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Brennan sat down on the fold out bed in her tent. She was completely and utterly exhausted. Brennan didn't even open her eyes when she heard the zipper on the tent door open.

"Dr Brennan, I have some mail for you." Daisy said happily as she extended her arm, in her hand 3 envelopes for Brennan.

"Thank-you Miss Wick" Brennan mumbled in reply. She took the envelopes and lay back down. She heard the bed next to her squeak as Daisy sat down. Brennan decided to open one of the envelopes. The first one was from her father:

Dear Temperance,

Look something happened. There's no need to worry about me or anything, but I won't be able to pick you up at the airport when you come back. I'm so sorry. I hope your having fun in Indonesia and learning about evolution. Oh yeah I saw Margaret, she says hi. So does Russ and the girls. Anyway I'll write when I can, don't bother replying, I'm moving around a lot so I won't get it. Be safe.


Sampai Jumpa. That means goodbye in Indonesian…I looked it up especially for you.

Brennan finished reading the letter, put it back in the envelope and slipped it into her bag. She looked over at Daisy, her arms practically full with envelopes.

"Who are they all from?" Brennan asked.

"Oh…my family" Daisy answered, almost unsure of what to say. Satisfied, Brennan went back to her letters. She opened an envelope with the Jeffersonian logo in the top right corner.

Dear Dr. Brennan,

The Jeffersonian is not the same without you. The interns are rotating everyday for who will be 'Dr. Brennan'. Now you may be wondering why there's only one envelope from the Jeffersonian, but if you read further you will find letters from everyone in your tea. It was cheaper to send them all together. I hope you're enjoying Indonesia. We can't wait until you come back.




Dear Bren,

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you actually left. Seriously I thought you would've just ended up going to Guatemala or something. Anyway about the airport…what was up with that? Seriously did you see the look in Booth's eyes? It looked like he wanted to take you up against the wall. Well that was what I could see from my angle. You two were probably undressing each other with your eyes. He didn't even hug you I can't believe it! But then again a hug would turn into a kiss, which would turn into sex against the wall. I really need to get my mind out of the gutter. I can't wait until you get home! Seriously it's like…dead without you. See ya soon Sweetie. Don't work too hard…have some fun. Remember: Glug glug woo hoo!




Dr. B,

Heeyyy Dr. B. How's Indonesia? Have you gone to the theme park I was telling you about yet? You probably haven't but you should, it's amazing. There's some pretty nasty bugs in Indonesia, so I hope you're using repellant. Solving murders is definitely not as fun without you.

See you soon…..286 days to be exact

Dr. Jack Hodgins.

Brennan put the letters back into the envelope and slipped it into her bag. Without hesitation she teared open the last envelope.

Hey Bones!

You better be safe, if you're not I'm coming over there to drag you away from the skeletons. Also you better be eating at least three meals a day, and drinking lots of water…and wearing sunscreen…you burn easily.

While I'm writing this, I think it's about 5pm in Indonesia…so maybe the sun is setting…I dunno. But the next time the sun sets watch it, it's beautiful. Every night I watch the sunset and it reminds me of you…beautiful. I really miss you Bones. When we get back to DC, we will talk, then eat some Thai. Jeez I would kill for some Thai, not literally though.

I'm not being a hero, don't worry. I'm not putting myself out there when there is no need.

I'm sorry for making you feel the need to leave Bones. I think that after what happened (you know…my gamble)I made you feel uncomfortable. No matter what happens Bones, I will always love you, never forget that. I don't care if I have to live the rest of my life alone. I would much rather be alone and have you as a friend, than stuff up with you and have to settle for second best.

Stay safe Bones. Please write back.

From your BFF (best friend forever)

Booth. xo

Brennan smiled and put the letter back into the envelope. Instead of putting it in her bad though, she slipped it under her pillow.

"From that smile…I take it that one was from Booth" Daisy said with a cheeky smile on her face.

"Yes, it was." Brennan answered before she started rummaging through her bag to find a piece of paper and pen to write back to Booth.

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