Toby," Dr Tenma explained to him.

"You're saying that Mum's dead? How'd she die?" Astro asked.

"She got into a car accident while she was pregnant with Toby. She had to go through an emergency c-section so they had a chance to save Toby. She died a couple of days after his birth," Dr Tenma explained. (AN: That might NOT be true. I don't know what happened to Toby's mother...or if she's still ALIVE and they just divorced. If anyone knows, can you tell me so I know for next time?)

"I'm sorry," Astro breathed.

"Don't be. I'm sure she would want you to use it. In her will, she said that when Toby says that he wants to marry a girl, she wants him to have this ring. It's basically a family air-loom. It's even engraved inside it," Dr Tenma told him.

Astro looked on the inside of the ring and found 'Forever and Always' engraved inside. He smiled at the thought of giving this ring to Cora when he proposed to her and sliding her wedding band next to it on the day they would become husband and wife.

"How did you propose to her?" Astro asked his father out of curiousity.

"Well, I took her to the park, because it was one of her most favourite places in the world. She used to go there all the time. It was also where we first met and asked her to be my girlfriend. As we watched the sunset, I finally popped the question," Dr Tenma told him.

"Bill, what are you doing?" Evelyn (AN: Don't know her real name, so I decided to call her Evelyn. It's a nice name, don't you think?) asked, giggling as she saw him drop down on one knee in front of her.

"Evelyn, when I first saw you, I knew that you were the one for me. You stayed with me although I was mostly busy at the Ministry of Science. You put up with me if I worked from home on some occasions. You're OK with me constantly travelling. I know that you're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. You are my true love. Evelyn Melissa Summers, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" Bill asked the brunette woman before him as he took the ring out of his pocket.

The ring was shining in the faint glow of the sunset and reflected in Evelyn's crystal blue eyes.

"Yes, yes, a million times, yes!" Evelyn told him whilst crying tears of joy.

Also crying tears of joy, Bill slid the ring onto her finger and kissed her passionately.
End flashback

"Dad, don't make it gross!" Astro shouted.

"And how many times exactly did I catch you and Cora about to do 'it'?" Dr Tenma retorted.

"It was one time!" Astro defended.

"6, actually," Orrin corrected.

"We were just making out! It wasn't gonna turn into anything more than that! I swear!" Astro retorted.

"Then how come you always go to remove her shirt?" Dr Tenma threw back.

Astro said nothing. Tenma knew that he got him there. (AN: OK. I'm now all of a sudden thankful I rated this T.)

"Nicely done, Bill!" Orrin cheered for no apparant reason.

He immediately shut up when he noticed the look that Tenma AND Astro was giving him. Thankfully, the menacing looks stopped when they heard a knock at the door.

"I'll got get it," Orrin announced before leaving the living room.

"Anyways, where did you and Cora meet anyway?" Tenma quizzed him.

"At the robot junkyard," Astro answered.

"O...K. I think it can be a little more romantic than that. Name one memory that you share with Cora," Tenma told him. (AN: Got rid of the 'dr' at the beginning because along with what he's saying, it's just starting to become too much to type. I hope you understand.)

"Well, when I found out that Cora was from Metro City, we were outside at Hamegg's and we were sitting on the boot of a beaten-up car gazing at the stars," Astro explained.

"That's good. Here's where I think you should take her when the time comes around for you to pop the question: Take her to the highest building in Metro City to gaze at the stars. Then, you wait a few moments, then you reconfess your dying love for her and ask her to marry you," Tenma advised his son.

"Wow. This was actually a lot easier than I expected. Thanks, Dad," Astro said as he embraced his father.

"You're welcome, son. Glad I could help," Tenma responded as he returned the loving embrace.

"Um...sorry to interrupt, Astro, but we have a visitor," Orrin announced as he let the young lady in.

"Alyssa!" Astro gasped in surprise.

Alyssa Sumners is also 18-years-old nad happened to live down the street from the Tenma family. She also happened to be Cora's first friend on the surface and one of Astro's most trusted allies. She had long chestnut hair and crystal blue eyes. Her skin was a beautiful ivory, but was covered in blood and bruises. Her demin jeans and pale blue t-shirt was torn and her sneakers were almost worn out.

"What happened to you!" Tenma asked worriedly.

"," was all her angelic voice could say before she passed out.

"Astro, lie her on the couch. Orrin, tell Elefun to get over here now. I'll see if I can stop the bleeding," Tenma commanded.

Tenma might be a genuis when it comes to robots, but when it comes to human injuries, well, let's just say that the doctor in the family was Evelyn before she died. Elefun also happened to have a medical degree and he said that if anyone in the family – even a friend of a family member – was injured, he'd be more than happy to help out.

"Who's hurt?" Elefun asked as he walked into the living room.

"Alyssa. From the looks of her injuries, she took quite a beating," Astro answered.

"I managed to stop the bleeding, but I don't know if she has any other injuries," Tenma added.

"From the looks of these bruises, I'd say that other injuries are a high possiblity," Elefun told them as he began checking over Alyssa before asking, "Was she unconscious when she arrived?"

"No. But she said '' and then she fainted," Orrin answered for Tenma and Astro.

"Well, she hasn't lost a lot of blood, so it's most likely that she passed out either due to weakness or the pain she must have been suffering. She's lucky you stopped the bleeding, Tenma," Elefun explained.

It turns out that when Astro said that Alyssa took quite a beating, he was right. There was brusing under the clothing too. Not to mention that her right arm was broken and she hit her head so hard, she cut it. 5 minutes after Elefun was done checking her and bandaging her, she finally came to.

"Are you alright?" Elefun asked in concern as he held her head.

"I'm alright. Thank you, Dr Elefun," Alyssa said greatfully, refering to her broken arm which was now convered in plaster and was resting against her chest because of the sling.

"All in a day's work," he responded.

"What happened?" Tenma repeated.

"Well, I was over at Cora's house for the weekend. We were talking and doing girly stuff. Then, President Stone attacked with some of the robots you destroyed at Hamegg's Robot Games 5 years ago," Alyssa started.

"President Stone!" Elefun and Tenma repeated in surprise.

"Dad, I thought you said that Stone was in prison," Astro said, alarmed.

"He was. He must have escaped," Tenma responed.

"What happened after?" Elefun asked.

"Is Cora OK?" Astro asked, worriedly.

"President Stone wanted revenge. He still has eyes on that blue core, Astro. He wanted us to tell him where you were. He still thinks you're a full-on robot. He doesn't know that the blue core and Toby's memories have literally turned you INTO a human. When we refused to tell him, he ordered his robots to attack us," Alyssa added.

"They can't do that!" Astro exclaimed, disbelief, worry, fear and anger visible in his voice and brown eyes.

"They broke the Laws of Robotics," Tenma added.

"How?" Alyssa asked, confused.

Since Alyssa was origionally from the Surface, she didn't know much about robots since Hamegg didn't teach her anything. Unlike Hamegg, Tenma has been tutoring her in Robotic Science when she and her family moved to Metro City 4 years ago. She only just started learning about the Laws of Robotics. Aside from that, she was actually pretty good academically, especially when it came to physical activities and other health-related topics. She's 15 IQ points lower than Astro and only 1 IQ point higher than her best friend, Cora.

"Robots aren't allowed to harm humans. It's been like that for 55 years," Elefun explained to her.

"Well, my injuries aren't as bad as Cora's. The robots mainly attacked her so, she actually got more beatings than I did. After a while, they actually beat Cora so bad, she was unconscious by the time they were done. Actually, she looked like she was dead," Alyssa went on.

"Oh my God! Please tell me that she isn't dead!" Astro pleaded her, tears threatening to block his vision and sobs filling his throat.

"Relax, Astro. I used some of my strength to check her pulse. She's alive, but barely. Then, President Stone asked us again. We refused again, and then..." her sentence got cut off by sobs and tears streaming down her cheeks.

"What's wrong? Are you in pain?" Elefun asked.

"No," Alyssa responded, sniffling.

Tenma handed her a box of tissues. She took them greatfully and started blowing her nose and wiping her face from tears. But the tears kept on coming.

"Well, then. What's wrong? What happened?" Tenma asked for seemingly the uptenth time.

"You don't understand! I'm a lousy best friend!" Alyssa shouted.

"How?" Orrin asked, confused.

"Orrin, I think it would be best if you left," Elefun told him.

Grumbling under his breath, Orrin hovered out of the rooom.

"How are you a lousy best friend?" Tenma repeated Orrin's question.

"Because I let President Stone kidnap her!" Alyssa sobbed.

*gasp* Cora's been kidnapped? NO! What will happen next? Is she even still alive? What is President Stone doing to her as we speek? How will Astro react? there something that Alyssa isn't telling Astro concerning his beloved Cora?

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