Kakeru was staring at a photograph. It was, er, a rather indecent photograph. It was a photograph of Yuki Soma…. Naked.

Kakeru had taken it when they were changing in the locker room, alone, after soccer practice. Yuki was changing, not knowing what his very presence was doing to the other boy's body. Blushing furiously, Kakeru had managed to snap a picture of him with his new camera without the Prince noticing anything. He meant to just photograph him in his boxers, but just as he hit the button, the silver-haired teenager had taken them off. Crimson, the dark-haired boy had watched the boxers slide to the ground after having brushed lightly Yuki's ankles. It was difficult enough having to get alone with Yuki in the locker room, never mind having to hide a rather prominent hard-on to a very NAKED Yuki. Kakeru had thought he'd never succeed, but hopefully the Prince didn't see anything.

Kakeru glanced at his cell phone. It was eleven PM. He still had time, but there was nothing to do. The electricity had gone off so of course he couldn't watch television, play on the computer or on the WII. He had finished his homework and didn't have any books to read as he had all given them back to the library.

There was only Yuki's picture, which he kept close to his eyes.


His body was slim, like a girl's, but his arms were slightly muscular and his shoulders were broad. His skin was porcelain, shining and glistening like a diamond with sweat. He had a hand brushing his silky silver hair away from his purple eyes, which were half-lidded with long lashes. His nipples were pink and small. The best part was the sight of Yuki's thing between his legs; a thick penis, flaccid but impressive, with two big balls.

Kakeru realized he was drooling like an idiot at the sight of Yuki's sex. He was such a pervert! He had fancied Yuki for months now, never daring to tell him of course. And this wasn't the first time he was frantically turned on by the Prince. However, he had never seen Yuki naked before, and that was definitely a new experience for his boner.

Kakeru glanced at his cell phone again. It said eleven twenty PM. He had been staring at Yuki's penis for twenty minutes! His own member was pulsating madly, hot and heavy between his legs. Oh, how he'd love it if the real Yuki was here at the time, just before his eyes in all his naked glory. How he'd lie on top of him and kiss him and suck his….

Okay. This had been going for waaayyy too long.

His penis was throbbing painfully now, harder than it had ever been before. He needed to jack off NOW.

Kakeru spread his legs open and began caressing tenderly his organ through the fabric of his jeans. A wonderful wave of pleasure washed over him, and he moaned out loud. His hands began to work faster, much harder, and the waves were washing over him like flames, making him sweat. He looked at Yuki's picture again. His naked body, his pink nipples, his massive organ. Inevitably, his hard-on reappeared.

Kakeru snaked out of his pants and tore his boxers to bits as he began to pump his penis forcefully. He was a bit bigger than Yuki, but for some reason he found the Prince's sex much more arousing than his own. He pumped faster and harder. His organ was practically purple. Shyly, he gazed at Yuki's body again. Instinctively, his hand caressed the Prince's penis. With a loud scream, he came all over his hands.

Kakeru collapsed on the mattress, still looking at Yuki's picture. Now that the sexual part was finished, he felt waves of tenderness wash over him. His chest ached, just like when he saw the Prince walk in the corridors of school and smile at him. His eyes seemed to say: "What a funny, loud, obnoxious, annoying, nice guy he is."

But for Kakeru, that wasn't enough. And it'd never be enough. He wanted to see love in those beautiful, purple eyes.