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Alyssa knew how everyone here would to the news of Stone's escape and Cora's kidnapping. Still, nothing could prepare her for the sight she was greeted with. The sight was just heartbreaking.

Orrin was upset. He started liking Cora since she and Astro spent most of their time together. Elefun and Tenma looked terrified. They witnessed first hand what Stone was capable of doing. They feared what they could do to her if he decided to torture her for the information he desired. Astro...well, in the simpliest terms, he looked heartbroken, terrified and pissed off to the max. Stone figured out during his prison time that if something happened to her, he'd come running. When he confessed his feelings to Cora, he had a feeling this was going to happen eventually. Out of all the times this could have happened, he had to escape jail and kidnap her now.

"I just hope she didn't get hit in the stomach," Elefun muttered.

"Cora and I made sure that stomach hits didn't happen," Alyssa assured.

"What are you guys talking about?" Tenma asked confused.

"Tenma, do not blame Astro. He did not know of this...until now," Elefun warned Tenma.

"Didn't know what?" Astro questioned, obviously confused.

Alyssa sighed before telling him the next shocking news, "Cora's pregnant, Astro."

Astro felt his legs crumble beneath him and he collapsed onto the couch as he felt shock and surprise run through his now blood-filled veins. At first, he thought that Elefun and Alyssa were playing a practical joke on him to cut the tension of everything that is currently taking place. But the looks on their faces told him they were serious. That made Astro more worried.

Although, if it weren't for the fact that this is currently a serious situation, he would've laughed about it until he realised that she was serious, faint, wake up thinking it was all a dream until she told him again and then he would either jump up and down out of joy or activate his rocket boots and fly around Metro City and the Surface screaming, 'I'M GONNA BE A DAD!'

"H-h-h-how long?" Astro stuttered.

"Approximately 3 months," Elefun answered.

"3 months?" Astro and Tenma exclaimed in disbelief.

"The symptoms didn't start showing until recently. She told me that she suspected that she was pregnant so I told her to either buy a couple of home pregnancy tests or see Elefun if she wanted a more accurate result. She was just explaining the results to me when Stone attacked. And she was about to tell me the gender too!" Alyssa explained with a slight pout at the last remark.

"Son, you told me that you and Cora haven't done anything along those lines. If this kidnapping hadn't happened, you would be in big trouble, mister!" Tenma scolded.

"It was 3 months ago, dad!" Astro defended as his mind replayed the events.

Begin flashback

Astro and Cora walked into Astro's bedroom leaning against each other for support and holding their sides laughing as hard and hystrically as they could. They just returned after pulling a prank on Elefun, Tenma and some of the other scientists at the Ministry of Science with Alyssa and the prank was PRICELESS! The looks on their faces were hysterical. Normally, Astro and Cora weren't known for pulling pranks...but that was before Alyssa, the Queen of Pranks, came along and asked for their help in every prank she pulled. Soon, they got involved with everything and became known amongst the Ministry of Science as The Terrible Threesome.

"Did you see their faces?" Astro exclaimed.

"It was so priceless!" Cora agreed.

After laughing hysterically a little while longer, they finally calmed down and now they were lying on Astro's bed facing each other with smiles on their faces. Next thing they knew, they were kissing. Then, their clothes started disappearing and then they were making love on Astro's bed. (AN: I don't wanna get too graphic. I do want to keep this T.)

End flashback

"Either way, you should've told me you were planning on going that far with your relationship," Tenma scolded yet again.

"We didn't plan it, Dad! It just happened! Don't tell me it wasn't like that with you and Mom!" Astro retorted.

"Astro, I think you just crossed the line there. So, if I were you, I'd shut up before it gets worse," Alyssa advised who obviously noted the looks that were flashing on Tenma's face.

"Oh, Dad. I'm so sorry," Astro apoligised.

"Go to your room, son," Tenma commanded.

"But Dad-."

"GO TO YOUR ROOM!" Tenma screamed.

Hurt and heartbroken about the way his father is treating him, Astro stalked off into his room. Once the door was shut, he let his anger about his failure to protect Cora and their unborn child and his father's attitude towards him out by breaking various belongings and punching the wall. Before he went to throw something else, he stopped as soon as he realised what it was. It was a picture of him and Cora 2 months ago on their third anniversary as a couple. At the time, she was unknowingly four weeks pregnant with their unborn son or daughter. His body shook as he let some breathy sobs escape his lips. Clutching the picture to his chest, he fell to his knees in despair, his body shaking with every sob he let out along with the tears from his eyes. Alyssa walked in and gasped at the sight of the room and her friend. She knelt next to her friend and pulled him against her, embracing him with her good arm.

"Astro, it'll be OK. We'll get her back. I promise," Alyssa whispered soothingly to him.

"Why did it have to happen to her? Why?" Astro sobbed.

"I don't know, Astro. I don't know," Alyssa responded sadly as she continued to comfort him.

But it did no help. All comforting was forgotten when Alyssa started crying herself. Astro immediately wrapped both arms around his friend and they sobbed together in one another's arms. 30 minutes later, Alyssa fell asleep in Astro's arms because of her crying and exhaustion. With a sad sigh, he stood up whilst holding her up bridal style and carried her out of his room towards the guest bedroom just down the hall. Once there, the door automatically opened and he laid her in the bed. After he tucked her in, he walked off and went back to his own room. Tenma fell asleep on the couch with his cheeks tearstrained and clutching a photo of him and his late wife, Evelyn, just days before Toby was born and her ultimate demise. Elefun obviously occupied the other guest room that was down the hall from Tenma's study not far from Alyssa. With one last gaze at his father, he entered his room once more and took in the sight of the misplaced items and the holes in the wall created by his fists.

"Don't lose hope, Cora. Don't ever give up. I will rescue you. I promise. I promise I will never let anything happen to you or our child," Astro vowed after he fixed up his room.

That wasn't easy, considering that his vision was constantly blurred from the tears he refused to let escape and his throat was just as constantly blocked by heavy sobs. Once his room was back in order, he let himself fall to his knees by his bedside. He folded his arms on the mattress and rested his head on top of them before he sobbed even harder than ever before in his life. This shouldn't be happening. This wasn't how the story was supposed to go.

Cora was supposed to come up to him and tell him about their future baby. He would be shocked at first before being overwhelmed by the happiness that would follow. Then that following night, he would take her to the tallest building in Metro City to gaze at the stars like his father suggested and ask her to marry him. Then they would get married with Alyssa, Tenma, Elefun and all their family and friends there watching the beautiful ceremony take place. The second last part of the story was that Astro would be standing beside his exhausted wife in the hospital cradling his newborn son or daughter against his chest wondering how they were able to create something so small, fragile and beautiful. Then the story would end with them growing old together, seeing what their kids would accomplish and meeting their grandkids.

It wasn't going to go like this. His girlfriend and best friend weren't meant to get attacked by President Stone. The lives of Cora and their unborn baby weren't supposed to be hanging by threads. She was meant to be here with Alyssa having her wounds tended to by Dr Elefun. Why? Why did this have to happen just as Astro decided he was going to propose to Cora? Why did this have to happen while Cora was carrying a baby that was created by their love? Why did this have to happen just as their lives began returning to normal after saving the world from yet another alien squid? Why did the Gods above hate Astro so much, they had to take away the one person who could truly make him happy?

But no one knew the answer to these emotional questions; no one except President Stone himself. But it could be any of these two reasons or possibly both conbined together: he is still after that blue core inside Astro that transformed him into a human with Cora's love or he is just a cold hearted bastard who did this for the pleasure he feels whenever he terrorizes people. But aside from him, sadly, no one knows why.

Giving up on finding answers, Astro climbed into his bed and fell into a restless night's sleep filled with nightmares of the attack on Cora and Alyssa and what outcome could have resulted.

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