Russia…Moscow… Red Square… Spectra is standing near the Kremlin's doors.

Spectra's POV.

The only reason I came back to Russia is to meet that Orange-haired girl. I think her name is Alice. She is so beautiful. When she looked at me I saw heaven itself. Alas, she was angered. I did not know how to react. So I kidnapped Runo to "make the Resistance come after me". That wasn't in my plans. I just wanted to say: "I come in peace!"

WHAT CAME OVER ME? I STILL CAN'T GET IT! All I want to meet her and apologies for my stupid behavior. But I'm not brave enough for this. She'll come to Red Square eventually.

Normal POV

Hours passed and no one came. Spectra was still thinking about Alice and waiting for her. Finally he was bored and went to a restaurant. He had money which he earned by finding rich old woman's dog. She gave him 50000 dollars because she was a billionaire. Spectra bought a shop and opened his business. He was making Vestalian machines and selling them for few days. In his shop there were machines like powerful robots, computers with very high speed and many other machines. The Russian government bought his machines for a very good price. He earned over 2 million dollars and got Russian citizenship. He bought a three roomed flat and a car. He built some drones and sold them to the government again. So he had in total 5 million dollars. He put them in the Central Bank and turned 10000 dollars in to rubles. He was spending them for his needs.

He entered the restaurant and sat on a two person table. It was winter so Moscow was covered in snow. There was a television in the restaurant. It was on the weather channel. It said that it'll be 20 degrees below zero and this temperature is one of the coldest temperatures in Moscow. It was snowing hard. Spectra was in his thoughts.


Alice's POV

It is really cold. I better find a warm place. O! A restaurant, finally I can warm myself.

Normal POV

Spectra was reading the menu. Suddenly he felt that someone sat beside him. He didn't care who it was. He was talking to himself:

"Those dishes are very cheap. They are nothing in comparison with my cash! "

"Spectra, is that you?"Suddenly he heard a familiar girl's voice.

Spectra's POV

This is one of the things that happen really rarely. When I put down the menu I saw Alice. I wanted to scream. But I didn't. I said:

"O, Alice good to see you again."

"Hello and goodbye."She said angrily.

"No wait for a second! I wanted to apologias for my behavior."


"Yes, I am very sorry for what I did…"

"Ok, I forgive you."

Suddenly the waiter came. I ordered a fried chicken and asked Alice:

"Do you want something to eat? Don't be shy I have five million dollars!"

"I'll order some shish kebabs." She answered. After the waiter left she asked: "How did you get five million dollars?"

Normal POW

Spectra told his story to Alice. She was surprised. She said:

"You are very lucky."

Yes, this is a life time opportunity. After 20 minutes the waiter came with their food. They ate, Spectra paid the bill and said:

"I'll be going now. It was nice to talk to you. Goodbye."

Spectra stood up and went towards the exit. When he opened the door the snow in very high speed hit him. Spectra said to Alice:

"It is snowing too hard, and it is December! I wonder what will happen on New Year."

"You are right. I think I'll wait here until the snow stops." Alice said.

"Maybe I can give you a ride?"Spectra offered. Alice agreed. She blushed a little bit.

Alice put on her coat and went outside. Everything was covered in snow. There was no one outside. Spectra cleaned his Jeep and opened the door for Alice. She sat in the car. He started the car.

They wanted to go to the city limits but the policemen closed the road.

"What am I going to do now?"Alice asked

"You can stay in my house if you want."Spectra said.

"Under circumstances I agree. I'll better call my grandpa."

Alice called her grandpa and told him that she'll stay with a friend today.

Spectra's POV

This is the best day of my life. I can't believe she'll stay with me. How lucky can I get?

Normal POW

Meanwhile Lync was in the lab with Doctor Gehabich. He asked:

"And who is Alice's friend?"He asked.

"I have no idea." the doctor said.


To be continued…