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7 Nights of Rachel Berry


Rachel was awoken my Noah shaking her awake and her eyes fluttered open as she looked around disorientated. What time was it? What was going on?

"Berry get your shit together, we're flying to Vegas," Noah told her gruffly and Rachel rubbed her eyes still sleepy not fully comprehending what was happening.

"Why?" she murmured softly and Noah sat on the bed and brushed a kiss across her lips.

"So I can marry your crazy ass," Noah told her quite simply and it took Rachel a couple of seconds to process what he was saying and then she sat up straight and gaped at him. He wanted to marry her? That meant he still loved her and wanted to be with her. At least she thought it did.

"You still love me?" Rachel asked needing to hear it and Puck gave her the crooked smile that she adored so much.

"Course I still love you, now get your shit together and call your dads and your mom and Shue to meet us in Vegas, I'm marrying you before you have a chance to run away," Noah chuckled kissing her again before getting to his feet and rummaging through his drawers for a bag and some clothes. Rachel jumped out of his bed and excitedly started throwing things into her suitcases chattering about having so much to do and did he think people in Las Vegas would recognize a Broadway star? His reply, "Not fucking likely babe."

"Noah what is all this yelling about?" Rebecca demanded tiredly as she barged into the room without knocking and she stared in confusion at Noah and Rachel packing their bags. Noah grinned at her and Rachel smiled as well knowing his mother was about to get the shock of her life.

"Pack your bags mom we're going to Vegas. Rachel and I are getting married."

Rachel thought that Rebecca was going to faint because she started fanning her face and breathing heavily leaning against the door jam.

"Oh my goodness," she gushed excitedly and then scurried from the room. Noah turned to Rachel and made a crazy gesture with his hand that made her giggle and then Rebecca came back into the room handing something to Noah, "Here."

"Mom," Noah said staring down at the item she had given him and Rachel tried to see what it was but Noah's hand was closed over it, effectively hiding it from her view.

"This was your grandmother's, give it to Rachel, every bride needs an engagement ring," Rebecca whispered to her son and Rachel bit her lip to stop from crying when she saw that Noah was trying to hold back tears of his own. Noah turned to her, his hazel eyes shining and then sank to one knee. This proposal was not the one she had dreamt of as a child; there was no string quartet, banner or confetti but Rachel couldn't have cared less. It was just Rachel and Noah both in their pajamas with a serious case of morning breathe and that was perfect.

"Rachel, will you be my wife?" Noah asked her simply and Rachel nodded feeling a tear or two slip down her cheeks when he placed the antique ring on her finger getting to his feet. Rebecca squeaked out a sob as Noah dipped his head to kiss her then he looked over at his mother rolling his eyes, "Come on Ma, get your stuff together, we gotta go."

Puck left it to Rachel to call Brittany and Kurt to tell them to the news. Within twenty minutes both Brittany and Kurt were storming into the house squealing with excitement before bundling Rachel away barely giving Puck a second look. Since Matt and Mike knew what was happening Puck had entrusted them to buy the plane tickets to Las Vegas and book some accommodation. They had both declared it was their treat but Puck had a feeling it was more Mike's parents treat because they were super rich and still gave Mike a hefty allowance even though Mike lived out of home and had a job. They were going all out; Mike, Matt, Brittany, Kurt, Puck, Rachel, Rebecca and Hannah were all coming along with Rachel's dads and her mom and Mr Shue. Puck didn't want to think about what her parents thought considering Rachel was getting married just over a week after bailing on her first attempted wedding; he left Rachel to make that call by herself. Puck still had to call Finn because Puck didn't want to get married without his oldest friend there so he ducked out into the backyard to give Finn the unexpected news.

"Hey Puck," Finn greeted him straight away and Puck didn't waste any time.

"Finn, I'm getting married today."

"To Rachel?" Finn asked knowingly and Puck frowned.

"Yeah…how…dude…how did you know that?" Puck asked hesitantly. Puck was certain that he hadn't told Finn that he and Berry were…doing whatever it was they were doing with each other this past week so how Finn knew he was marrying Rachel was a mystery indeed.

"Uh…lucky guess?" Finn said it like a question and Puck frowned at the phone. What was Finn's deal lately? Puck was starting to worry for his friend's sanity and the fact that he seemed to have developed psychic skills. Finn started rambling again, "I'm really happy for you guys."

"So I want you to be at the wedding, think you can make it?" Puck decided to let it go and focus one what was really important today. He'd have time later to find out when Finn became such a fruit loop.

"Of course man, I wouldn't miss it," Finn assured him and Puck smiled, everything was going to plan. In a couple of hours they'd be in Vegas and he'd be getting married. Surprisingly he wasn't as petrified as he thought he'd be; he smirked when he realized that he had to be as crazy as Berry herself.

"Okay call Matt or Mike for details on where we are staying, meet you in Vegas."

"Sweet, see you man and congratulations," Finn called into the phone and Puck shook his head smiling as he ended the call.

Puck found himself blocked on the way to his truck with Rachel's absurdly enormous suitcase by Kurt who was wearing a grin that Puck wasn't sure he trusted. When Kurt was happy the general consensus was that Puck would not be. Kurt tossed his head haughtily.

"I'm cashing in my favor," Kurt announced with a raised eyebrow and then he grinned expectantly, "Invite Jesse to the wedding."

To say Puck was surprised at the odd request would be an understatement.

"Weren't you telling me just this week that Jesse was annoying?" Puck asked scratching his head in confusion. One second Kurt hated the guy the next he wanted him around? Kurt rolled his eyes like Puck was the crazy one.

"That was when he was an annoying straight man, now he's a handsome gay man whom I want to annoy me all the time," Kurt leered a little his innocent face turning just that little bit dirty and Puck grimaced. Seeing Kurt make that face really grossed Puck out big time.

"You're pathetic Hummel," he coughed behind his hand not really disguising the comment and Kurt placed his hands on his slim hips narrowing his eyes.

"You promised," Kurt reminded him whining a little before giving his foot a small stamp and Puck sighed with resignation. Yes, he had promised Kurt a favor.

"Fine, I'll tell Rachel to call him but that's as far as I go. You want to get into his pants you will have to get in there yourself," Puck threatened him and Kurt's grin returned.

"Oh I plan to my dear Puck, I definitely plan to," Kurt said softly rubbing his hands together and Puck groaned and pushed past him trying to rid his thoughts of Jesse and Kurt together.

A fair few hours later, around 4pm, they were checking into their rooms at the Riviera Hotel. There was the Riviera Royale Chapel downstairs that Matt and Mike had booked them in for a wedding at midnight; for some reason they thought that would be a romantic time to get married. Puck was starting to regret letting the two plan this trip. They had separate rooms; three for the girls, Puck's mom and sister and Kurt and two for the guys and Finn when he arrived. Rachel's dad's and her mom and Shue had organized their own rooms and were arriving later that evening. Finn was due to arrive in about two hours. As they went to the lifts to go to their rooms Puck wrapped an arm around Rachel's waist and pulled her close to him.

"By tonight, you will be my ball and fucking chain baby," Puck whispered to her harshly and Rachel gave a mischievous grin looking up at him from under her dark lashes.

"I can't wait," she assured him, not a hint of fear or uncertainty on her face.

"But today she belongs to us, we have a big evening planned," Brittany interrupted the pair grinning widely and when Rachel gave her a bewildered look Puck laughed.


"Well you need a new dress and a veil at least," Brittany started listing things off on her fingers.

"Britt, the wedding is in seven hours," Rachel reminded her blonde friend but Brittany wasn't even listening as she continued to ramble to herself.

"Plus we have to find time to do your hair and make up..."

Rachel turned back to Noah with a pleading look and she could hear Kurt, Matt and Mike sniggering with laughter.

" me," she whispered through gritted teeth and Puck just laughed.

"She's your maid of honor," Puck reminded her and Brittany perked up excitedly.

"I'm the maid of honor? Yay!" Brittany clapped her hands and started jumping around on the spot. Behind her Matt and Mike smiled indulgently clearly in adoration of her. Brittany frowned as a thought crossed her mind, "Do I get a veil as well?"

Rachel laughed.

"Sure Britt, you can have a veil as well," Rachel assured her and Brittany hugged her tightly as Matt and Mike dragged Puck away.

Brittany had been completely serious about getting Rachel a new dress and a veil as well. They found a simple dress that clung to Rachel's slim frame and Brittany bought a new dress while Kurt bought a new suit in celebration. Somehow Brittany even managed to squeeze them all in for a manicure and pedicure. Las Vegas really was the city that never sleeps. The three had been dragging Hannah and Rebecca everywhere with them and Rachel was starting to feel exhausted. They came together with everyone for a late dinner. Rachel's dads had arrived along with Shelby and Will plus Carol and Burt and, to Rachel's delight, Finn and Jesse as well. That was all of them and they made quite a commotion in the restaurant talking and laughing in celebration of the coming wedding. After dinner Rachel was hurried back up to her room where Kurt was in control of her make up and then he and Brittany worked on her hair. Rebecca and Shelby had decided to help themselves to some champagne and were quite happy as they regaled each other on funny stories of their children. Rachel looked around the room and noticed someone missing.

"Where is Hannah?"

"Texting," Brittany answered without hesitation and Kurt sighed.

"That girl is always texting, I wonder who it is," Kurt replied distractedly and Rachel winced when Kurt pulled on her hair a little too tight. Brittany untwisted a curl and twisted it around her finger before smiling as it curled perfectly.

"A boyfriend?" Rachel suggested raising her eyebrows and Brittany tutted.

"Finn," she said knowingly.

Both Kurt and Rachel turned to Brittany and gaped at her.

"Finn?" they squeaked in unison and Brittany nodded.

"How do you know its Finn?" Rachel asked the question she knew that Kurt was about to ask.

"I have a fifth sense remember?" Brittany said smiling widely and when Kurt gave Rachel a curious look she shook her head discreetly, silently telling him not to ask any questions, "Think back to when Finn and Hannah were in the same room together."

Kurt and Rachel both paused thoughtfully. Rachel thought back to when they had all met up in the foyer of the hotel and sure enough in her peripheral vision she remembered seeing Finn and Hannah hug and then stay standing next to each other. Then at dinner, Finn had sat next to Hannah and kept his attention on her most of the time. And Hannah had been texting all day except for when they were around Finn.

"Oh my god you're right," Rachel breathed in disbelief before looking up at her friend, "You are a genius Brittany."

"I know," Brittany replied shrugging and Kurt shook his head.

"It all might just be coincidence, I have to know if it's Finn," Kurt dashed through the interconnecting door to the other room and Brittany and Rachel exchanged a hurried glance before hurrying after him.

They arrived through the door in time to see Kurt triumphantly pluck the phone from Hannah's unsuspecting hands.

"Hey, give it!" Hannah yelled blushing bright red but Kurt was small and wily as he ducked out of her hands reading her latest text messages.

"Oh my god, it is Finn," Kurt yelled releasing the phone back to Hannah who cradled the phone protectively shying away from the questioning she knew was about to take place.

"You and Finn?" Rachel asked in disbelief and Hannah shrugged still blushing.

"We're not exactly together. I mean, we've talked about it but I'm still in high school and he lives in Seattle so right now it's just not gonna happen. We are just friends but...I like him and he likes me too," Hannah said softly still looking at the ground and Rachel placed a hand on her shoulder, giving her a stern look.

"Hannah honey do me a favor?"

"Uh huh?"

"Don't tell your brother. I love him but if he knew about you and Finn...well I worry for Finn's safety."

Hannah had to smirk at that, her old fire coming out.

"We're not suicidal. The plan is for me to graduate and then I'm going to move to Seattle with Finn and hopefully go to college there," Hannah told them of her plans, clearly this had been in the works for quite a long time.

"Oh wow, does your mother know?" Brittany asked curiously and Hannah rolled her eyes.

"Who do you think extended our Nationals trip to stopover in Seattle so that I could spend time with Finn?" Hannah retorted sarcastically then she smiled dreamily, "Finn and I have only kissed so far. I think the fact I'm still in high school freaks him out. Only two more months to go and then we can be together."

Rachel and Brittany grinned at each other, happy for Hannah and also Finn while Kurt looked a bit disappointed; probably that Finn was finally going to be off the market. Brittany checked her watch and gave a yelp of excitement and Rachel was sure she was now deaf.

"We have just enough time for your Hen's party," Brittany cooed grabbing Rachel and dragging her back into the other room and Kurt and Hannah followed them.

"Hen's party? My wedding is in 1 hour Britt," Rachel reminded her patiently and Brittany laughed shaking her head as she went to the hotel door and inched it open peeking her head outside. Rachel wondered what it was that Brittany was looking for. Whatever Brittany was looking for she seemed to have found because she turned back to Rachel smiling brightly.

"That's plenty of time now close your eyes," Brittany told her and Rachel sat down nervously looking at Kurt for help but he just shrugged looking as clueless as Rachel felt. Brittany grinned, "We got you a lap dance!"

Rachel gasped in horror.

"Britt are you insane? Noah will have a coronary."

"Why would he have a bird?"

Rachel breathed in and out slowly.

"Noah won't be happy about a lap dance with strippers Britt," Rachel gave it to her plainly and Brittany looked concerned for a moment before she shook her head.

"It's okay, it's just Matt and Mike," Brittany told her swinging open the hotel room door.

"Oh my god," Rachel whispered in horror as Brittany pressed play on a CD player she had set up earlier and the stripper theme song started to play as Mike and Matt entered the hotel room wearing their Lima Police uniforms grinding their hips along to the music.

Rachel covered her face with her hands while Brittany cheered loudly. Rachel looked over to her mother and future mother-in-law to apologize but saw that they were enjoying the show, whistling and hollering at the two much younger boys. Hannah at least looked as embarrassed as Rachel felt with her hands clasped over her face but Kurt seemed to be enjoying the show, sipping his champagne with a secretive smirk on his face. Rachel definitely didn't want to know what he was thinking. Rachel sighed with resignation, leaning back in her chair so Mike and Matt could give her a proper lap dance. It was going to be awkward explaining this to Noah later but for now Rachel had an hour to enjoy her lap dance and her last hour of unmarried life.

An hour later, dressed in her simple white dress with the veil Brittany had found for her Rachel made her way down to the chapel to find Noah waiting for her at the door to the chapel. He had found a new suit and looked devastatingly handsome and Rachel couldn't help but smile as she ran up and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately. Beside him were fully dressed Matt and Mike who would be standing in as Noah's best men while Finn stood behind them all as one of the groomsmen.

"We're up next, you ready?" Noah asked her winking and Rachel nudged him with her elbow playfully.


Noah knocked on the chapel door to signal they were ready and the old lady at the organ started playing a terrible rendition of 'Love me Tender' that 'Elvis' their celebrant was singing along to quite out of key. Brittany, wearing her own veil, entwined her arms with both her boyfriend's and led the way into the chapel, the large white doors opening to reveal a red carpet that led to 'Elvis'. Finn and Hannah went next, Hannah blushing as she stared adoringly up at Finn and then it was their turn and Rachel and Noah made their way down the aisle hands clasped together tightly, stopping when they reached 'Elvis' who would officiate the wedding. Rachel looked back at the seats and Kurt waved at her with his handkerchief while Jesse gave her a charming smile. Her dad's were trying not to cry on each other while Shelby and Mr Shue were both smiling widely. Rebecca was crying on Carol's shoulder as Carol gave her back a soothing pat and Burt just looked plain uncomfortable with all the estrogen surrounding him. Rachel turned to look back at her future husband to find him grinning at her. This wasn't the perfect wedding she had dreamed of when she was a little girl but she had the man at her side and that was enough.

For the reception they returned to the restaurant to dine at the all day buffet. There was a tired looking musician playing a guitar but the restaurant was still busy in spite of the late hour. Brittany and Mike were dancing together in the small dance area and Carol and Burt had joined them while Matt ate his fill of spaghetti happily smiling at them.

"Hello Mrs Puckerman," Puck greeted Rachel dropping a kiss onto her forehead and Rachel smiled up at him adoringly.

"Mr Puckerman," she replied pouting her lips and he kissed her obediently taking a seat beside her and placing his arm around her shoulders casually. Will and Shelby had joined the couples dancing and Hannah and Finn followed them.

"I don't like the look of that," Puck said darkly narrowing his eyes at Finn and Hannah who were slow dancing together too close for Puck's liking. Hannah was telling him something and Finn's attention was riveted on her.

"I think that is a good thing, we know Finn is trustworthy and loyal and he is a good person," Rachel told him sensibly but Puck just groaned.

"I don't want Finn porking my baby sister," Puck said gruffly and Rachel narrowed her eyes. Puck knew that look wasn't good. He was about to get a lecture.

"You can't get in the way if they are meant to be Noah," Rachel lectured him as he had expected and Puck smiled innocently.

"Yeah but I can punch Finn's face."

Rachel slapped his arm indignantly.

"Noah Puckerman you will not touch a hair on Finn's head do you understand?"

Puck grunted under his breath then muttered that he understood. Something caught his eye and he grimaced and nudged his wife.

"Good lord would you look at that?" Puck jerked his head and Rachel peered over his shoulder to see what he was seeing. Puck would have to bleach his memory to forget the sight of Kurt and Jesse making out as they stumbled towards the exit. Kurt took the time to wave to Puck and Rachel and Rachel giggled and waved back while Puck shook his head then Kurt and Jesse disappeared. Puck did not want to think about where they were going.

Puck held out his hand and Rachel accepted it with an adoring smile and Puck led her onto the dance floor pulling her close. He had been thinking for the last day or so about where they would live now that they were married. He knew that Rachel said she would give it all up for him but Puck didn't really want her to have to do that. His perfect house in Lima could always wait until they were ready to fill it with little Puckleberry's.

"So babe, when we get to New York you will have to take me to see the sights. If I'm gonna live there I want to have seen the place," Puck said casually and Rachel's eyes widened in shock.

"Live there? Noah you want to move to New York?" Rachel squealed excitedly and Puck shrugged.

"I can't deprive Broadway of Rachel Berry just yet; or should I say Rachel Puckerman?" he teased and instead of taking the joke Rachel looked completely serious.

"Actually I've been thinking about that and I would like to keep Rachel Berry as my stage name. In fact many stars who have gotten married..."

Noah cut her off with a kiss dipping her backwards to the applause of their friends, family and strangers alike.

This was a whole new chapter in their lives and Puck couldn't help but smile as it all started as seven nights with Rachel Berry. With fucking Rachel Berry and now she was all his. Forever.

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