IMPORTANT NOTE, PLEASE AT LEAST READ JUST THIS BIT: I haven't updated this story in a long time, and I am so very sorry for all of that. I've had had my huge end of school exams, so these past two years have been crazy. I have four months before University/College starts, and I'm planning to finish this story then. However, I'm planning to re-commit and finish this story. Please keep reading.

In case you have forgotten what has happened, I have done as short a recap as possible below. Just give it a quick skim, and it should all come back to you:


Chapters 1-5: The story starts after the split in New Moon. Alice has visions of Bella doing witch-like activities, e.g. apparating. She goes to the Cullen's new home, with the intention of telling them the truth about her. All in all, the story turns happy, and our two favourite love birds get together again. A main difference here is that Bella's real name is Ynocencia and she is Tonks' sister, also a metamorphmagus. They go to England, and meet all of the typical Harry Potter characters.

Chapters 6-10: The Cullens and the wizards and witches bond. A welcome home party is thrown, and they all play some Quiddich. Bella opens her mind to Edward, removing her Occlumency. Edward proposes to Bella, she says yes, they get married, and Bella agrees to give up her magic in return for eternal life with Edward. She teaches Emmett and Edward potion making, and at the end of the chapter she is turned into a vampire. She can't access her magic – yet – but she has her metamorphmagus abilities and Occlumency.

Chapters 11-15: Edward and Bella go hunting. An 'accident' occurs where Edward is launched off a cliff and Bella's initial reaction is to try and save him, even though his an unbreakable vampire, and her magic returns to help 'save' him. The Cullen's decide to tell the Volturi, instead of hiding the magic-vampire to save future problems. Alice has a vision of Caius acting strange/deadly in a vision of them receiving the news. He is a jealous vampire-squib. The Cullen's are summoned to the Volturi.

Chapters 16-20: Emmett comes up with the idea of writing a vampires handbook, to help other vampires turn vegetarian. The Cullen's head back to England. They visit Remus and Tonks, and Esme is inspired by the werewolves plight and decides to help set up a centre/town for them to remove the stereotype of years – a refuge of sorts. Through Hagrid, they meet up with the Romanian vampires to ask about vampire-magic. The Cullen's also set up a future meeting to go to Hogwarts and ask about Bella's magic. So far they haven't found anything.

Chapters 21+: A remembrance service thing is held for all of those in the order. The wizards and witches find out about the Volturri summons. Jasper starts training Bella how to fight hand-to-hand combat. They journey to the Volturri and Aro tried to convince Bella and the other gifted Cullen's to join his ranks. Edward senses that something is wrong in the Volturri, something to do with Cauis. They survived the summons, but they're not out of the woods yet!

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