I love EdwardxBella. But sometimes it's too hard for me to write pure Edward. Soz. But this is an Edward friendly story! (:

"Motherfucker!" I cursed loudly, throwing the little plastic stick hard at the wall. "Fuck!" I screamed again, watching it shatter lightly and fall with a clap to the floor.

I couldn't believe I had dug this hole for myself. My life was going fucking awesomely – and now this! I suppose I could peg the blame on that sexy asshole, but it would be lying – not just to everyone I knew, but to myself as well. I groaned as I pulled my sliding body up from against the bathroom wall and set about picking up all the pieces and shoving them into a box which went into a bag that went into the bottom of the waste bin.

I unzipped my skirt, pulled down my panties and sat my ass on the toilet. "C'mon," I urged my bladder. It shouldn't be this hard to take a piss. I mean come on! For fucks sake. Leaning over I turned the tap on at a slow dribble. "Ahh." I sighed. Much better.

I had actually taken the pregnancy test two days ago. But I was a coward. I had hidden it in the desk at work and refused to believe it. I was actually looking for a pen when I had come across it again. The tears that welled up in my eyes had threatened to spill over as I grabbed it and rushed to the ladies room. This is where I am now.

I was still sitting on the toilet – finished pissing – when a soft knock came at the door.

"Bella, honey? Are you okay?"

It was Edward. I still remember the first time I met him. I had just moved from Phoenix to Forks to live with my father, Charlie. School was horrible for me. Until he came – Edward. He was sick the first week and a half of my time at Forks high, Home of the Spartans. Back then I was bland and shy. I also had a habit of eating my weight in chocolate; needless to say I was fat. Not fat as in 'isn't she cute?' it was more of a 'fuck me, did she eat a cow or something?'

It was the lowest point of my life – until now – when he walked in and made me who I am today. I was being pushed around by the girls who had hung around the back of the school at lunch time and smoked, when he swooped in like a giant bat, flailing his arms and screeching that they were 'horrible, disgusting harlots!'

He had picked me off the floor and the first thing he did was inspect my nails, then shriek; "Look at these talons! By gosh woman, what have you done to your cuticles?"

He had then whipped out a manicure set and proceeded to cut, file, buff and shine my nails. Right there – in the middle of the hallway at Forks high school. I remember looking at him and thinking he was beautiful. In a gay sort of way. He had beautiful bronze hair – like a shiny penny – which was combed to the side in a messy I-tried-to-do-my-hair-but-it-came-out-like-this-and-i-still-look-fucking-amazing way. He had on a soft pink coloured shirt, tucked into black slacks and white shoes; you know the ones that are square at the end. He had topped it off with a couple of plastic bracelets and a lovely rainbow coloured scarf that bought out the emerald green in his eyes. He had peeked up and me through his eyelashes and smiled impishly. "You need some work, darling, but that has never stopped Edward! I'll make you a supermodel yet!" he exclaimed as he pulled me away into the parking lot. "Come, come. I want to know all about my new best friend!"

And that was that. He was my shadow from then on. He was my brother and sister. He was my best friend and my enemy. He was my everything. I loved him dearly. He protected me and let me cry on his shoulder. He was my everything.

"Bells?" his worried voice came through the door, pulling me from my memories.

"Yeah?" fuck. Damn it. My voice was all choked up.

"I'm coming in!" he called out loudly, like he was my knight in shining armour coming to rescue me from the dragon… and I suppose he was.

Being naked in front of Edward didn't phase me at all. Anymore. The first time he saw me he looked me over as I tried in vain to cover my assets. He had turned and told me "Honey, I don't swing that way!" with a smile and a wink.

He came in quickly and closed the door behind him and looked at me with his furrowed brow. "Bella bean? Are you okay?" he asked softly.

I opened my mouth to speak but shut it again just as quick when I looked into his eyes. This was not the time to lie. And it wasn't. I needed my best friend. "No." I said as I pulled my skirt and panties back up. Turning to flush the toilet I tried to dab at my wet eyes discreetly.

Edward didn't need to ask – he knew me. I washed my hands quietly while he looked on in worry. "I'm… I'm…" I couldn't get the words out. I was Twenty seven years old and I couldn't face it. Fuck my life.

"You're what, pumpkin?" he asked softly as he wrapped and arm around my shoulder pulling me to his body tightly. "what?"

"Pregnant. I'm pregnant!" I cried as my knees gave out beneath me. Edward didn't gasp or let his jaw drop to the floor – though I'm sure he wanted to – he just held me tightly and slid to the floor with me, rocking me back and forth, not telling me everything would be alright, because it wouldn't be. Not ever again. He just stroked my hair and spilled his own tears with me. 'cause that what best friends do.

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