This chapter is dedicated to my mum's best friend Vic. She is in hospital and has been for months suffering from severe depression. It's also for her 12 year old daughter Katie whom I love like a little sister and is struggling like hell. Xoxo

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Booth booted up his computer and logged into MSN. He had a request from Dr. Brennan . He quickly pressed 'allow this person to see when I am online' and hoped that Brennan was on. Booth couldn't help but smile when a conversation window popped up.

Dr. Brennan says: Hello Booth

Booth says: Hey Bones…I take it you got my letter?

Dr. Brennan says: Yes I did. How are you Booth?

Booth says: Ahhh I'm good thanks Bones…how are you?

Dr. Brennan says: I'm very well thank-you

Booth says: How's Indonesia?

Dr. Brennan says: It's good. How's Afghanistan.

Booth says: You know, same old same old.

Dr. Brennan says: Actually I don't know. I've never been to Afghanistan.

Booth says: It's a saying Bones.

Dr. Brennan says: Oh.

Booth says: Sooooooo….

Dr. Brennan says: How's Parker?

Booth says: He's good, he wrote me a letter the other day. He sent me a picture that he drew in art class.

Dr. Brennan says: Oh really, that's nice.

Booth says: Yep…has anyone written to you?...Besides me of course :D

Dr. Brennan says: Yes, I got a letter from my father, he's in trouble with the law. I also got a letter from Cam, Hodgins and Angela…Angela's letter made me laugh.

Booth says: Really…what did she say?

Dr. Brennan says: She said…and I quote: "Anyway about the airport…what was up with that? Seriously did you see the look in Booth's eyes? It looked like he wanted to take you up against the wall. Well that was what I could see from my angle. You two were probably undressing each other with your eyes. He didn't even hug you I can't believe it! But then again a hug would turn into a kiss, which would turn into sex against the wall."I found it quite humorous.

Booth says: That does sound like something Angela would say.

Dr. Brennan says: Can we talk about it Booth?

Booth says: About what exactly?

Dr. Brennan says: Well about the airport first.

Booth says: What about the airport?

Dr. Brennan says: Why was it so…awkward?

Booth says: I dunno Bones.

Booth says: You there Bones?

Booth says: Woo hoo Bones

Booth says: Bones I'm serious answer me

Booth says: Bones if you don't answer me I'm seriously coming over there!

Dr. Brennan says: I'm fine Booth, Miss Wick just came into the tent. She said she had to collect something so I hid my computer so she wouldn't ask if she could check her Facebook. I'm sorry Booth.

Booth says: It's fine Bones, you just freaked me out a bit.

Dr. Brennan says: Was it because we kissed? Was that why it was awkward?

Booth says: Probably Bones…but hey, I'm not that bad at kissing am I?:D

Dr. Brennan says: No not at all.

Dr. Brennan says: I made you uncomfortable didn't I?

Booth says: Nahhh don't worry bout it, just a bit of a shocker.

Dr. Brennan says: What, it shocks you that a female has told you that you are a good kisser?

Booth says: No Bones it shocks me that my partner said that.

Dr. Brennan says: There was a time when you wanted to be more than my partner.

Booth says: I still do Bones.

Dr. Brennan says: There was a time when all I wanted from you was a sexual partner. Now I have found that if I was to enter a relationship with you, it would be more than sex, and that scares me.

Booth says: Heyyyy, I think that what we both wanted that night was sex…guilty as charged.

Dr. Brennan says: I don't know what that means.

Booth says: I will never get tired of hearing that. Why does it scare you?

Dr. Brennan says: I've never been in a serious relationship before…of course there was Sully, but I never saw a future with him. When you asked to give us a chance, I saw a future, and that's what scares me.

Booth says: Naaaww Bones that's so sweet, you can see a future with me :D

Dr. Brennan says: Booth I'm being serious here.

Booth says: I know, I'm sorry Bones

Dr. Brennan says: It's ok, I'll forgive you.

Booth says: I can see a future with you too Bones.

Dr. Brennan says: At least I'm not the only one.

Booth says: And it scares me too.

Dr. Brennan says: You haven't moved on have you?

Booth says: No…why do you ask that?

Dr. Brennan says: I want to 'give us a shot'

Dr. Brennan says: Booth?

Dr. Brennan says: BOOTH!

Dr. Brennan says: BOOTHHH!

Booth says: Sorry Bones…really?

Dr. Brennan says: Yes really.

Booth says: 100% sure

Dr. Brennan says: I'm not comfortable with saying 100%, but yes I am very certain.

Booth says: Don't you find it kind of funny that you basically just asked me out over MSN, and the next time we see each other will be in over 8 months?

Dr. Brennan says: No I don't find it funny…I find it quite sad.

Booth says: Well then why couldn't you wait until we saw each other…couldn't stop thinking about me hey :D

Dr. Brennan says: I didn't want you to meet someone in Afghanistan. I know that opportunities for romantic encounters are very slim but I know that there are females in the army and I wanted to…claim you as Angela would say.

Booth says: That is very nice Bones…but I wasn't planning on moving on…I was going to wait until you were ready.

Dr. Brennan says: How did you know I was going to come around?

Booth says: I just knew…and you had that gleam in your eyes.

Dr. Brennan says: What gleam in my eyes?

Booth says: That gleam…you wouldn't know you don't see it.

Dr. Brennan says: I want to know about it.

Booth says: I can't explain it

Dr. Brennan says: Just tell me what it looks like.

Booth says: Well, your eyes go all shiny and they look so…innocent yet determined…that's the look

Dr. Brennan says: How can you tell that from my eyes?

Booth says: I just can Bones…it's a knack.

Dr. Brennan says: How did you know?

Booth says: I just explained it Bones, your eyes go all shiny and innocent yet determined…oh and I have the knack.

Dr. Brennan says: No, I mean, you said 'it's always the guy who says 'I knew'', how did you know?

Booth says: Do you mind if I sound sappy?

Dr. Brennan says: No, go on.

Booth says: As soon as I walked into that room and saw you…I just knew. I got that feeling like we were the only ones in the room, and for a split second I felt completely and utterly safe. Then when your eyes met mine…I saw it in you too.

Dr. Brennan says: You're right, that was sappy.

Booth says: I gave you fair warning.

Dr. Brennan says: I know.

Booth says: You're really willing to give this a shot Bones?

Dr. Brennan says: Yes, but I'm scared something will happen. What if we break up and we never talk to each other again, I can't lose you.

Booth says: I will never, EVER leave you Bones. Like I said in my letter, you could kick me out on the road and I will still come to your door at 6.30 with a cup of coffee.

Dr. Brennan says: I don't want to stuff this up Booth, you're the one I want to get it right with.

Booth says: We'll be fine Bones, I promise.

Dr. Brennan says: But I'm destined to be alone, how can you change that?

Booth says: I believe in fate Bones, but I also believe that you can change your own destiny. And I am sure gunna change it, you are not going to be alone.

Dr. Brennan says: You're talking like you think we are going to be together for the rest of our lives.

Booth says: I want us to be Bones…knowing that someone wants to spend the rest of their life with you may freak you out a bit Bones, but please don't run from me.

Dr. Brennan says: I'm not going to run, I promise.

Booth says: Thanks Bones…oooohh I have to go.

Dr. Brennan says: Why?

Booth: My mate Jake has come in and I don't want him to make any inappropriate comments.

Dr. Brennan says: Ok…talk to you soon?

Booth says: Absolutely, I don't know when I'll next be on the internet but you can still write to me.

Dr. Brennan says: I will. Bye Booth, be safe.

Booth says: I will, same to you. ILY

Dr. Brennan says: WAIT BOOTH!

Booth says: Yes?

Dr. Brennan says: What does ILY mean?

Booth says: I Love You

Booth has signed off.

Brennan stared at her screen in disbelief.

"Coward" she mumbled before she closed her laptop. That night Brennan had the best sleep she had had since she came to Indonesia. Booth was on the other side of the world, yet she had never felt closer to him.

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