AN: This is a 7 part story. 7 parts for 7 nights, I know its mind bottling how creative I am with titles and what not LOL. Hope you enjoy this!

AN2: This first chapter is kind of short because it's only one night. The other chapter will be longer as they are days and nights.

Puck was not expecting to see Rachel Berry on his doorstep at 2am in the morning after not having seen her for seven years. He wasn't expecting her to turn his life upside down in just 7 nights either.

7 Nights of Rachel Berry

Saturday Night

Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock

Puck's eyes snapped open and he twisted his head to check the time sleepily. 2am. Fuck that shit. He closed his eyes. Whoever was at the door would fuck off when he didn't answer.

Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock

Puck reluctantly opened his eyes again and then rubbed his face groaning. Whoever was at the door was a persistent little fucker. He threw back his covers and stalked down the hall, down the stairs to his front door. He adjusted the waistband of his sweatpants tiredly making sure the drawstring was tight. Last thing he needed was for whoever was at the door to get a free 'little Puck show' when they were already getting his gun show for free since he couldn't be bothered finding a shirt. Puck threw the door open and the familiar young woman on his doorstep must not have been expecting the door to be replaced by his face because she rapped him on the nose with her knuckles accidentally.

"Berry what the fuck?" Puck cursed holding his nose and blinking his eyes rapidly. Did she have stone knuckles or something? That shit stung and now his eyes were watering.

"I see your use of profanity hasn't diminished over the years," Rachel Berry commented haughtily in a way that was all too familiar, tossing her mane of shiny brown hair over her shoulder.

Puck muttered something under his breath that sounded a lot like, 'go fuck yourself', while rubbing his nose grudgingly.

"Nor has your grammar improved as that..." Berry gave him a pointed look, "Was not a proper greeting."

Puck finally recovered enough to remove his hand from his face and he looked down at Berry, because twenty-four or not she was still a midget compared to him, and took a moment to appreciate. Rachel Berry was looking fucking smoking; the years had been very good to her. She was wearing a short black mini dress with black high heels and her bangs were plastered to her forehead due to the rain she had walked through to get to his door. It was hot as fuck but it still rained; Lima had the shittiest weather in history. Puck kind of liked this wet look on her. There was a rental car in his driveway that he was pretty sure belonged to her which begged a very good question.

"Let me rephrase then, what the fuck are you doing here Berry?" Puck asked with forced politeness and sadness fell over Rachel's face.

"I need a favour," Rachel began quietly looking down at her hands. Puck narrowed his eyes suspiciously. Rachel Berry needed a favour from him? What kind of favour could she possible want? Puck recalled a story he had heard on the news last night and suddenly he knew why she was here, it was the only sane explanation he could come up with on a couple of hours sleep.

"I'm not giving you my sperm," Puck interrupted her explanation firmly folding his arms across his chest and Rachel stared at him blankly, her mouth hanging open in shock.


"I watched it on TV last night, career chicks too busy to bother with a husband are just getting guys to donate their sperm instead," Puck told her seriously shaking his head, "Not that we wouldn't make sexy Jew babies but I already gave one kid up and the next one that I have I'm planning to keep."

"I just don't even know what to say to that," Rachel deadpanned slowly giving him a look that said she thought he was an 'idiot' which Puck didn't think he really deserved. It was a conclusion anyone could have come to, "I didn't come here to procure your sperm."

"No one would blame you Berry, I am a fine specimen," Puck grinned at her wickedly and waggled his eyebrows while Rachel rolled her eyes.

"I'm sure your DNA is lovely Noah but I came here because I need a place to stay," Rachel told him solemnly and Puck just laughed, right in her face. She frowned at him as though she didn't understand what was so funny.

"Berry I haven't seen you since high school graduation which was like seven years ago and now you turn up on my doorstep and want a place to stay; you are a fucking trip Berry," Puck laughed shaking his head but Rachel didn't crack a smile.

"I'm not joking Noah, I'm desperate," Rachel admitted softly and Puck's laughter faded and he frowned at her. Fuck she was serious.

"Clearly," Puck mused then he raised an eyebrow, "Why?"

"Why what?" Rachel replied not following.

"Why do you need somewhere to stay? Aren't you some big shot on Broadway, surely you got a place of your own?" Puck questioned her curiously.

Her dad's still lived in Lima, he didn't understand why she couldn't just harass them instead but he wasn't going to pretend he understood anything Rachel Berry did. A shadow fell over her face.

"I don't want to talk about it Noah," she said, her voice firm then her face melted into a pleading pout that Puck thought looked kind of sexy as he imagined what those lips could do. He was startled from his dreaming when she spoke again, "Please, can I please just stay with you? Just for a week at most?"

Puck ran a hand through his short bristly hair. His Mohawk was gone, it had been the first thing to go after graduation but sometimes he missed that strip of hair. Rachel gave him this look that he recognised, the one where she blinked her eyelashes slowly and her wide brown eyes filled with unshed tears; her puppy dog look. Fuck she was a good actress. Puck knew he couldn't just let her stay out there on the street. He was an asshole but he wasn't that much of an asshole.

"Fine," he agreed grudgingly but he pointed a finger in her face warningly, "But you're sleeping on the couch."

Rachel beamed at him using her hand to push his finger out of her face. When their hands touched they both froze at the spark they felt from the brief contact but Rachel recovered first.

"Thank you," she whispered as she walked passed him into the house and then he saw the three suitcases that she had been hiding behind her. She twisted her head back to him, "Bring in all my bags will you please Noah?"

Puck glared at her suitcases then grabbed them and tugged them into the house slamming his front door behind him.

Puck didn't say anything as he tossed her a couple of sheets for the couch, a spare pillow and a blanket as well and Rachel just kept muttering thank you. He grunted his reply at her and then left her to her own devices heading into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Having downed the water and splashed some on his face to make sure that he wasn't dreaming and Rachel really was in his house he passed by the living room to check that she was settled in and saw Rachel curled up on the couch wearing her frog pyjamas. He remembered those particular pyjamas; he'd seen them quite a few times through their high school years. He could practically hear his mother's voice in his head as he stared at her.

'Noah Eli Puckerman, how dare you let that young lady sleep on the couch? I raised you to treat a woman right which means you give her your bed.'

Then his mother's voice tapered off into Yiddish and he stopped listening but it was too late. He had already grown a conscience. He gave a loud groan of annoyance and Rachel sat up on the coach startled, looking at him with wide brown eyes.

"Is something wrong?" she asked him innocently.

You mean apart from you invading my life?
Puck commented to himself snidely as he walked closer to the couch.

"Go sleep in my bed, I'll take the couch," Puck snapped at her grumpily and Rachel stood up slowly, a small smile coming to her face.

"Thank you Noah," she said softly leaning over to brush a kiss against his cheek.

Rachel didn't ask him the way to his room, she already knew. Puck shook his head. Of course she knew; she and Puck had spent a lot of time in there senior year. Seeing Rachel, and in those pyjamas no less, brought back a lot of memories that Puck would rather have forgotten. As he tried to get himself comfortable on the couch he just knew he wasn't going to get a good sleep tonight. This girl really knew how to turn his world upside down in less than an hour.

Fucking Rachel Berry.

AN: So thats the first part. Should be seven more chapters, they will be kind of short I think. Or maybe long given how prone I am to waffling. Will prob only get to update this once a week.